May 31, 2011

House Debt Ceiling Vote: Saturn/NN Rising 5.31.11

Astro-Notes: US House's Debt Ceiling Vote 6:30 pm edt May 31, 2011

by Jude Cowell

With C-SPAN reporting this morning that the House is expecting to vote to raise America's debt ceiling at 6:30 pm edt this evening, the horoscope set for the Capitol Building at that moment shows the Saturn/NN (North Node of the Moon) sitting upon the Ascendant, the WHAT? Point of any chart.

ASC 17Sco39; MC 27Leo22: 6:30 pm edt falls within a Mercury Hour, perfect for voting, negotiations, oration, commerce, trade, and transport issues. This is a 'clean' vote with no spending cuts and is not expected to pass the House which requires a 2/3 majority; all Republican and some number of Democrats are said to be part of this evening's Just Say No mummery. Political points will be made.

In Politics and Business, Saturn/NN = 'help from others in times of internal difficulties, including foreign enterprises; a country in inner turmoil which does not know how to use organizations for aid; trying to do things internally without outside aid; building authority; long-standing ties to old friends'. (Munkasey.)

Saturn/NN also indicates serious (Saturn) meetings (NN) with Saturn the significator of the Democratic Party, and of managers and legal workers, or simply workers. US Saturn (14Lib48) is ongoing with the third of three 'hits' occurring on August 28, 2011; here, Saturn 10Lib34 Rx continues its isolated stance from the 11th H of Groups and Associations. However, Saturn is on its Direct Station degree.

The Saturn/Uranus = Pluto T-Square remains to plague us with its brutal conditions;Venus 19Tau27 is the final dispositor and now separates from conjunction with activist, warring Mars 15Tau27 (the Oxen Point) with Mars dropping below the Descendant of Partnership and Open Enemies into the 6th H of the Military.

From Munkasey and Ebertin, here is the midpoint picture formed at 6:30 pm edt on Capitol Hill; any, all, or none may apply, yet all seem applicable:

Saturn/NN = ASC: important life-altering events; discussion (voting) on the wisdom of continuing or supporting an effort; events which cause suffering, loss, or pain; a scarcity of help in depressing times; shared suffering; inhibited development.

One hopes the 'wisdom of continuing or supporting an effort' isn't America herself.

The 8th cusp 17Gem25 is at the degree of the June 2004 Venus Transit ('18Gem' = "Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese in a Western Crowd") with a Venus Transit indicating new and unusual alliances being formed, alliances that are unexpected or unsuspected. The rare Transit occurred at sunrise (Sea Island, GA) during G-8 Summit 2004. You'll note that China is not on the (public) attendance list of nations.

With banker, religious leader, and general Jupiter at a critical-crisis degree (29Ari15 in the 6th house of Military and Police Service, Work, and Health, we might expect that war costs should be discussed yet this, as noted, is a 'clean' vote with spending cuts attached...the reason it is certain to fail as the GOP-Tea Party continues holding America's public standing hostage with the threat of the US becoming a debt deadbeat nation if the credit ceiling isn't raised a couple of trillion dollars.

Another crisis-ridden 29th degree is seen: the Moon (we-the-people, but also publicity and daily matters) @ 29Taur15 in 7th H with Venus, Mercury, and Sun. This vote is set to be taken during the Balsamic phase of the Moon, a dark period when sneakiness lurks about. Transiting Midas, the gold-hoarder, sits between Sun 10Gem08 and the crisis Moon.

Obviously the Sun is just before reaching 11Gem02 on June 1, 2011, when a Solar Eclipse will occur (in 8th H with the chart set for Washington DC; click to view horoscope with the vote's debt ceiling Moon 29Tau conjunct the eclipse's 8th cusp of Debt, Credit, Insurance, Other People's Money...and Transformation.)

IC (End of the Matter; The Drain) 27AQ22 has the US natal Moon (Sibly chart) upon it. Gotta motor into the city so my blogging time has ended so I'll end with the descriptive Sabian Symbol for '28AQ', then the Images for Integration for this evening's Sun Gemini-Moon Taurus...

"A Tree Felled and Sawed."

Yes, the US Congress, Wall Street, the global banking syndicate, monarchists and secret societies, the White House, and SCOTUS have managed to fell the American people en masse. We are now being sawed into pieces with this Moon conjunct Fixed Star Alcyone, keywords: something to cry about.

One of the Images seem to describe President Obama's wheeler-dealer-in-chief, VP Joe Biden (Trilateralist, CFRer, and professed Zionist), who says he goes home by train from Washington to Delaware each night:

"The can-can from Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld...A master chef gives a dinner party for her intellectual friends...A country boy lives it up among the city bustle but goes back to the farm at night." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Yes we can-can?

May 30, 2011

Gov Nathan Deal's Pluto/Chiron Mistake 5.30.11

On Friday May 13, 2011, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed into legislation Georgia House Bill 87 to limit and police the state's illegal immigrant population.

Now it's two weeks later, almost harvest time in sunny south Georgia, and our
farms have a severe worker shortage.

(Click the first link to read HB87's provisions including this gem: 'the State Department of Agriculture will be directed to study the possibility of creating Georgia's own guest-worker program'. Whew! That was close. For a minute there I feared something reasonable would actually be done in a timely fashion!)

HB87 goes into effect on July 1, 2011 - the exact date of the karmic Solar Eclipse in security-minded Cancer, sign of nurturing and food supplies - and the law is causing just what its opponents in the agricultural industry said it would: farmers are reporting that approximately 70% of Georgia's vegetable crops will go unharvested this season due to an extreme lack of workers. Many of these crops cannot be harvested by machine - only People Power can do the job.

When Deal (who resigned from the US Congress under a gathering ethics cloud in February 2010) signed the bill, he played the typical GOP card of taking legislative action "in the absence of federal action," a thinly veiled attempt to undermine a Democratic president while upholding states' rights, a tactic which has an added 'bonus' of purposefully weakening our union of States.

And while the federal vs state battle is embedded within America's DNA, it is doubtful that GOP-neocon water-carrier Deal can lay it to rest with HB87. But he can stir it up to help dissolve boundaries, weaken state economies, and demoralize our citizenry, thus furthering a Utopian dream of a New World Order agenda of global domination.

So Who's Gonna Do the Picking?

Whether Mr. Deal and his Republican colleagues are willing to help pick tons of the soon-wasting-on-the-vine food crops in a state and nation now experiencing the immorality of millions of American adults and children going to bed hungry each night - well, such an offer has not to my knowledge been forthcoming. And I doubt it will be since politicians don't actually work, they, while lining pockets so often their own.

Now as a native Georgian, I could give Mr. Deal a call to discuss this matter rather than grousing at you, dear reader, but somehow I don't expect he would answer though I do believe he has returned by now from his weekend jaunt to Europe (just after he signed HB87 - a lucrative trade deal his reward?) for the stated purpose of taking an "economic development trip" which, one expects, was funded at taxpayer expense.

At the bill's May 13th signing, Deal touted that the draconian legislation with its E-Verify provision "avoids many of the pitfalls" of the similar law enacted in Arizona which has since been struck down by a federal judge.

Opponents of HB87 are hopeful of gaining federal help with drafting a legal challenge to this impractical immigration bill. Meanwhile, tons of cucumbers and other crops are about to rot on the vine of Republican overreach, with our state tourism, landscaping, and restaurant industries joining the agricultural industry in opposing this shortsighted, quite daft, legislation.

Why, it's almost as if Georgia Republicans want our food supply to be undermined! But how crazy is that?

Yet the bill's signing garnered a supportive statement from the Sheriff of Cobb County (near Atlanta, our state capital which is a major hive of Republicanism in my home state) and he may have let the GOP cat out of the draconian bag: "HB87 is a good legislation and will provide law enforcement in Georgia with another tool to perform their jobs in an effective and efficient manner."

Well, now I feel better! Protect me from those unwelcome agricultural workers, please!

Except that food prices will go up even more than they already have, grocery store veggie bins will soon be emptier than they would have been this season, the concerned industries will miss opportunities and income and lay off employees, more poverty will be created in the state, children may go to bed hungrier than the night before, Georgia's economy will be negatively affected if not hobbled, and groups such as US Human Rights will cancel their convention in Atlanta this year (they did.)

But at least the police state can legally get up in people's faces on any whim and successfully prevent them from harvesting our salad greens, thus feeding their own families with their meager wages.

So in a manner of speaking, it's Nathan Deal to the rescue, Georgia! And since he campaigned for governor in 2010 on just such an Arizona-style immigration policy, we may also wish to thank those taxpayers who voted for him in order to protect their "bottom lines"...our food supply be dam*ed.

Yes, after Deal's May 13th bill signing, President Obama was quoted calling HB87 "a mistake." Unfortunately for the common good, the president may have been referring to the old political argument over federal vs state supremacy rather than more practical and immediate considerations such as rotting harvests, empty bellies, and economic sabotage waged by a morally bankrupt political party that will do anything - anything - to "see Obama fail" even though the American people go down with him. The implication is that a Republican White House Forever More will magically and ideologically make things all better. Puh!

Oppression the Law of the Land

As some of the signs held by protesters of HB87 and elsewhere have read, "Immigrant Rights are Human Rights". And that slogan perfectly describes much of what plutocracy's Pluto/Chiron duo are up to in Georgia, Arizona, Utah, and the rest of the country in 2011 and beyond: disenfranchisement, oppression, corporatism, statism, facism, racism - Republican style, but with Dem enabling.

After all, on July 4, 1776, America's Pluto/Chiron midpoint in Mutable, unstable Pisces conjoined our national Ceres, an archetypal asteroid of food, grain, and milk supplies (plus, seafood - Pisces); plus, food security and supply issues.

Now it's 235 years later, Independence Day 2011 approaches a mere 3 days after a Solar Eclipse that conjoins US natal Jupiter and Sun, and certain factions in this country are passing laws to force America's Pluto/Chiron-Ceres issues to the top of our collective menu.

So I must declare that we're stuck with a bum deal in Georgia, my fellow Americans. The guvna' didn't finagle this deal on my behalf, hear? And yes, you know what I mean: in Georgia, we got us a really bum deal.

May 29, 2011

Sarah Palin's natal chart and a Mystery Bus Tour 5.29.11

Some are calling it Sarah Palin's mystery tour for the loose ends still dangling as the perennial candidate prepares for what apparently is a bus tour to get the presidential ball, it's a speaking engagement for Rolling Thunder who are camped out in a Pentagon parking lot.

Yet particulars are sparse concerning Palin's tour schedule and what she'll be doing at the various stops she makes. So far, I'm calling this her 'bus tour to somewhere' and will wait for more details which are promised on her website though one must assume that fund raising may be part of the deal. Some think it's her nomination to lose yet with Palin's propensity toward gaffes and blank answers to serious questions, she may outdo Newt on foot-shooting well before the 2012 campaign ends in a Republican nomination for president.

Okay, so I've never visited Palin's website and don't follow her on Twitter either. But if she makes it through this mystery 'campaign' I'll have to re-familiarize myself with her unusual antics and her natal horoscope, too, because posts like this, written while she was still acting as governor of Alaska, will no longer suffice if she enters the 2012 race.

Astrodatabank shows a Palin natal chart with a possible birth hour of 9:43 pm but there's another birth time of 6:00 pm (probably rounded off; Virgo rising) which is said to come from a newspaper birth announcement at the time. (February 11, 1964 Sandpoint, Idaho.)

Presidential Links to the US Aquarian Moon

Yet no matter what time of day or night the demi-candidate entered Earth's time flux, her Sun, Mars, and Saturn are near the US natal Moon - no matter which birth hour for America you use for July 4, 1776. And that makes a Palin presidency a potential even though her closest planet to our Moon (we-the-people) is restrictive yet long-lasting Saturn. But there is one natal planetary aspect which deserves a closer look and it does not depend on knowing her precise birth time.

Religious Jupiter Inconjunct Spiritual Neptune

Sarah Palin's closely orbed, applying inconjunct between Jupiter in mid-Aries and Neptune 17Sco49 indicates relating issues and some distortion between intellect and emotions. Too many responsibilities tend to be taken on with tirades of bitter complaints being the result. Warmth, a positive attitude, and social conscience are evident yet the relating principle (Jupiter) is affected by Neptunian illusions and delusions. She dreams (Neptune) of power, control, and big money (Scorpio) and relates (Jupiter) as a pioneering, action-oriented, me-first leader (Aries) - or broadcaster (Jupiter.)

In his masterful book The Inconjunct, Alan Epstein describes those with Jupiter inconj Neptune as tending to misjudge their own importance, needing reassurance to the point where others begin to doubt their competence, and sending and receiving double messages - along with a tendency to misread other people's intentions. Opportunities are put in jeopardy due to vacillation or ambivalence, and daydreams and fantasies about success may be indulged in a little too often.

An Over-Concern with Image and Facade: Who Knew?

Confusion, escapism desires, problems fulfilling commitments, difficulties related to a lack of perspective, and subsequent bad judgment are indicated as well and all this (from one natal aspect!) reminds me of her stint (and scandals) as Alaska governor and her early bail-out from self-created problems while in office.

Jupiter/Neptune: Speculations and Grand Imaginings

The upside of having a Jupiter/Neptune quincunx is a talent for managing creative projects which is useful in advertising, promotion, and fund raising fields. That these areas are her strong suit has been noted by many pundits and by her many fans. That she is about to speak to the Rolling Thunder clan and (apparently) climb aboard a tour bus tallies well with someone with the talent and a personal motive for keeping the Sarah Palin Brand viable and in the public eye.

To sum up, I believe that Palin's lucrative 'king-maker' ability (Scorpio) and moneymaking public relations talent (Jupiter) are more important to her than following a grueling campaign trail and/or taking on the heavy responsibilities of presidential office where you can't just give up or change your mind like you change your suit...especially when you're rockin' a Jupiter/Neptune inconjunct in your natal chart.

May 28, 2011

Arrests at Jefferson Memorial May 27, 2011 (video)

Looks like Memorial Day Weekend 2011 got off to a rousing start at the Jefferson Memorial, doesn't it? Dance Party at the Tidal Basin?

Meanwhile, the old 'Jefferson rolling over in his grave' adage comes easily to mind especially with his statue towering over the action. And what was that American Uranian word we like to tout at the drop of a baton?

Oh yeah...freedom! Well, Uranus may also inspire radical political movements, protests, and demonstrations, and most anything of a sudden, surprising, or disruptive nature.

Yet to me it seems that someone in charge overreacted. Or was it purposefully overdone to show that the police state ain't playin'?

This one will be filed under For Further Consideration...

May 27, 2011

Bob Chapman on The Greatest Fraud - video (Jupiter/Neptune)

May 27, 2011: Yes, the info shared here from Bob Chapman is dreary, I know. And so are the world's financial circumstances, thanks to the global banking syndicate of gangsters. Historically Mr. Chapman relates the ongoing financial crisis through which we're being defrauded to how Hitler 'did it' in the 1930s.

The Frothy Inflation of Bubbly Jupiter/Neptune

Yes, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction/s (the speculation/grand plans pair) that occurred all through 2009 (on May 27 - I began typing this on Friday, the first anniversary, July 10, and December 21) tangoed together squarely atop our US natal Moon (we-the-people) all three times and the trio just keeps on giving...I mean, keeps on taking.

You remember the midpoint picture, right?

Jupiter/Neptune = n Moon: instability; insecurity; wastefulness; becoming involved in speculation; little sense of reality; a desire to dream; uncertainty about what is real and unreal. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Simultaneously this timed a Neptune to US natal Moon transit which brought fraud, deception, lies, loss (Neptune) of homes (Moon), confusion, and a sense of rootlessness to our collective psyche and emotional lives so that even with tr Neptune just barely into Pisces now, the orb is still near enough to affect and undermine us. Unfortunately, Neptune will be backing into Aquarius again for a continuation of The Gaseous One's dissolving effects before re-entering Pisces which it co-rules with Jupiter.

And of course, oil, gas, water, and poisons are ingredients in the fraudulent Neptunian brew of damage and harm as well, with both Moon (ruler of Cancer, the Crab) and Pisces relating to the oceans and all things marine.

Oh, and on that Hitler 'did it' thing? Jupiter and Neptune conjoined @ 8Vir25 only once in the 1930s: on September 19, 1932...conjunct Hitler's natal 11th cusp of Associations, Hopes and Wishes, and opposite America's natal Ceres (security issues and needs; food supply) which conjoins US natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint, the Plutocracy duo of oppression, disenfranchisement, primal violence, Corporatism, Fascism, and other such cruelty-based -isms that no decent person cares to receive or perpetrate against his fellow man.

For the German despot (who wished to establish a New World Order to be run by himself), events of 1932 occurred during an expansive Jupiter trine natal Jupiter transit, a time when success with attainment of personal goals seems easy and the circumstances and people one encounters are compatible with Jupiter's desire for broadened horizons and gaining more more more. (*Hitler's natal horoscope shows a Sun 00Tau48/Midas conjunction and the Robber Barons' planetary signature, Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini.)

Note: since the video above is only Part One, click after the video ends if you wish to hear more of the discussion.


*Adolf Hitler born April 20, 1889 (NS) 6:30 pm -0.52:08 Braunau am Inn, Austria; natal Jupiter 8Cap15; Moon 6Cap38 (both are being triggered by tr Pluto now); ASC 26Lib41 with Syzygy Moon, Morya Rx, and Jupiter/Saturn midpoint rising; Jupiter/Saturn = ASC: the tactician. And physically, this midpoint picture may also indicate liver and/or gall bladder conditions and the testy moodiness that liver impairment can cause.

(Rodden Rating AA from baptismal certificate.)

US Take-Over Libya Plan Made Years Ago (video)

Well, I remember that Wesley Clarke divulged hints of the neocon plan to take over Libya, a plan made years ago. And I'm glad to find a video of his remarks thanks to a Newsletter Alert received from the excellent Information Clearing House, one of our premiere independent news sources which can use our encouragement.

Is this American justice in Arizona?

After trying several times to add to this blog's sidebar a link to a certain news story under the heading American Police State - and being prevented from doing so by Google's Blogger - I'm adding the article link here: AZ police kill US Marine in botched pot raid.

Wonder what the overlord's objection could be? The word 'pot'? Or the travesty of justice being violently perpetrated by Arizona law enforcement officers against an innocent citizen in his own home?

My sincere condolences go to the wife and small child of our nation's twice-serving in Iraq United States Marine. This you did not deserve.

btw: no 'pot' or other illegal substances were found in the family's home.

Patriot Act extended as US Pluto rises 5.26.11

It's quite a horoscope that describes President Obama's extension by auto-pen signing of the main provisions of the US 'Patriot' Act just minutes before expiration at midnight. I'm looking at a chart set for the Capitol Building, Washington DC, at 11:59 pm edt, May 26, 2011. The president was awakened from his slumbers while in France in order to sign the extension of the draconian spying act against innocent US citizens which is now in place for four more years.

Kentucky's Rand Paul spoke out against extension of the Act's provisions that allow the government to 'troll through your FaceBook account," set up roving wire taps for no particular reason, etc....though with no planets out of bounds, all the actors (planets) are cooperating so I'm having difficulty locating Mr. Paul in the horoscope unless his objections were part of a staged 'protest' which all of Captiol Hill knew would go nowhere on our's only political theater, dahlink, suitable for heading off serious complaints and dissension, and thus keeping the natives quieter than they might otherwise be.

Besides, the deed is now done.

At 11:59 pm edt, 27Cap18 was rising in DC as was US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx; Sabian Symbol: "A Large Aviary" and we and our communications and library records are the ensnared birds within the military industrial complex's Big Trap.

President Obama's May 26, 2011 Secondary Progressed (SP) Jupiter arose as well for it has turned Direct by progression and now sits @ 27Cap19. (However, his SP Saturn @ 23Cap15 remains retrograde as both planets are natally, with n Jupiter 00AQ52, a degree which conjoins US Inaugural Sun - the leader - every Inauguration Day at noon est...and on Jan 20, 2009, his Jupiter conjoined Mercury Rx, too. BHO took the Oath of Office twice due to Justice Roberts' flub, as you'll remember. And yes, it's possible that the 'flub' was no accident but an attempt to counter the effects of Mercury's oath-taking function being retrograde on Inauguration Day 2009....or, perhaps the Universe was in cahoots!)

Also rising just before midnight are two midpoints which create the following word pictures, one with secretive Neptune, the other with techo-expert Uranus - the two together are the Illuminati Planets with America's symbol of the capstone Eye Over the Pyramid of power (or, Sun Over the Mountain) of surveillance coming to mind; any, all, or none may apply:

Neptune/NN = ASC: experiencing deceit from others; disappointments; ignoring the reactions of other people.

Neptune/NN = n Pluto: exercising of a bad influence upon associations between people; increased need for isolation from the influences of society; willingness to use destructive forces to protect privacy and isolation if necessary. (Robo-signing draconian legislation from another continent can do that for ya.)

Neptune/NN = BHO's SP Jupiter: the desire to exploit others or being exploited (probably both - jc); placing great hopes upon associations and being let down; aspirations to expand one's goals.

('Neptune/NN' = a leadership unwilling to consider the demands of its people.)

Uranus/MC = ASC: hasty action; sudden adjustment to new circumstances(NWO: wake up, Barack, and sign this before it's too late!?)

Uranus/MC = BHO's SP Jupiter: ability to use electronic means (auto-pen!) to publish ideas; success with innovative work; the joyful realization of plans.

('Uranus/MC' = reform as a national goal; radical changes in methods of enforcing policies; social changes force leadership to new ways of looking at old practices.)

The combination of America's rising Pluto with Mr. Obama's rising SP Jupiter creates an interesting midpoint picture as well...

Jupiter/Pluto = ASC: the ability to read other people and their intentions, especially if they also seek power (!); the desire for power; far-sightedness; organizing talent; prudence; personal advancement.

Naturally, the US natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (surveillance; spying; control and manipulation of thoughts, reports, communications; propaganda) affects the ASC/DESC axis, and Venus 13Tau39 (in 3rd house of Communications) sits upon what every four years is our Inaugural Ascendant (= the Presidential Oath of Office to protect and defend the US Constitution - oops! Venus rules Taurus and the presidential office.)

Venus is interesting, too, because she now conjoins Fixed Star Menkar (victim of the Unconscious) in the constellation of Cetus the Whale. This indicates the obscene amounts of info that is swept into the NSA's large surveillance net (the trolling effect) along with we-the-people as symbolic Jonahs. Jonah was commanded by God to tell the news but he refused until he'd spent three days inside the whale's belly. With the 'Patriot' Act, our efforts aren't necessary - the NSA simply takes our information surreptitiously - and with no accountability for their abuse of power against our right to privacy.

At Midheaven (The Goal; the WHY? Point) 19Sco33 is another descriptive star: Zuben Eschemali (to go against society) which describes what has been done against the American people and to anyone wishing to communicate with any of us. Another keyphrase for Z. Eschemali (Beta Libra) is: social reform for personal gain. (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.)

These New World Order types are playing for keeps as you may have noticed.

And of course, there's the ancient tradition for the 19th degree of Scorpio (ruled by warring Mars and co-ruled by powerful, manipulative Pluto hiding beneath his sneaky Cape of Invisibility) as the "accursed sign of the accursed degree" but that's an outdated portent in our modern day, right?

Now, as you know, asteroid Cupido stands for several things on various levels but here I usually cite it for its meanings such as: The Family, The Syndicate, Corporatism, and in this horoscope it does not disappoint for it is spotlighted by the Sun 5Gem33 in the 4th house of Homeland and What We Need to Feel Secure. (Not free or private, but allegedly secure. Corporations gain mega-millions through our spying agencies, tech companies, and the Pentagon.)

Jupiter/Pluto Turns Up Again

The Sun has just moved past President Obama's natal Moon 3Gem21 during the current G-8 Summit in Deauville, the reason he used an auto-pen to re-shaft us from France on our right to privacy. His natal Jupiter/Pluto midpoint 18Sco55 sits upon the extension's MC = ambition; advantages in one's occupation; promotion and advancement; great luck.

The 'Jupiter/Pluto' combo itself = plutocrats; the desire for power - Ebertin; Munkasey adds these potentials; self-destructive forces that stem from official corruption; criminal elements with great influence; destruction of legal documents.)

That last would be the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Readying for Election 2012? Don't miss this: Tweeters warned against Election Day tweets.

Plus, today Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! will tell us about the Internet 'filter bubble' - what they're not telling us about the Internet - so you may wish to check it out. I'd always figured there was one but didn't know what to call it. Amy Goodman is also reporting right now on the extension of the Patriot Act. John Nichols of The Nation magazine is being interviewed about the Wisconsin court decision that went against Governor Walker's union-busting...checks and balances!

And I wonder what Thom Hartmann will have to say about the president's robo-extension of draconian surveillance power?

May 26, 2011

G-8 Summit in France: Pisces into Aries 5.26.11

Having checked out several sites concerning the current G-8 Summit being held in Deauville, France, I'm settling on Oxfam International for news about and out of this gathering of top leaders. Most of the other sites contain a lot of bosh and what have turned out to be broken promises with the usual patootie-covering spin attached.

As Oxfam says, They've got a lot of explaining to do.

Not a lot of Astrology time is available to me today but let's take a quick peek at the Sun-Moon blends for May 26 and May 27 (Friday) to snag a hint of the general flavor of this time during which the G-8 nations have chosen to meet. (Actually meetings began earlier in May 2011 concerning drug trafficking, for one.)

May 26, 2011: Sun in early Gemini (communications; sharing ideas; lots of schmoozing) and Moon in Pisces (one half of the victim/savior axis, confused or confusing, hidden) shows a chameleon, versatile quality and a dreamy 'blowing with the wind' tendency. Worry about what's already been said may be prevalent with this Air-Water blend yet the public may never know about it given the group's closed-to-the-press directive.

This is an adventurous and very self-aware combination of double Mutable (changeable, unstable) energies which is impressionable, sensitive, and open to new ideas. Group coordination is highlighted and though concentration may be weak, someone may actually stand up to defend the underdogs among us! But lack of boundaries is a problem (open to new ideas) so approaching topics on a superficial level may be the easiest way to deal with the day's issues.

Interestingly, the Sun Gem-Moon Pisces is shared natally by Blackwater's (Xe's? or whatever name his mercenary band uses now) Erik Prince so I wonder if he is in attendance. It is also found in the natal horoscope of Allen Ginsberg and novelist Arnold Bennett who famously informed us that,

"Journalists say a thing that they know isn't true, in the hope that if they keep on saying it long enough it will be true."

Now that's a perfect quote to describe mainstream media "reporting" on such secretive, chaos-dealing groups of world 'leaders' and puppets, don't you think?

Luna Changes Her Tune

Now early on Friday morning (around 1:38 am local time, France), the Moon reaches Aries Point (a World Point of Manifestation; Recognition; Fame) which changes the vibes to an Air-Fire Sun Gem-Moon Aries blend which remains in effect into Saturday. Yes, Mars-ruled Aries (god of war) changes the tone of the proceedings quite a bit into a stronger Mutable-Cardinal (planning; taking initiative action.)

Sun Gem-Moon Ari has a clearer vibe than Friday's Piscean dreaminess but with Sun in communicative Gemini, the discussions can become argumentative, and persuasion in the theme. This a forceful, decisive, impatient blend of a race car driver! An essentially self-centered and intense willpower rules the crowd and Thursday's sensitivity to the needs of others melts away on behalf of wit, satire, and pointed words.

In fact, the 24-hour news cycle was invented by this type of personality which describes the formidable lawyer, politician, broadcaster, writer, and debater. Thoughts are put out for review but never true feelings; empathy is often missing within a pugnacious, rough-shod approach, and convictions are delivered with much enthusiasm as conversations are monopolized with a persuasive power and a strong measure of egotism.

No fools of lesser minds are suffered with Sun in intellectual Gemini and Moon in pioneering Aries!

This blend is shared natally by King Albert II of Belgium, and, oddly enough by journalist and broadcaster, the mild-seeming Bill Moyers. It is also found in the natal chart of actor Robert Morley who instructively proposed,

"Show me a man who enjoyed his schooldays and I will show you a bully and a bore."

I suspect there may be more than one bully on the scene so outcomes may come down to who can out-bully the other and sway the rest.

Now I don't know if you're expecting magical improvements for our global ills to issue forth from this year's G-8 Summit but it seems to me that these are some of the very same syndicate criminals who engineered the financial and social chaos to begin with. Yet even the power elite and their puppets sometimes experience the unexpectedness of unintended consequences which must then be dealt with for they are not the masters of karma they believe themselves to be.

No earthly mortals exist outside the reap what you sow natural law of our universe - aka, karma - so when it comes to politics and social engineering, my tendency is to wait for the pudding to set. For if the G-8 Summit ends and policies change and are implemented in the real world, the proof of any culpability they may deserve will be shown by what happens because of their top-down policies which harm and hinder rather than help populations.

A Higher Power Exists

And of course, we have not one but two Solar Eclipses coming up and eclipses are the 'wild cards' of the universe; they can affect conditions either positively or negatively. Both eclipses trigger planets in the US natal horoscope of 1776.

The first manifests near US natal Uranus 8Gem55, planet of freedom, independence, revolt, and sudden events on June 1, 2011 @ 11Gem02, and the second is a karmic Solar Eclipse on July 1, 2011 which falls between our US natal Jupiter (finances) and Sun (leadership) in self-protective Cancer, and is opposed by karmic Pluto in Capricorn.

So try to keep your feathers dry for it's going to be quite a long summer.


Recommended: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

May 25, 2011

Horoscope: the karmic Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

Today's post is one I'd prefer to skip but since it concerns the Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 @ 9Can12 and deeply affects America's natal chart, my fret is that it cannot be avoided and must be addressed on Stars Over Washington.

With America's birthday coming on July 4th (Sun 13Can+ depending on the birth time you use: today I'm looking at our nation's horoscope for July 4, 1776 5:10 pm EDT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - aka, the Sibly chart) and with our government's placing our country into serious debt to other nations - precisely what our founders hoped to avoid - our annual "Independence Day" becomes more and more of a cynical joke against the American people whose natal Aquarian Moon perpetually longs for freedom and independence.

And since Summer 2011 marks major financial and political time bombs (such as to raise or not to raise the US debt ceiling which Congress has never yet failed to do - one of the many reasons the US in such high debt now), plus, a deficit amount gone into the stratosphere, along with the Democratic Congress' failure to pass a viable budget) this Solar Eclipse and that of June 1, 2011 @ 11Gem02 are all the more pertinent for our astrological and political considerations.

Now some politicians continually tell us that America is "broke" while some say, p-shaw! to the notion. And since it's primarily Republicans who say we're broke (Financial Collapse 2008 occurred on Bush's watch, I remind them - the heisting crescendo of his disastrous 8-year presidency), it's easy to see that the GOP wishes to tar'n'feather a Democratic president with the bankruptcy brush in order to make way for the next - what they hope is a Republican - president who'll conveniently band together with Corporate America to 'save the day'.

The implication is that with a Republican back in the White House (Lodge), millions of decent-paying US jobs will magically appear! This, of course, ignores how many such jobs disappeared during the 8 years of Bush-Cheney and during the terms of other presidents, both D and R.

So if you've read this blog once or twice before, you may know that this reluctant astrologer considers 99% of our ruling elite politicians to be floating along in the same golden yacht and lined up against the American people's best interests, a populace whom they come nearer to drowning every day. In that sense, we're all Katrina victims left upon flooded rooftops.

So with that populist/common good slant in mind, I hereby offer you my take on the Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 which manifests as you see between America's natal Jupiter 5Can56 and Sun 13Can with transiting Pluto (The Wealthy hiding beneath an invisible cape of power) in Capricorn still in opposition to our natal planets in the business-oriented, security-minded sign of Cancer.

Image shown: July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse 9Can12 4:53:50 am edt Washington DC ; eclipse conjoins Fixed Star Alhena: to have a mission; this 'mission' may be of the Manifest Destiny kind and may be part of what is described below as 'the goal'.

Hour Mars 7Gem17 in 12th house of Politics, Self-Undoing, and Karma conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55 which conjoins asteroid MIDA$ 9:03; Mars conjunct Hera (women's issues = Republicans' "war on women"?); ASC 26Gem15 (WHAT?), MC 3Pis34 (WHY?) with Neptune 00Pis43 Rx and Chiron 5Pis15 Rx snugged around it along with Fixed Star Fomalhaut = humanitarianism, idealism, spirituality, and Pisces = The Two Fishes, so the Mississippi River flooding and its effects on New Orleans comes to mind even as seafood and Gulf Coast livelihoods continue to be affected by oil from the Deepwater Horizon blowout of April 2010; plus, crop failures from flooding may affect food prices, transport, state budgets, and homeowners and residents in the flood plain.

ASC 26Gem15: South Node (separation) 23Gem28 and Venus 26Gem34 are rising indicating conditions of separation in relationships, isolation, issues of bad timing, and/or feelings of inferiority. Positively, it may indicate a sincere desire to relate to and aid those who are truly in need which will bring spiritual rewards.

Moon and Mercury are in mutual reception but are 49 degrees apart; ruler of the 8th house, Saturn 10Lib43 in 5th H has turned Direct since its Station on June 12, 2011 (10Lib27); a Solar Eclipse in Moon-ruled, Watery Cancer is of a karmic nature and aspects to the eclipse are very important due to the Moon's 'past' connections; a Cancerian Moon 'soaks up' the energies of the aspecting planets, and Cancer = the homeland, America.

Here are the 3 planets aspecting this eclipse; all are from the Cardinal T-Square; both Saturn and Pluto are considered karmic planets for their affects are a long time in the making:

1. A restrictive Saturn Square to the eclipse indicates that lack of discipline and irresponsibility have played major roles in the problems associated with the eclipse (as we know); resisting the temptation to take the easy way out is an imperative for karmic progress to be made (which to me sounds as if raising the debt ceiling won't help matters, only hinder them - common sense, really, though I suppose Congress will do it anyway.)

Playing into this difficult karmic situation is our national Saturn Return (14Lb48) which peaks with the third of three conjunctions on August 28, 2011 (the resolution phase); having Saturn in natal 10th H of Public Standing has a 'fall from grace' potential, in which case, the global domination/one-world-government crowd will be so very very pleased as their astrological representative - plutocratic, deconstructing/rebuilding-upon-ruins Pluto in structurally-minded Capricorn - continues to oppose our natal planets in Cancer.

2. The Uranus Square to the eclipse indicates that karmic progress is prevented by an uncaring attitude toward humanity at large; indifference to the needs of society interferes with improvement in the conditions described by the Cancer eclipse - it's the vise we're in. Genuine concern for one's fellow man is what is needed yet how to generate genuine concern in those who don't consider themselves to be their 'brother's keepers'? Radical, political Uranus says, Talk to the hand. Yet We know that concern for others cannot be forced externally for it must occur on an inner spiritual level with the aid of a Higher Authority, otherwise, it is short-lived at best.

(We're sunk here, folks, for many Americans have been led to believe that they'll never need the compassion of others even as they see the occurrences of natural disasters increasing! Let 'freeloaders' waste away or collapse on our streets! they seem to say. How odd that many people who exhibit this cold-hearted attitude are holding a Bible in their hands as they ignore the basic needs of their fellow Americans. But depopulation is a major goal of the one-world-government folk for there will be more resources left for them, you see.)

3. Pluto opposes the eclipse which shows conditions of illusion, deception, and chaos rather than the awareness an opposition usually provides. That Pluto's actions are so often hidden or secretive only makes our lack of awareness more possible as we're pulled between reality and fallacy; Pluto's associations with media, propaganda, publishing, Big Banking, Politics, and the Vatican (Pluto = the pope, and other powers behind the throne) shows that we'll get no relief from Pluto's direction.

Jupiter 4Tau59 in 11th H of Groups and Associations trines Pluto and rules the 7th H of Partnerships and Open Enemies in which Pluto is placed; as significator of the Republican Party, Jupiter seems to be aiding (trine) Pluto with his agenda of gaining complete power and control of the US government and its people. The GOP has made it clear they'll do anything to see 'Barack Obama fail' - and the nation along with him as they and the corporate-backed Tea Party hold the nation hostage to austere requirements which may or may not help our debt situation since it's short-sighted (ex: cutting Medicaid or other programs for those of lower incomes will further burden our already-stressed hospital emergency rooms and clinics. Duh.)

In spite of it all, we-the-people must approach our problems as honestly and compassionately as we can, facing our monsters and vanquishing them on our own terms - whether Washington does this or not.

For honest information, Independent Media is one avenue I would suggest for this such as LINK-TV, one of the broadcasters of non-corporate supported programs such as Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez) and Thom Hartmann, among others; LINK-TV is where we're much more likely to find truth, especially since the sign Gemini can be duplicitous, and...

A Geminian Mercury Rules the Way Forward into November 2011

Chart-ruler Mercury 28Can32 is in 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values; through earthy Virgo, Mercury also rules the 4th H of Real Estate and Domestic Scene. How things will proceed is shown by Mercury's two applying aspects: a quincunx to Neptune (2A11), and what may turn out to be a helpful trine with Uranus (6A00.) Plus, this tr Mercury opposes US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx with potentials for: ideas and information received and presented are intense yet possibly subliminal; people refuse to listen to others due to forceful exertion of their own ideas; manipulation of ideas, thoughts, and communications occur in order to gain advantage over others; incorrect information is given with intent to mislead; people withhold what they know to create paranoia and/or to protect their own turfs; not a good time for free speech as surveillance increases and propaganda ramps up.

Sounds like the general tenor of our nation since 9/11, doesn't it?

Well, I intend to monitor the news all summer for such Mercury/Pluto topics to be placed on the front burner as we are led by propaganda and manipulation toward the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse (@ 2Sag.) Yet we may expect that some info or intell may seep or leak out under the rays of the June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse @ 24Sag in 1st house of the US Sibly natal chart giving it a 'personal responsibility' vibe. Of course, WikiLeaks comes to mind yet it may be manipulated by controlled leaks from the US government and others.

Mercury quincunx (inconjunct) Neptune details a condition where facts are elusive or purposefully hidden and promises are hard to keep so we may be hearing the wimpy excuse out of Washington, "Well, at least we tried"; extra tasks are taken on to gain another's approval and nervous energy is spread too thin to accomplish much.

Mercury trine Uranus offers a ray of hope for it brings in much creativity and original ideas with opinions that are based on sound principles; truth-seeking can bring intellectual freedom with this trine, and spiritual values can be well-integrated within our materialistic concerns and tendencies.

As you notice, this position of Mercury indicates that a national Mercury Return has just occurred (on June 28, 2011 in 8th H of the Return chart set for DC.) In this chart, Return Mercury's only applying aspect is an irritating semi-square (45 degr) to Mercury Return Moon 7Gem07 which conjuncts Mars in the July 1st Eclipse chart's secretive/Unconscious 12th H; '8Gem' = "Around a Closed Down Factory, Strikers Mill Defiantly"...protests will be on the rise with Mars to Moon indicating riled up feelings, restlessness and physical actions taken, with a focus on domestic conditions (US unemployment, 'free' trade agreements, etc. We need more employee-owned factories and co-ops, m'peops!)

Note: Our natal Mercury Rx 24Can12 opposes n Pluto Rx (in n 2/8 Hs) making it one of our premiere natal aspects for our eye-in-the-sky country (United Spies of America?); even our paper money is stamped with a symbol of encompassing surveillance. The other aspects that describe the US are a natal Sun/Saturn square (lawmakers restrain the executive branch, or used to) and a n Mars/Neptune square (spying; confused or inspired motivations; deceptive actions; misguided energy; a massive military force.) Plus, the US has a hidden square - 256 degr - between Illuminati planets Uranus and Neptune which is most closely seen in our Scorpio Rising chart.

The Karma of a Cardinal Grand Cross

Now in the July Solar Eclipse chart, above, (which is basically an early birthday gift from the Universe to America) you see a Cardinal Grand Cross highlighted by dotted line between Sun/Moon, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. This configuration greatly enhances the ongoing Cardinal T-Square between the Saturn/Uranus opposition with its apex Pluto pulling the strings of power and control since the Solar Eclipse, along with US natal Jupiter and Sun - fill in the missing point of the T-Square to form a 'Cross' on the material/physical plane.

A Cardinal Grand Cross (or, Grand Square) is created by two oppositions squaring one another and contains tremendously dynamic energy. The Cardinal oppositions indicate that cooperation is necessary in order for the energy to be well-managed: the assistance of others is needed to achieve goals. Yet the impatience and impulsivity of Cardinality can cause bad timing and poorly-planned action as people tend to rush into new activities before completing what was started with verve and enthusiasm. This interferes with accomplishment of one's mission (Alhena, noted above) because reckless behavior is exhibited.

Pitfalls include over-assertion and head-on confrontations. (I'm focused here primarily on financial conditions since US natal Jupiter is affected, yet debilitating war expenses, further involvements in foreign lands, and other issues may be shown as well...also involving Jupiter's over-expansive tendencies.)

A Cardinal Grand Cross describes energy which may flare at the start yet is lacking when it comes to follow-through, and if either Mars or Uranus - here, Uranus - is involved in the configuration, we can expect accident-proneness due to thoughtless impulsiveness, plus, extreme aggression may be indicated (hot-headedness or hair-trigger tempers.)

Is there an upside to this Grand Cross in the Solar Eclipse chart?

Eclipses are 'wild cards' that may affect conditions in a fashion similar to Uranus' sudden, disruptive quirkiness which may act or stimulate at any time: early, late, or never.

This stressful Cardinal pattern shows that frustrating obstacles are causing blockages on the path to fulfilling our needs yet persistence is the key to applying the energy so that one major goal at a time may be realized.

Hopefully, the goals favor the American people for a change rather than corporations and other special interests, so if you think that Washington politicians can handle this vast energy and put Politics aside long enough to do so, I congratulate you on your optimism and faith in our elected officials who have had a very large share in creating the messes in which America is mired. Yet you've noticed, I'm certain, that many of the bigger players and culprits on Capitol Hill have recently retired from public office. We shall meet many of them again in their lobbying capacities.

The July 1, 2011 Grand Cross also tells us that taking premature action through an unnecessary sense of urgency will not result in improvements in our situation. This hearkens back to the Political Theater during Campaign 2008 when John McCain 'suspended' his presidential campaign and rushed back to DC to 'save' the US banking system (Mr. Obama rushed back, too, but not quite as theatrically and fake-ily.)

So considering this Solar Eclipse @ 9Can12 and its manifestation between US natal Jupiter and Sun, we may expect much drama and excitement to be shown this summer concerning political, financial, and other issues, though at least some of the performances will be pure theater for public consumption and persuasion.

Midpoints Paint Word Pictures

Now let's consider the midpoints of the chart; I will include the pictures created by the Grand Cross with US n Jupiter; any, all, or none may apply and are subject to stimulation by transits and progressions; for the sake of brevity, only Ebertin's midpoint pictures will be used, and I shall refrain from again adding the brutal Saturn/Uranus = Pluto picture. You'll see that the Venus/SN/ASC theme of separation is echoed along with some other themes mentioned previously:

Sun/Pluto = Saturn: ruthless overcoming of obstacles; restriction or separation by a Higher Power; imprisonment.

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; sudden adjustment to new circumstances; arrest.

Moon/Pluto = Saturn: grave inhibitions; mental or emotional suffering.

Moon/Pluto = Uranus: extreme emotions; fanaticism; a desire to fight; an urge to do something; nervous crises through excesses; sudden upsets.

Saturn/Uranus = Sun: inflexibility; severe tests of strength; separation; rebellion; the power of resistance.

Saturn/Uranus = Moon: strong emotional tensions and strains; inconstancy; depression; separation.

Saturn/Uranus = US n Jupiter: fortunate powers of adaptation; release from tension; a sudden turn of destiny; getting into difficulties; losses; damage to motors or to buildings.

US n Jupiter/tr Pluto = tr Saturn: inhibited development; lack of progress; difficulties; separation.

US n Jupiter/tr Pluto = tr Uranus: fanatical striving for improvements; the quick exploitation of every situation (politics!); sudden reforms; adjusting to new circumstances.

There are other midpoint pictures to consider as well, all of them involving Jupiter in Taurus:

Sun/Neptune = Jupiter: achieving success with little exertion; optimism in spite of impaired vitality.

Moon/Neptune = Jupiter: sympathy; a good understanding of others through a compassionate attitude; far-reaching wishes; fantasy; artistic success.

Mars/Uranus = Jupiter: a correct grasp of a situation coupled with timely action; successful contests of strength; a lucky hand in unusual enterprises; good fortune with injuries or accidents.

Jupiter/MC = Uranus: fortunate new ventures; an ability to utilize the right moment; a fortunate adjustment to new conditions; sudden success; optimism.

Well, those are certainly great if minor notes upon which to end this Solar Eclipse article, aren't they? And once again, catalyst Uranus - now in US natal 4th house and closely linked to the founding of freedom-loving America - may somehow manage to bring surprising improvements to our current situation!

Now if only Congress will agree to stop delaying decisions that would move things forward rather than tiresomely painting the Other Party as the main culprit and trying to score political points while deflecting well-deserved criticism.


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From May 8, 2011, economist Paul Krugman's explanation of how we got here and who's to blame: The Unwisdom of Elites with his additional comments on the financial condition of the European Community.

Sources: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin (midpoint pictures); Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney (Cardinal Grand Cross.)

Netanyahu in America: heckle at your peril

In yesterday's post, written in real time, I wondered what was happening in the hall to the lady who shouted out as Israeli PM Netayahu was addressing a Joint Session of the US Congress whose members began applauding loudly in an attempt to cover up the noise as she was strong-armed out of the room...

Protester Who Heckled Netanyahu Beaten, Arrested at Hospital

By Eric W. Dolan

The 28-year-old Jewish American woman was allegedly tackled by members of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) during Netanyahu's speech to Congress after she yelled, "stop Israeli war crimes." #

Unfortunately she was sitting too far away from yesterday's speaker to hurl her shoes.

As our much-lauded President Abraham Lincoln said, "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."

May 24, 2011

Netanyahu to Congress: Saturn/Uranus = Pluto

May 24, 2011: it's a little after 11 am edt, and any minute now, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu is to speak before a joint session of the US Congress. With the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition pointing toward powerful Pluto, we are about to experience a real-life express of the T-Square with the Saturn/Uranus combo the celestial representatives of the Middle East, particularly of Israel and Palestine.

The violence and brutality of the T-Square I will not repeat here since I've tired of typing it these last several months it has been in force but I do notice from this morning's horoscope set for the Capitol Building that the Moon has just gone past Neptune in very early Pisces, and the pair are in a midpoint picture with Mars/NN, a significator of energetic meetings, cooperative pursuits, and/or a lack of adaptability, falsehood, the use of mercenaries, an ability to attract or to sell military might from others, allies who send military help when needed, military hardware provided by friends, non-payment for military weapons or supplies, aggressive actions against the nation by hostile countries, and/or treaties broken by hostile acts.

Moon and Neptune indicate the public, publicity, the masses, the media, and illusion or deception. As a pair, they represent sensitivity, refined feelings, impressionability, fanciful imaginings, far-reaching wishes (like a world capital in Jerusalem? global domination?), and inner vision. Mr. Netanyahu is to lay out his (alleged) vision for peace. Let's see if this is Israel's usual 'my way or the highway' stance.

Any, all, or none may apply:

Mars/NN = Moon: an emotional attitude toward others; unions based on soul affinity; insistence on the acceptance of ideas; a fixed inconsistency.

Mars/NN = Neptune: insight into how others can help you but also false promises of help and follow-through; visualization of how to guide groups

At 11:23 am edt, the Speaker of the House announces PM Netanyahu as "His Excellency" to much applause. Sounds monarchic to me.

Netanyahu begins to speak with 17Leo rising, Mars in Taurus near MC, and this martian midpoint picture in play:

Neptune/MC = Mars: a desire to bring wrong ideas into realization; the desire to harm other people; the study of metaphysical subjects; a need to activate plans derived from mystical images.

11:29 am: someone in the gallery shouts out but I can't make out the words. Congress responds with loud applause to cover it up and I'm certain the person (sounded like a lady) is already being ushered out. Netayahu then comments on protests, "This is real democracy." But he didn't hear what she shouted and didn't care.

Wonder what's going on in the hall for her in our (alleged) democracy just brimming over with an abundance of 'free speech'?

"Israel isn't what is wrong with the Middle East, Israel is what is right with the Middle East. " he intones. And with that propagandistic assertion, I'll mosey along before his terror-mongering begins...

(midpoint pictures: Ebertin; Munkasey.)

May 23, 2011

An Astro-Peek at Tim Pawlenty (R- MN)

Today in Des Moines, Iowa, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty officially announced his bid for the Republican presidential nomination after releasing an announcement video yesterday (watch it here.)

But not all Minnesotans are completely enamoured of Mr. Pawlenty, however, since he left the state a $6 billion deficit and used some shifty financial practices as many slick politicians are wont to do. For your consideration here's a list of Pawlenty's current claims and toutings vs the facts.

Mr. Pawlenty, who is presenting himself as a "straight-talking, truth-telling" candidate who - old story - intends to "shrink government" from the perch of the White House has a Wiki bio with details on his early life, education, political career, and religious affiliation (born and raised Catholic but now of an evangelical Christian persuasion.)

Yet these days, when Republicans spout the Reaganesque shrink government mantra it's code words for cutting social programs for the disadvantaged, the elderly, ill, and those too young to vote - while continuing to fight obscenely expensive wars for oil and other resources. Yes, it's very early days but so far, Pawlenty has concentrated his fire mainly upon criticizing the presidency of Barack Obama so it remains to be seen whether the former governor can tow the party line tightly enough while keeping the interested gaze of the American people upon his candidacy and ideas for reform. a

All of the GOP must be hoping about now that the American people have completely forgotten the eight l-o-n-g years of the disastrous Bush-Cheney presidency!

Tim Pawlenty November 27, 1960 St Paul, Minnesota (hour unknown; noon chart)

One natal aspect which can undercut his boasted "straight-talking" is a Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio which gives him a tendency to speak primarily in vague terms. Politicians can hide a lot of unpalatable details within a fuzzy haze of vagueness - and in mysterious Scorpio, too.

With his fiery Sagittarian Sun @ 5 to 6 Sag, and Moon in late Pisces or early Aries (25Pisc05 to 8Ari21 during the 24-hour period), Mr. Pawlenty either has a Sun Sag-Moon Pisces blend (Fire-Water = steam) or the more up-and-at-'em blend of Fire-Fire Sun Sag-Moon Aries, a Jupiter-Mars-ruled combination of energies.

First let's look at the Fire-Water situation before it evaporates.

Sun Sag-Moon Pisces is a fervent, humanitarian pairing with much visionary imagination. Deep convictions and irrational logic combine with a moralistic tone though it may be quite forgiving. This blend contains a tremendous amount of sensitivity when it comes to the human condition and evinces an artistic temperament full of wistful humility. This gushy, sentimental blend cannot be considered practical and tends to give 'the shirt off its back' to those in need.

(A Republican politician? Hmmmm...not certain this blend applies, are you?)

Still, Sun Sag-Moon Pisc is gullible and vacillating, two traits which support a midpoint picture mentioned below - a picture which does not depend on knowing his correct birth time since it remained in effect throughout the 24 hours of November 27, 1960.

The Sag-Pisc blend is shared natally by Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the following quote from him doesn't sound Pawlenty-ish to me although it's true I know little of the candidate...unless the quote may be taken as a reference to meddling in other people's private business as Politics tends to do these days. See what you think:

"The salvation of mankind lies only in making everything the concern of all."

Or perhaps a better comparison can be made by Sun Sag-Moon Pisc Charles Schultz who famously informed us that, "I love mankind - it's people I can't stand."

Well, maybe we should mosey on to the Sun Sag-Moon Aries blend - a frank, forthright, impatient combo of energies. Right away, we find hints of Pawlenty's catch phrases for his nascent nomination bid and proposed campaigning and ruling style: "truth-telling" and "straight-forward."

This double-Fire blend describes a blunt but sincere, courageous and idealistic go-getter - one who is impulsive, restless, big-hearted, and possesses a far-seeing imagination along with a strong desire to succeed (never begin a political campaign without such a desire!) This independent-minded, plain-speaking blend seems to describe the man quite well, although its tendency to be a 'champion of the underdog' may be questionable for most any modern-day Republican. (But such a trait could fit nicely into Pawlenty's evangelical Christianity.)

Sun Sag-Moon Aries is an entrepreneurial combination that exhibits a childlike self-confidence but with weak spots such as a hot temper, irritability, and insensitivity toward more emotional or vulnerable individuals; listening to other people's needs is not a strong suit nor is paying attention to details.

The neurosis of this blend is to be considered the biggest and best yet a dark depression descends when things don't go his way.

This blend is shared natally by Mark Twain, who wrote that, "There was things which he stretched but mainly he told the truth." Mmm-hmm!

Sun square powerful Pluto; Pluto conjunct North Node in Virgo

No matter his birth hour, an important aspect of note has to be the applying (waxing) Sun/Pluto square (Sag to Virgo) which gives him a strong measure of willfulness that may be used constructively but often expresses combatively; here is a man with a powerful ego. Even a slight frustration can infuriate the guy, and he can explode under pressure (not in my Oval Office with his finger on The Button, he doesn't.)

The energy of this square tends toward the 'might makes right' way of thinking and acting which is so prevalent in US politics these days (and highly popular with neocons everywhere.) So if acting as US president, he would have that going for him within military-industrial-complex circles where obviously it would be appreciated.

Sun/Pluto square folk are enigmas even to those who know them well but once mature deliberation sets in and Pawlenty realizes his personal shortcomings - and the fact that he has them - executive ability shines forth along with a talent for managing large enterprises. Learning to accept advice is a constant evolutionary imperative as is learning how to compromise with others so they won't become too alienated to work with later on.

Pluto conjunct NN individuals (as is Barack Obama born about 9 months after Pawlenty) have the ambitious drive and willpower to take advantage of prevailing social trends in a calculating and deliberate manner which may be utilized positively (altruistically) or negatively (selfishly.) This is the "tiger by the tail" aspect for sometimes social forces are manipulated which are too big to safely handle. The Pluto/NN person may then be crushed under the weight of the circumstances as things spin out of control; subsequently conditions - or even careers - may collapse.

Pluto/NN indicates connections and encounters (NN) with a powerful elite or with the criminal Underworld (Pluto.) Whether this describes the same bunch of varmints, I shall leave it for you to decide.

Now I shall close with the all-day-in-force midpoint picture - the only one showing at noon on that date - of Tim Pawlenty, as mentioned above. It concerns the Jupiter/NN duo which by itself indicates potentials for interference from religious groups through legal processes, a legal system hampered by erroneous decisions about the status of groups or parties (which could also describe the SCOTUS decision, Citizens United), and/or closed legal societies (ex: the Federalist Society.) (Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.)

As always, any, all, or none of these potentials may apply. But I suspect they may.

Jupiter/NN = Neptune: instability; unreliability; indecision or vacillation; emotional inhibition within partnerships or unions; disappointment; getting sober again; sharing the spirit with others but not much else.

(References: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin; Solar Arcs, Noel Tyl; Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Week of May 23, 2011: Congress gavels in @ 2 pm edt

This afternoon when the US Congress gavels in on Capitol Hill, 17Vir04 rises, and with its opposite degree 17Pis04 descending, shows the critical or crisis nature of this week's business for 17Vir/Pis are critical degrees on the 6/12 (victim/savior) axis.

US natal Neptune 22Vir25 (planet of illusion, deception, fraud, and inspiration) is the first US planet to rise and it brings along our national and problematic Mars/Neptune square.

At 2:00 pm edt, May 23, 2011, chart-ruler Mercury 11Tau35 has just passed from 9th house into the Big Business 8th H of Shared Resources, Other People's Money, Debt, Credit, Insurance, and Transformation; also in 8th H are Venus 9Tau30, Mars 9Tau19, and Jupiter 27Ari29, with ideological, money-and-corporate-minded Jupiter the significator of the Republican Party. Jupiter's Sabian Symbol tallies with the American people's low approval rating for the US Congress: '28Ari' = "A Large Audience Confronts the Performer Who Disappoints Its Expectations."

8th cusp is also at a critical-crisis degree @ 12Ari19...'13Aries' = "A Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion" (which relates to 'a waste of opportunity and a futile expenditure of of self through vanity or petulance."

As for chart-ruler Mercury (planet of voting, negotiations, oration, trade, commerce, and thinking processes) makes no applying aspect to a planet in the gavel-in chart for May 23, 2011 and this sets the tone for how things will proceed this week in the House of Representatives: it doesn't. Or, everything depends on Mercury's house and sign placements, and its degree symbolism (see below.)

However, Mercury does trine the critical-degreed Ascendant (2:00 pm edt) whose Sabian Symbols (let's check out '17' and '18' Virgo) may give us word pictures of interest since they describe the WHAT? Point (ASC) of Congress' gaveling-in, the legislative session itself; Mercury also rules the Goal Point of the chart (MC 15Gem14):

'17Vir' = "A Volcano in Eruption"...EXPLOSION: negative expression: petulance and tantrum.

'18Vir' = "A Ouija Board"...ACUMEN: neg/unconscious/shadow side: a bondage to superstition and a surrender to the unknown.

Another factor of note is law-making Saturn 10Lib47 Rx in 1st house, a delay-restriction factor for the week (see: Congress agrees with Obama today to delay trade deals); plus, US natal Saturn 14Lib48 is in 2nd H of Earning Ability and Values in this chart; August 28, 2011 will be the 3rd of 3 'hits' of our national Saturn Return when accountability and responsibility issues look large when one hasn't acted honestly in the past. America's chickens of the debt persuasion are coming home to roost with our debt ceiling concerns looming large this summer, and the GOP's proposed austere budget (Saturn) cuts (Mars, in money sign Taurus conjunct evaluating Venus in 8th H.)

South Node, a point of separation and past behaviors too often depended upon, is in 10th H of Public Status, Saturn's natural house; Jupiter rules IC of Endings (and Real Estate) where NN (future direction) is posited along with wealthy saboteur Pluto 7Cap02 Rx, an actor who has been very busy deposing Saturnian leaders across the globe.

Sun 2Gem16 in 9th H of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, and Foreign Lands, is at a degree associated with the French Revolution...'3Gem' = "The Garden of the Tuileries"...LUXURY...neg: complete selfishness and a joy lording it over others. (The Sun is in process of conjoining and thus spotlighting President Obama's natal Moon in Gemini.)

The Moon (we-the-people; daily life; publicity) is @ 20AQ38 in 6th H of Daily Rounds, Work, Service, and Health; this indicates that Americans have a Lunar Return today depending on which version of the US natal chart you prefer for July 4, 1776 (natal Moon ranges on that date from 18AQ to 28AQ.) Also in 6th H are the traveling Neptune/Chiron duo, both moving direct now in mystical Pisces.

Disruptive, radical Uranus 3Ari41 in 7th H still travels with Hermes, an archetype of the Magician, Shaman, and Astrologer; the opposition between Saturn and Uranus (the duo connected with Palestine and Israel so those issues continue) has a 7 degr 6 min orb and will continue to separate after Saturn's Direct Station on Jun 12, 2011 @ 10Lib27 and Mr. Lesson-Bringer begins to move forward.

Mercury's Sabian Symbol is of note: '12Tau' = "A Young Couple Walking Down Main Street Window-Shopping" and we already know the topics relating to this degree: consumer purchasing or the lack thereof, our hope for consumer protections, and America's Main Street which the US Congress and others have sacrificed on the altar of corrupt, greedy Wall Street, the denizens of which should by law, be in jail.

Well, let's close with a few details concerning today's Sun-Moon blend with which Congress begins its week; it's an elegant and mental Air-Air combo of energies.

Sun Gem-Moon AQ is bright and light yet can be sober and serious. Wit, intelligence, and curiosity are indicated along with restlessness and perhaps the gift of prophecy. (Gemini brings The Good News, or is meant to.)

Finding a middle way resolves the blend's paradoxes of Spring vs Mid-Winter approaches; being fascinated with what makes people tick, this blend is one of life's great spectators and is a combo good for writing, speaking, and poetry. In business, opportunities can easily be spotted due to objectivity, cleverness, and a capacity for seeing the Big Picture.

Negatively, there can be a tendency to talk way too much (in Congress?!) while neglecting life's grittier realities (ours); a lack of connection with the dark and painful aspects of the self may be evident.

Images for Integration (of the Sun's Conscious Mind blended with the Lunar Unconscious):

"Sherlock Holmes...A scientist suddenly sees the caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly as one single being...Wagner's 'Der Ring des Nibelungen'."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

That last image reminds me of what Mark Twain said when asked his opinion after he'd sat through a Wagner opera for the first time. To paraphrase: 'Wagner's music is better than it sounds.'

May the US Congress rise to the occasion on behalf of the American people who sent them to Capitol Hill expecting better outcomes than they've yoked us with over the last several years.


Alert! The broad expansion of presidential power being slipped into the upcoming defense authorization act will 'blow up the US Constitution' says, Thom Hartmann, and I totally agree - with endless war a predictable result - which US leaders aspire to.

The president's ability to assassinate any terrorist (or those deemed by the US government to be terrorists) anywhere in the world including the US is about to be slipped through Congress greased (they hope) by the much-touted May 1, 2011 assassination of Osama bin Laden. This naked US power grab answers the question many have asked since May 1st:

Why go after bin Laden now?

Imho, this reveals an ongoing, long term, cynical agenda for establishing global domination, m'peops (as I've typed so many times before - I'm fatigued with it, too), and it includes Jerusalem as World Capital in their NWO totalitarian plan.


The Sabian Symbols cited in this post are a mixture of Marc Edmund Jones'
The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, and Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala.

May 22, 2011

A Goldman-Sachs natal chart, Scott Walker, and Financial Astrology

While preparing next week's article concerning the horoscope of the July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse 9Can12 (it's a biggie falling amongst US natal planets in Cancer and spotlights an Earth Grand Cross which includes transit Pluto opposing said Cancerian planets), I feel that a heads-up is in order for those who may wish astrological information on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his 'naked power grab' (HuffPo article link included), plus, a view of the IPO (initial public offering) chart for Goldman-Sachs (May 4, 1999) created by Financial Astrology expert Kaye Shinker of Astrological Investing.

Interestingly, the Goldman-Sachs natal chart has 25Can13 rising which conjoins US natal Mercury Rx which places US natal Pluto Rx in Capricorn in the House of Partnerships (7th H) - this highlights our nation's Mercury/Pluto opposition, an indicator of arrogance when challenged for the US government, and for GS.

Check out Scott Walker and Goldman-Sachs at Political Astrology 2010~2012 for the lowdown.

May 21, 2011

Ridding Toxicity by the Scorpio Full Moon: Crystal Pomeroy

Having just been privileged to publish with the author's permission May 17, 2011's Scorpio Full Moon Meditation by Daykeeper Journal's lunar expert, Crystal Pomeroy, I thought SO'W readers would appreciate a heads-up on Crystal's insightful column.

As a sign, Scorpio enjoys a mixed reputation and it's often considered negative. But the 8th sign, ruled by Mars and co-ruled (as I say!) by transformative Pluto, has the ability to positively affect toxins so that we may refresh ourselves - especially when Politics (that 'organized system of hatreds') poisons our thought processes and separates us from our Higher Minds and from feeling empathy for our fellow human beings!

May 20, 2011

Horoscope: Solar Eclipse 11Gem02 June 1, 2011

On June 1, 2011, a partial Solar Eclipse occurs @ 11Gemini02. Below you see its horoscope set for the White House, Washington DC; Hour Saturn 10Lib33 Rx in 12th house of Karma and Politics; Saturn trines the Eclipse which falls in the 8th house (in DC) of taxation, shared resources, credit, debt, insurance, big business, other people's money, and transformation.

The helpful trine from Saturn to the eclipse indicates that respect, persistence, and shouldering one's burdens will aid the karmic implications and potentially difficult results from this Solar Eclispe which sits upon the Partnership angle in the US (Sibly) chart and conjoins US natal Uranus 8Gem55: Sun/Moon = n Uranus: creating new ways of revealing old ideas; setting oneself apart from others; unusual twists of fate (Munkasey.)

If you're interested, NASA provides a list of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2011.

June 1, 2011 5:02:31 pm edt at the White House

Chart-ruler Mars 16Tau03 is in 7th H with Venus 20Tau36 and Mercury 28Tau06, the Lord of the Eclipse so we know that mercurial realms may be affected, such as: Communications (including Media), Transport, Trade, and Negotiations, Pacts, and Agreements. Young people and the news should be included.

The only applying aspect made by Mars is a quindecile (165 degrees = obsession-compulsion) with the Ascendant 1Sco00 (the Sun position in the NWO natal horoscope for October 24, 1993 - the Uranus/Neptune conjunction, # 3 of 3 @ '18Cap' = "The Union Jack" = smug or strong-armed paternalism...Uranus/Neptune are the planets of Illuminism.) Competition and agression are described.

With money sign Taurus on 8th cusp and at a 29th degree, evaluating Venus rules 8th H matters yet with a sense of expediency or even over-eagerness as a critical 29th degree implies. Someone or something is in a hurry! But there's difficult Alcyone, one of the Weeping Sisters, awaiting.

Pluto is co-ruler of the chart and applies to a square with Uranus (Uranus/Pluto = 'collapse of the old order of things, construction of the new' - Ebertin); upsets and violence as a new order is forced upon society. Yes, we know.

Nebulous Neptune 00Pis56 ('1Pis' = "A Public Market" = trade, commerce, or the NYSE?), planet of fraud and deception, is posited in 4th H (Foundation or Basis of the Matter; Real Estate as the Mississippi River floods people's farms and adds to potential food shortages and upticks in food and other prices) along with wounding Chiron now on its degree in President Obama's natal chart. And of course, we've seen other examples of water damage since Neptune and Chiron have been transiting together including the Deepwater Horizon Blowout and the Nuclear Meltdown at Fukushima, Japan - both catastrophes that 'keep on giving' into Infinity.

The Jupiter/Neptune pair (speculators, wastrels, religiosity, and/or those with grand imaginings and plans) rule and co-rule the 5th H of Gambling and Risk-Taking, and their midpoint conjoins Aries Point, a degree of World Manifestation and Recognition.

The eclipse Moon rules 9th H and indicates changes and fluctuations in 9th H matters, plus, all of our nation's Cancerian planets are posited there: Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury Rx. Eclipse Sun rules 10th H of Public Status and Career. Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations) 6Leo12 is conjoined by US natal North Node (NN; destiny; future direction) and both are at apex of a YOD (Finger of God = special task; turning point; a crossroads; crisis) formed at its base by a sextile between plutocratic Pluto/Chiron. And of note: Chiron here is Barack Obama's natal Chiron.

America's NN at MC places our nation's SN at IC (Home; Homeland; Domestic Scene; Security Issues; Endings) which seems to indicate that career and public status matters may go better for us than home matters. However, IC 6AQ12 has the oppressive, corporate Pluto/Chiron midpoint upon it which relates to violence and to home foreclosures as the Oil Can Harry plutocrats continue knocking at our doors and tossing Americans out on the sidewalks to live in their cars (Mercury's 11Gem02.)

8th H ruler Venus applies to a sesquisquare (135 degr) with manipulative string-puller Pluto 6Cap51 Rx (Lord of the Underworld) from 7th H of Partnerships and Open Enemies to 3rd H of Communications and Neighborhoods; this 'interlaced squares' aspect is usually considered minor (an octile...irritation; health issues) and indicates intense interaction with an urge toward promotion of ideas (M. Meyer.)

The Venus/Pluto combo of energies relates to bankruptcy, extremes of private wealth hidden in secret places, volcanic activity (including in financial centers), and breakdown within the fabric of society. (Munkasey.)

Are you still with me? This is depressing, believe me this Saturnian astrologer knows, which is why I've put off this post as long as possible. Yet identifying and facing monsters is the only way to vanquish them. And after the predicted-by-some Judgment Day of May 21, 2011, perhaps this analysis would be different (if it occurred at all) though I doubt it. Well, since May 21st is tomorrow, I shall proceed without such hindsight especially since the popular idea of a 'Rapture' and how the Second Coming will play out does not tally with my own studies of the Books of Daniel and Revelation....though I do agree that there are signs that The End is near if not here. Of course, the smartest thing is to be ready whenever He returns!

In her book Eclipses, Celeste Teal titles this eclipse, Something to Cry About which I assume refers to its 8th cusp at critical or crisis degree: 29Tau24 and the nearness of a difficult Fixed Star, Alcyone 00Gem00: Something to Cry About; sorrow; misfortune; exile; suffering. Any or all may apply.

The above mentioned 8th H and mercurial themes are implicated in this sorrow and we must expect that the enlarged US deficit and debt ceiling imbroglio are factors in where the implied misfortune plays out especially considering that the US dollar is under fire and being abandoned by creditors along with America's dimming reputation in the world and the potential for a US default on debts...if the GOP succeeds in crashing the US economy to make President Obama look bad for 2012.

Other possibilities for this eclipse's influence include: loss of support for the government (political? financial? debt ceiling extension?), sanitation, burial laws, morbidity, imports, and contagion (did you notice that anthrax is back in the news this week?), with attention and discussion relating to taxation, as mentioned. There may be death or resignation (more?) of statesmen, literary figures, educators, or - chillingly - injury to or death of travelers; foreign treaties and pacts are under stress as well. (Teal.)

And with transiting asteroid MIDAS now conjoining US natal Uranus 8Gem55, both bodies are 'eclipsed' or stimulated by the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse. This doesn't sound positive for US gold reserves which would affect the global financial system.

Please click chart image to enlarge for further info such as Fixed Stars, midpoints, some US natal placements, and the Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; corporatism; oppression) conjunction of December 30, 1999 in 2nd H of Earning Ability and Values with the conjunction's degree (11Sag23) opposed and potentially triggered by the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse.

As you see, the ongoing T-Square of Saturn/Uranus = Pluto remains in effect causing the world harm, violence, rebellion, and war; Pluto is a prime actor in this eclipse chart as one leg in the YOD configuration as well as being apex planet of the Cardinal T-Square with such an apex Pluto indicating those with a willful desire to fulfill their ambitious plans through force, manipulation, and subversive actions (ex: secret societies; the Global Crime Syndicate); the Cardinal quality gives Pluto an overt and ruthless determination to overwhelm any and all opposition to 'his' (their) criminal objectives; explosive endings may be anticipated. (Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspects Analysis.)

One other factor I wish to mention: Lord (ruler) of the June 1, 2011 eclipse, Mercury, squares Neptune (2A50) which describes conditions of distortion of truth, fears of responsibility, lack of realism, fraudulent communications, and an inability or lack of courage for dealing with life's harsh realities. Negative escapism comes to mind but please use in moderation for whoever tries to escape their troubles by use of drugs (including alcohol) should be advised that troubles can swim!

Well, that's it for today. If you have on-topic and courteous opinions, remarks, or queries to make, please leave them in a Comment and I will reply as time permits.

And like the eclipses at the end of 2010 which seemed to indicate further financial collapse, this is one eclipse analysis where I'd love to be so very very wrong.


Mea culpa! I just now realized that I neglected to complete penning in (lower right) the name of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who now visits the White House one day after President Obama's major policy address on the Middle East (Saturn/Uranus) yesterday which began with '23Leo' rising and ended with Royal Star Regulus at Ascendant - Regulus = success if revenge is avoided - and as the world knows, endless acts of revenge and retaliation are all the region seems able to manage these days.

Also on the chart, I added that his visit is tomorrow, May 21, but apparently the Israeli eagle has already landed in Washington today and is said to be "disappointed" over Mr. Obama's speech which offered the 1967 borders as the way to go if one actually does want Peace for Palestine and Israel. However, it's actually the 1947 borders which may be the fairest and most legal even though this would put Galilee in Palestine, not Israel.

It is my personal belief that radical National-International Zionism does not want peace in the Middle East but rather a 'King of Jerusalem' and a world capital from which to dominate the entire globe of serfs and pawns...aka, a New World Order, the Utopian dream which inspired the founding of America as the New Atlantis.

For it isn't as if the White House would have sprung Obama's policy speech upon the Israeli government without telling them in advance what would be touted! And the political intrigues and theater performances least until May 21, 2011 at 6 pm Eastern Time.


Coming a mere month later, you may wish to check out the Horoscope of the karmic July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse which @ 9Can12, plops itself amid US natal Jupiter and Sun.

May 19, 2011

IMF horoscope: May 2011's Pluto to natal Sun

With another hearing today to set bail and possibly be released under house arrest, now-resigned IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been denied diplomatic immunity by the US.

In my files there are two noon horoscopes for the International Monetary Fund (aka, the "Fund.") The first is set for December 27, 1945 when it was formally organized and 29 countries signed the agreement (Bretton Woods, N. H.), and March 1, 1947 when IMF operations began.

Transiting Pluto now transforms, deconsructs, and brings power and control issues to the IMF's natal Sun (1945); midpoint pictures for December 27, 1945 are descriptive of the sort of worldly power and wealth they wield: Sun/Pluto = Jupiter ($), and the Illuminati pair of Uranus/Neptune pointing to manipulative Pluto which often signifies rapists, plunderers, and saboteurs.

Sun/Pluto = Jupiter: successful striving for power; the urge for expansion and the acquiring of wealth.

Uranus/Neptune = Pluto: abandoning resistance; calamities; losses. (Ebertin.)

The 1947 chart shows Sun 10Pis17 (noon): '11Pis" = "Men Seeking Illumination"; Moon @ '28Gemini' = "Bankruptcy" (what the IMF preys upon - er, I mean...helps nations with.)

In both charts, nebulous Neptune is in Libra: 1945 @ 8Lib34, and 1947 @ 10Lib12; transiting Saturn, bringer of loss and restriction when accountability and responsibility have been ignored or dissed, now sits upon the IMF's Neptune (also a planet of loss) in the 1947 horoscope...the 'grim face of reality' transit. The IMF brings 'grim reality' to nations whose balance sheets are in trouble; for DSK, 'the sheets' are in trouble for entirely different reasons.

The Strauss-Kahn Family

The father of "DSK", as he is familiarly known, is Gilbert Strauss-Kahn, a member in the Grand Orient de France, the largest and oldest Masonic organization in Continental Europe (founded 1733), and a major instigator behind the French Revolution.

In France on December 20, 1781, the Grand Orient Masons and the Illuminati combined into one Order; their alliance was sealed in July 1782 at the Congres de Wilhelmsbad. The conference was attended by Masons, Martinistes, and representatives of secret societies in Europe, Asia, and America. As we would expect, attendees were sworn to total secrecy. (source: The Secret History of the West, N. Hagger.)

Click for a public list of the attendees (though you won't see the name 'Rothschild' mentioned for Jews were admitted to the lodges later - the resolution to allow them in was passed at the 1781 conference.

This ancient history is important because it is part of Dominique Strauss-Kahn's personal history although I doubt any mention of what lurks behind his mask - and by extension, the mask of the IMF - will be forthcoming as the sexual assault/attempted rape investigation and possible criminal trial goes forward in New York.


Dominique Strauss-Kahn was born in Paris, France on April 25, 1949 with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Aries; natal Midas 19Tau12 conjoins n Mercury which is otherwise unaspected; Jupiter 1AQ16 conjoins Fixed Star Aquila, the Eagle (he has that beaky look and raptor's gaze) and his natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint (plutocracy; oppression; corporatism; racism) is now transited by Saturn.