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Feb 21, 2012

Jim Marrs on Bankster Control (video) w Mars/Iran Concerns

War Drums of Mars Rx w a Jim Marrs Interview on Bankster Control

February 19, 2012 Alex Jones interviews Jim Marrs...

Here's Part 1 of 3 with a link to the rest of the interview provided below:

View Parts 2 and 3 at

For further Mars-tinged reading you may wish to try Jeremy Scahill's article Washington's War in Yemen Backfires (war = Mars, backfires = Rx), and catch up with expert astrologer John Townley's analysis on the chances for war with Iran--possibly this summer--as shown by Mars' Rx and Direct periods, when a Window for War opens and the pent-up energies of Mars when Rx forcefully burst out in surprising or unexpected ways once the 'god of war' begins moving forward.

On April 13, 2012, Mars Direct Stations @ 3Vir41 in 9th house of Foreign Lands when the horoscope is set for Washington DC ('4Vir' = "A Black Child Playing with White Children"--sorry to point out that this symbol is rather apt for Washington, and the MC (Goal) of the Direst Station chart @ '28Vir' = "A Baldheaded Man Who Has Seized Power"--now that can't be Dick Cheney again, can it? Well, jingoistic neocons are feelin' their oats again these days--with global domination on thsir reptilian brains.)

Yes, things may really heat up in Martian fashion once Mars reaches shadow degree (of his Rx Station--'23Vir06') and rushes into the light on June 19, 2012 with Jupiter 1Gem50 and Venus 8Gem41 Rx (conjunct US natal Uranus 8:55) in worrisome 'nuclear degrees'--and snugged around Mr. Obama's natal Moon in early Gemini.

Plus, you know that President Obama's natal Mars 22Vir35 is *highly involved with US natal Neptune 22Vir25...the fog (Neptune) of war (Mars) may surround the Pentagon once again if neocons and other imperialists have their warring way.

*For the highly involved President Obama, 2012 has brought along a three-fer Mars Return and it remains difficult if not impossible for the American people to see or understand his true motives (Mars) with our national planet of veils and delusions (Neptune) tossed over his motivations and activities. The third of his 'hits' from transit Mars to natal Mars occurs on June 18, the day prior to Mars reaching shadow degree. Is this within the "window", as John Townley describes?

In addition, the hot actions and reactions of contentious Mars concerning an attack on Iran may also relate to May 2012 as timed by the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse which conjoins Alcyone (something to cry about.)

Yet on another level of Martian feistiness, we may say that Mars Rx Brings Women and Their issues into the Spotlight! Personally speaking, a return to a maternalistic world would be fine with me for we're experiencing worse than ever what a testosterone-driven world of paternalism so often forces upon the innocent--and by that, I very much include the good people of Iran. jc

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