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Aug 7, 2012

Aug 3, 2012: Sen Bernie Sanders on House Floor vs Bush Tax Cut Extension (video)

Revealing the Ravages of US Plutocracy: Against We-The-People

by Jude Cowell

One US senator who is tireless in his defense of America's Middle Class is Vermont's Bernie Sanders who once again laid it all out on the House floor on August 3rd in contrast to the GOP senators who then took turns whining on behalf of the Bush tax cut extension which will end at 12:00 am est on January 1, 2013 unless a modicum of fiscal sanity is restored to Capitol Hill by the end of 2012. Yes, those Republicans are so deeply worried about the deficit and the national debt but funny how they don't mind adding trillions of dollars to it when it benefits their personal bottom lines!

After taking a look at the horoscope for that time and date in Washington DC, I am not comforted by the chart's Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations, Public Standing) @8Can15 which is the midpoint degree of America's natal Sun/Jupiter in Cancer...Sun/Jupiter = MC: wealthy, successful people. And of course you know the Sabian Symbol for US natal Jupiter @ '6Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests." Well yes, they do. Rah-ther, old boy.

Yes, it seems to me that the upper 2% of our greedy game birds possess and control more than enough of America's wealth already, agreed? So let Senator Sanders tell the tale as he does so well...and get thee to the polls on November 6, 2012 unless you want a monetary royalist and religious cultist (yes, I typed it) like Romney in the White House.

Additionally, it may be of interest to consider the meaning of the Sun-Jupiter midpoint in the realms of Politics and Business. Quoting one indication from Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets because it seems to closely apply to the situation:

"Sun-Jupiter = a religious or philosophical system which ties the effective leadership of the country to a predetermined course of action."

Sounds like the sequestration the Super-Committee (aka, Super-Congress) set up on November 23, 2011 as influenced by the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse in the 14 North Series (a peculiar turn of events; unexpected financial happenings; despair; confusion--Brady) but it also sounds like Grover Norquist's no-tax-increase pledge that a few Republicans are said to be balkinging against. And yet it seems that perennial condidate Mitt Romney has signed the pledge if one can tell anything for certain when it comes to the very squirmy Piscean fish, Mr. Romney.


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