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Aug 30, 2012

"Make My Day" RNC 2012: Mr. Romney Accepts the Royal Nom

by Jude Cowell

Even if no celebrity speaker such as actor/director Clint Eastwood lauds Mitt Romney onstage tonight at RNC 2012 in Tampa, Florida we may expect the GOP candidate to perform his best Ronald Reagan impression in an attempt to woo voters his way so that in case Big Money and Bigger Lies won't do the trick unlocking the White House backdoor (the one Bush and Cheney slinked in by in Dec 2000-Jan 2001), former Gov. Romney may indeed find the Oval Office his new CEO lair from which to direct the continuing heist of America's treasure and resources (8.30.12 Sun, the leader, conjoins Fixed Star Thuban: 'to protect or make a treasure' which relates to Midas-type hoarding behavior when negatively expressed.)

Whether you find Mitt to be a King Midas fellow or HORUS come back to rule, it will be curious to see which impressive archetype President Obama portrays next week at DNC 2012 for in 2008, BHO played the role of Apollo, the young (-ish) hero, a sun god. Of course, HORUS is a sun god, too, and son of goddess Isis (so revered in Washington DC Masonic circles as from our nation's earliest Venus-worshipping days, and of Osiris, a shadow of the Christ-Savior figure. Romney As Savior of America, of our economy, and--get this!--of Medicare is laughable but that's the product they have to sell us this evening. This is made more imperative by how low on the scale of popularity Mr. Romney ranks and by how low the falsehoods this week's Republican speakers had to stoop to in order to rev up the audience in the stadium to make a nice show, they hoped, for the cameras and for propaganda's sake.

I leave it to you, dear reader, to decide how well each speaker performed for performed they did...though Mitt's name hardly was uttered by some. Wish I had a dollar for each time I've heard in the last 10 years how 'even his own party doesn't like him'---and that, I assume, comes from a knowing place by people who've had to actually deal with the cold fish (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces, sign of the Two Fishes; I won't say more now since tonight's program has begun--it's now after 8:00 pm edt--and there are many astro-portents I could type if only there were time.

Suffice it to say that Mr. Eastwood's natal horoscope bi-wheeled with the chart for 10:00 pm edt tonight in Tampa, Florida shows the professional thespian's natal Mars strong in its own sign of Aries (28:27 in his natal 6th house of Military-Police-Work-Service) rising with n North Node (NN = contact with the public) following @2Tau12 Rx, also in n 6th H. Eastwood's reticence to speak when not following a written script is shown in part by natal Mercury 23Tau49 being Rx and in stubborn Taurus, sign of money-lovers, intolerance, and greed for gold (also, preserver and appreciator of values.) Naturally, Mr. Romney shares Eastwood's golden interests since Mitt's natal Jupiter falls in the money sign of Corporatism, Big Business, and Occult Mysticism, Scorpio. Below, you'll see that Clint took the stage at 10:02 pm!

Mitt's Jupiter in Scorpio is shared with Ronald Reagan and in fact, both Ronald Reagan and Mitt Romney are born Moon-Jupiter types: Reagan's Moon conjoins his NN (popularity--if Mitt had this exciting double-Luna link with the public, he might've won the presidency before now!); Reagan's n Jupiter conjoins his n SN of the Moon, aka, the tail of the dragon which--swipe!--has a separative Saturnian tone. This connection with SN also relates to neurotic behavior but there's no time now to address it or the implications of its trouble in foreign lands (Iran-Contra, etc) and conflicts of interests by being out of step with societal norms as shown by Reagan's ethical and social clashes (manipulating the 'Evengelical Right' for political gain--religious leaders got burned by The Gipper but they're back and riding' high in the saddle with jockey Romney!)

Yes, Moon-Jupiter interests and talents were 'on Reagan's life path' and his destiny (Nodal axis), so to speak, and I'm convinced that the several astrologers the Reagans used through the years must have divulged this interesting piece of information to them back in their California if they both hadn't guessed.

Whoah, Pardner! Even now I type too long of past presidents and venerable movie celebrities but what about Mittens For President? Yet we must note that at 10:00 pm edt tonight, it will be Clint Eastwood's natal Midheaven (world stage) conjoined by transiting, orating Mercury in showy, shiny Leo in Tampa, Florida.

Two interesting transits to Mr. Eastwood's natal planets are now in force and are worth mentioning:

1. tr Jupiter to n Sun 9Gem50 (conjunct Royal Star Aldebaran), a time when endeavors begun 12 years ago (2000) will either move forward to a higher level of growth and development, or they will end very soon.

2. tr Pluto to n Saturn Rx, strong @10Cap38: the past becomes part of the present (his Carmel, CA mayorship years ago? he could have moved up in Politics then but chose not to); plus, the traditions and structures upon which life and work are based may be totally transformed by present circumstances (pos or neg); issues of the day include abuse of power, misdirected authority, ambition, and patience. (Julia Lupton Skalka, The Instant Horoscope Predictor.

Well, back to Mittens' natal horoscope which contains a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in late Scorpio, an indicator as previously mentioned that Mother may have set little Mitt's dream upon the path of Presidential Hopeful from an early day for after all, George W. Bush's pretty-minded Mother did and he was born with a Moon-Jupiter conjunction, too, though in Venus-ruled Libra, another money link through Venus' evaluating, valuable talents.

Wish today's schedule had allowed me to begin posting earlier but it did not so I'll type what I can, such as an interpretation of the Moon-Jupiter combination of energies (Reagan-Romney) as given by the excellent Michael Munkasey in his Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, a very useful book in Political Astrology work for it includes Hegelian Dialect details on planetary pairs from which many modern chaos-creating politicians take their cues as they continue their longterm attempt to make government into the Bad Guy (Reagan: "...government IS the problem")--No, dishonest government and civil officials intent on ruining the American peoples' lives as they rob them of more of their rights, property, and air to breath, then try to rule the entire world--THAT is the problem. Quit It.

Well, tonight the Moon shows Piscean deception and spiritualism as they invoke Good Fortune for Mitt and for America reflected toward the public with the Moon @1Pis56 conjoined with fraudulent though often inspired Neptune 1:34 Rx; at 10:00 pm edt in Tampa, there's a midpoint rising of grand-schemes proportions, and symbol of speculators, wastrels, and spendthrifts the world over (including the natal chart of the NYSE) though we must note a deep potential for compassion within the Jupiter-Neptune-ruled sign of Pisces as well:

Jupiter-Neptune = ASC: situations or people with explanations for life which go beyond physical reality (MM)...into the spun political 'reality' of Washington politicians?--jc; and, appearing to live in a world lighted by an emotionally rationalized agenda and personal imagination (Tyl.) Yes, the Mormons are speaking about Romney and faith tonight! With dire results of an austere political platform emotionally rationalized, of course, with a Rand-esque 'survival of the fittest' frigidity. "Brother's keeper"? Bosh!, say the GOP.

Now here are details on the political-dreamer/reward combo, Moon-Jupiter with my italics and/or bold added:

Thesis: women who make important contributions to legal or religious practices; legal situations concerning farm or land policies; increased agricultural production.

Antithesis: floods (as in New Orleans--again); a large number of natural disasters (as predicted by mundane astrologers such as Theodore White at Global Astrology); the opinions of women are taken beyond their actual significance (or pretending to?); the legal system acts as a barrier to commercial or agricultural production; ineffective clerics or lawyers (to despair we the people into joining the radical extremists and anarchists--now repped by Uranus in Aries--in demonizing civilized government!)

An astro-note on the Sabian Symbol for tomorrow night's Full Moon degree which colors tonight's culmination of RNC 2012 and is an apt Sabian Symbol for the GOP candidate (and his wife): Full Moon @'9Pis' = "The Race Begins: A Jockey Spurs His Horse", in case we are saddled with yet another Republican presidency and/or a routing of Capitol Hill by Republican Utopian enlightened radicals as in 1994. This is quite a horse race, yes? And Sun @'9Virgo', the Point of Illumination opposite? "A Man Making a Futurist Drawing" but with few details sketched in until after January 2013.

So remember the shared Romney-Reagan tone we may be hearing--and feeling--if a Romney adminstration occurs for it may eerily remind many Americans of the downside of a Reagan-style presidency which could have been handled more forthrightly and less greedily than it was during Ronnie's Decade of Greed, the 1980s: the emotionally entitled Moon-Jupiter duo.

And the dreamy public relations combo of Moon-Neptune now constellating this very evening (Moon = the publicity; Neptune = media and the masses)? Why, of course! Masonic-Rosicrucian-Illuminatist astrologers have always set much store by an occulting Moon especially for events you wish the masses to revere without being overly aware of what they're actually honoring and supporting...

Moon-Neptune = a leadership which heeds the opinions and emotional climate of its constituents vs delusion about the popular support for current policies (MM.)

So our query may now be: which political party is which?

10:02 pm edt: Clint Eastwood takes the stage to excited applause of the crowd and he opens with, "Save a little for Mitt"...he pretends another character is 'acting as' President Obama...political stagecraft! But I'm certain the former mayor's speech will be nothing if not entertaining. Big applause for: "Politicians are employees of ours"--how true! And this would include Mitt Romney.

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