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Jul 20, 2012

Alex Jones decodes The Dark Night Rises (video 6.22.12)

Pre-July 20, 2012, here's Alex Jones on June 22, 2012 decoding the propaganda and subliminal messages (Jupiter-Neptune) in the new Batman film, The Dark Night Rises which include getting us accustomed to state terrorism and its dark handmaidens:

You know I was hoping that the current Cardinal T-Square pattern between the explosive Mars-Uranus opposition which points to power-mad criminal Pluto ('the dark night') wouldn't act out blatantly as its energy obviously did in Aurora, Colorado.

But it has..."intervention of the big shock; force." The shooter craves notoriety which is one reason why news outlets should cease their constant coverage of the tragedy--which would also show respect for the families, friends, and witnesses most directly affected.

And yes, I studied the horoscope of the shootings and the natal chart of the perpetrator but couldn't manage an article quite so soon (and may never do.) However, if you're interested in understanding the astro-dynamics, expert astrologer Lynn Hayes has published The Astrology of the Aurora Shooting.

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