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May 28, 2012

Vatican scandal boils as Vatican horoscope shows

Oh, What a Tangled Web in Rome

by Jude Cowell

As expected, the leaky scandal at the Vatican has swollen and a Cardinal may be among the plotters along with the arrested butler.

From March 22, 2012, here's a link to a 3-part video presentation by Max Igan in which several topics are discussed, among them the Vatican Bank. It seems a given to me that the Vatican Bank is intricately involved in the current scandal and the battle for the Pope's fancy hat, scepter, and golden ring!

Now as you know, there are two natal horoscopes for the Vatican: the Independence chart of June 6, 1929 4:01:20 pm CET Rome Italy (historical record) when the religious organization officially became a city state and a law unto itself, and the Vatican II chart: October 13, 1962 9:00 am CET Vatican City, Italy.

Yes, the Vatican Bank has been involved in scandals 'ere this including in 2006 when a banker was murdered after leaving a meeting of the Opus Dei. God's Work indeed! And if you're in a Googling mood, I'm quite certain you can find more scandalous goings-on and mayhem happening at the Vatican and the Vatican Bank without much trouble at all.

Jupiter-Neptune Calling

Astrologically speaking, the 1962 horoscope is being activated at the moment with natal IC 1Pis51 (The Drain; Endings; Home) having fraudulent, scandalous Neptune 3Pis08 recently crossing it and there meeting natal Jupiter, planet of money and religion, at 3Pis15! As you know, the Jupiter-Neptune pair is often involved when finances are shady, grand schemes with glorious outcomes are promised, and religion is in the mix. Neptune to natal Jupiter denotes a time when idealism may become fanaticism, get-rich-quick schemes are offered, and illusion, extravagance, and exaggeration combine with disastrous results (as we see.) Practical perspectives are difficult if not impossible to keep when murky Neptune conjoins expansive Jupiter, and we might say that a deceptive (Neptune) Cardinal (Jupiter) is in the (4th) house.

Adding complexity, in the Vatican's 1929 horoscope, transit Neptune squares natal Jupiter, a time when finances are undermined, unrealistic expectations are prevalent, sneaky people creep about, and scandals lurk behind every curtain.

Other transits and progressions apply, of course, but these are the two transits to the natal charts that 'pop out' at me. You may wish to check the horoscopes for yourself, if you haven't!

Let's close with the 1962 chart which shows the mid-1960s' dynamic, explosive Uranus-Pluto conjunction at MC, the Public Status part of the horoscope: MC 1Vir51, Uranus 3Vir47, and Pluto 11Vir11--and transit Mars 13Vir27, the fire-starter, has just plowed through them causing havoc within those velvet-lined surroundings. N Uranus-Pluto = tr Mars: fanaticism; an act of violence; the mania of destruction; a state of precipitation; the stage of bending or breaking; injury; accident. (Ebertin.)

For further reading why not try an article from 1949 concerning the Vatican and Mussolini?

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