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Oct 1, 2012

Will a False Flag Op Start War with Iran? (video)

Over the weekend I read that US banks may be cyber-attacked by alleged Iranian hacktivists in order to 'justify' a military attack upon Iran. Unless some Vulcan psychopath decides that a virtual attack won't be sufficient to rile us up in support of yet another costly war!

Well, being very fond of the Iranian people (and the American people! corrupt governments? not so much), I pray that No false flag ops are carried out here, there, or anywhere by high-handed, let's-rule-the-world neocons, Zionists, or their misguided backers.

Recorded in Gaza, the following video featuring Max Igan and Ken O'Keefe addresses and comments on the use of war-triggering false flag ops through US history and the implications of the dangerous and chilling game Israel now plays:

Here's a related post from 2010: Zionism and the Natal Chart of Israel. Note the nation's brutal Saturn-Pluto conjunction in royal Leo.

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