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Jan 26, 2012

'The Secret Government' Bill Moyers 1987 film (video)

During the Reagan administration, America's secret-invisible-shadow (Neptune) government (Saturn) perpetrated many naughty things behind our backs in Nicaragua and elsewhere and the fiasco was investigated by Bill Moyers who warned that things would get worse if the American people let them.

They've gotten worse.

Not far in, you'll see a televised President Reagan in denial (I remember well that performance--not his best--plus, most children can recognize lies when they hear them.) Guess when you shill for corporate globalists with one-world-government as their ultimate goal, it isn't always easy to hide your own sticky fingerprints from turning up all over government cookie jars.

Yes, Reagan's natal Jupiter in mid-Scorpio (the Eagle Point) definitely shook its money-maker while he was in office and making backdoor deals with terrorists and other crooks. Birds of a feather? (See I Knew It Was YOU, Reagan.)

So if past if prologue and you're concerned about America's future direction (and I know ya are), mosey down this 1987 memory lane for there are dots to be connected that stretch from the 1980s and beyond. To me it seems that Reagan's "Evil Empire" projection onto others belonged just as much at home with him in the Oval Office and in the war rooms of the Pentagon, but perhaps you disagree.

An obvious astrological marker from the 1980s which relates directly to Secret or Invisible Government is the Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Neptune which occurred three times though first came Jupiter conjunct Saturn (the societal planets) which also occurred three times and timed the beginning of new business and social cycles:

Jupiter conj Saturn about every 20 years:

1. Dec 31, 1980 @ 9Lib30
2. Mar 3, 1981 @ 8Lib06
3. July 24, 1981 @ 4Lib56

Naturally, a US Saturn Return (14Lib48) added complexity to this period and made accountability and responsibility the words of the day. This Saturn Return, unlike the three-fer we had in 2010--2011 (Dec-Mar-Aug), occurred on Oct 22, 1989 during the first year of the Bush Sr administration which was imprinted with the Great Triple Conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. (Scroll down this blog's sidebar to view video of Bush Sr threatening a New World Order--seriously. He did. In public. As if it were a grand thing.)

Saturn conj Neptune (about every 36 years):

1. Mar 3, 1989 @ 11Cap55
2. June 24, 1989 @ 11Cap14
3. Nov 13, 1989 @ 10Cap22

You'll note that the Saturn/Neptune hook-ups occurred opposite two of America's natal planets in home/business-oriented Cancer (Jupiter '6Can' and Sun '14Can'), particularly the Sun (leader; leadership; the president) so with transiting Saturn and Neptune opposing US n Jupiter (treasury) and n Sun (president), the potentials included: misguided ideals, bad timing, trouble with authority figures, unfulfilled promises, ineffectiveness, defiance of the odds, undermined or misdirected goals, unrealistic expectations, and--to the point--lack of generosity for funding of projects from those in charge of the purse strings.

In Ronald Reagan's case that describes Congress, hence his Iran-Contra scandal to rob America's cookie jar and implement the Reaganites' plans without anyone being the wiser.

And this is the president the Republican candidates dream of emulating if that tells us anything about America's future direction if regressives take back the White House and succeed in returning our nation to their plutocratic vision of 'the olden days'.

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Beth Turnage said...


I absolutely think you are right that we need to be mindful of who is running our politics and also by extension our economy.

But Pluto in Capricorn is the game changer, here. The last time Saturn was in Libra with Pluto there too, we sat around and watched "Magnum PI" and kvetched about our relationships. With this last period of Saturn in Libra some are striking back with "Occupy" movements and hacktivism. Some are much more aware of the power structures that have control over what we buy and consume, including our ideologies. The policies of the past have already failed us. They can not continue. What needs to be crafted for a better future is up to us.