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Feb 19, 2012

Mars Rx Brings Women and Their Issues into the Spotlight

It's been written that periods of time when planet Mars, the activist, whose favorite color is red, is seemingly moving in retrograde motion brings ladies and feminine concerns forward into the public spotlight.

Our current period of Mars Rx in *Virgo is no exception for it echoes the Mars Rx/ladies in the news phenomenon--from the tragic death of Whitney Houston, to Grammy-sweeper Adele, to the newly ascended 'King Peggy'. You may, of course, think of more examples of feminine prominence now starring in the news as the Mars Rx period continues.

Of interest to our Martian topic may be that Adele's natal Mars 19AQ03 conjoins Whitney Houston's natal 12th house Saturn 20:00 opposite natal Sun 16Leo42 in 6th house of Health.

Red Carpets and Red Creations

Check out these red gowns including the red Versace concoction Nicki Minaj wore at the 2012 Grammy Awards. (Hope she's found her way out of it by now!)

Will Red Candidates (Mars) Return (Rx) Us to the Olden Days?

Some political pundits now speak of the rhetoric of 2012 Republican candidates which may be driving away women voters such as that of Rick Santorum, social conservative extraordinaire who apparently wants to turn back the clock on women's social issues to the 1950s--or before women gained the right to vote!

This is part of the GOP script promoted by Jude Wanniski (1936--2005) and his "goo-goo government" theory of keeping certain US voters away from the polls in order to assure Republican "victories" (cheating isn't "winning", it's stealing.) You may wish to read Thom Hartmann's excellent article Two Santa Clauses or How the Republican Party Has Conned the American People for Thirty Years which deftly details their tactics and--perhaps inadvertently--explains the thorny Political Astrology question of which planet best represents the Republican and Democratic Parties: Jupiter (generosity, investment, spending) or Saturn (austerity, contraction, restriction.)

You may agree that the two parties switch sides on a regular basis as Republicans drive up US debt and spend like drunken sailors on Santa's credit card, then grouse ad nauseum when socially minded Democrats spend in attempts to deal with the economic problems caused by warmongers such as George Bush and Dick Cheney.

I certainly hope that American women find time in their very busy schedules to vote on November 6 especially since many of our rights are in the line of fire and we'll be hearing more of such feminine topics in the news as the 2012 campaign drones on. Plus, you know that in the 2008 campaign, more women voted than men and not for the first time--let's keep it up, ladies!

See Rep. Maloney slams Issa's all-male birth control hearing and in Mars Rx fashion demanded "where are the women?"

Well, here are two ladies who are always in the news as far as I'm concerned, writer Layla Morgan Wilde whose latest post includes Marcel Proust and the current prevalence of the color red and professional astrologer and artist Julie Demboski who provides daily insights and guidance for those having an As Above, So Below point of view!


Whitney Houston August 9, 1963; Adele Atkins May 5, 1988.

*Virgo, sign of The Virgin--how appropriate for contraceptive, abortion, and other feminine issues which are now being used to score what are hoped by Republicans and their Vatican backers to be political points which will help them in November 2012. My advice to the GOP: dream on. And you'd better ask your wives and daughters before trying to return US women to the dark ages of contraception a la Rick Santorum's campaign funder Foster Friess.

Mr. Santorum is of a Catholic persuasion in spite of his evangelical rhetoric...


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