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Jul 14, 2012

Gingrich autographs own Bohemian Grove photo (video)

The following video on Newt Gingrich's caught-on-film Bohemian Grove connection might be hilarious if it weren't so freakifying...

Plus, if you've already had your dinner you may be able to make it through the mid-July 2011 report on Bohemian Grove rituals, secret unrobings, and political participants in the form of two videos by Alex Jones. If you're missing a congressman or two this weekend, perhaps you can find them decked out in their birthday suits, prancing about underneath California redwoods, and cremating all their cares.

Now I only say this because today is July 14, 2012 so I'm guessin' that this is their annual weekend to party and romp for Satan and/or Lucifer one more time...then, in a couple of days, they'll return to civilization and try to pretend they're some sort of normal. So shouldn't a politician's Bohemian Grove association--or aspiration--be questioned before they're elected to office?

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