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Feb 10, 2013

President Obama's SOTU 2013 w Venus ruling

Saturn, Venus, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter Take the Stage for SOTU 2013

by Jude Cowell

With banking planet Jupiter now moving direct since January 30, 2013, President Obama will lay out his economic growth plan in his State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening, February 12, 2013.

Looking at the SOTU 2013 horoscope for 9:00 pm est Capitol Building Washington DC, we find that US natal Saturn @14Lib48 is first natal planet to rise with its conservative vibes of constraint and status quo--even of austerity measures--which are, as Robert Reich says, "a cruel hoax". We also find that 5Lib03 is on Ascendant making Venus the speech and chart-ruler. Jupiter is in 9th house and about to move into the 8th house of Credit, Debt, Shared Resources, Corporations, Taxes, Death, Legacies, and Transformation and remains on its Station Direct degree of 6Gem19--now @6Gem38.

May investing Jupiter expect any cooperation from denizens of Capitol Hill who seem intent on crashing the US government (and blaming the president)? Well, Politics prospers and growth is usually attained when Jupiter again hits US natal Uranus @8Gem55...unless negative factors interfere, that is.

Plus, tr Jupiter does apply to another replay of the recent sextile (opportunity) to transiting Uranus @6Ari08 which is about to set (Desc 5Ari03) in the chart, and the Moon (the public; the people) has conjoined the Aries Point of World Manifestation as of 8:41 pm, in time for SOTU 2013 to begin at or just after 9:00 pm. To me this shows that a majority of the American people will be excited (Moon-Uranus) by the president's expansion and development proposals, and that the Affordable Health Care Act may be involved or mentioned since Uranus conjoins asteroid Aesculapia, 'the healer'.

And with a 6th house Moon, We the People are all about Jobs, Mr. President!

However, 9:00 pm est is a Mars Hour and there lurks secret hand Pluto @10Cap43, the wealth-hoarder, at the Foundation of the speech's chart--in 4th house and opposing America's natal planets in Cancer, particularly natal Jupiter which sits upon SOTU 2013's Midheaven (MC = The Goal) at 9:00 pm; you and I have discussed these challenging transits on several occasions: Pluto opposing natal Jupiter marks a period when our nation's political improvements and economic status are unfavorable for there are those who stand in the way of progress and investment.

Some of their names you and I both know, others we may not. Obstructionists in Congress are the obvious ones though some of their backers' names are kept secret. And as Reinhold Ebertin informed us, Uranus in Mars-Ruled Aries identifies such actors as radicals and Utopians, bent on anarchy. So you do know who they are! Thought so. Did you vote for any of the scoundrels? Other scoundrels, perhaps? Hopefully the 2014 mid-term elections will put the anarchists out of our misery and send them running from Capitol Hill.

So! With chart-ruler Venus @13AQ44 in 5th house of creative endeavors, gambling, risk-taking, and speculation, we note that the planet of smaller amounts of money, values, and valuables makes no applying aspects to other SOTU 2013 planets. This makes her sign, house, and degree positions all the more important--and she rules the 8th cusp (1Tau47) as well.

As far as President Obama's proposals for investment, Venus is opposing his natal Sun in Leo, a time of ostentatious displays (SOTU in the House! pomp much?), crudeness may be shown (not "you lie!" again), and popularity isn't guaranteed since sincerity, values, and integrity may be doubted by others. It will be interesting to hear Sen. Marco Rubio's rebuttal of the president's speech, plus, odd fellow Rand Paul is to provide the (radical) 'Tea Party reply'. Both may attempt once more to define the president's character through their party's sore loser lens, and his supporters may not recognize him when they're done blasting away!

Additionally, the Sun @24AQ31 (the president) applies to conjunction with veiling Neptune (7A59), a duo indicating a masked personality with ill-defined (or purposefully undefined) goals and objectives. Transiting Neptune is strong @2Pis30, its own sign of secrecy, deception, and confusion and both are in 5th house of Speculation at 9:00 pm. Tr Mars @8Pis41 has his own secret goals as well and orator Mercury @11Pis53 may inspire to the heights but fail to define 'on the ground'.

Restrictive Saturn @11Sco29 is in 2nd house of our National Treasury (assuming we still have one) along with North Node @20Sco52. The current Solar Eclipse falls into 2nd house as well (21Sco57 on November 13, 2012--conjunct US natal 12th cusp of Politics and Karma in our Sibly natal horoscope--theme: 'joy through commitment'--Brady. But is that commitment to a sovereign America? Hmm.)

Now President Obama can somewhat mitigate the current Venusian opposition to his speech and its proposals by tamping down on ego assertions (and finger pointing!) for the worst of the negative effects of this transit will be temporary if he refrains from adding fuel to the fires of bigotry.

What he can do to mitigate Pluto's opposition to US financial and governmental interests (especially since Mr. Underworld is now within orb of opposing US natal Sun @13Can19, 'the leader') is unknown by this astrologer. Nor do I know who precisely is in league with manipulative string-puller Pluto who represents a variety of actors in the archetypal realm. Yet Pluto is in Capricorn and in Capricorn there is a clue. Do you know what it is?

Well, maybe we'll know more of such matters after Mr. Obama returns from his fence-mending mission--his pilgrimage to Israel in March. More on that later this week.

All in all, I suspect that many of the 'new world order' types believe--or have been convinced and trained on how to emotionally rationalize the harm they do to society--that dissolving the US government is part of a Higher and 'Destined' Plan which will resound to the world's benefit.

However, it is my sincere belief that in their belief they are completely wrong and utterly misguided.

Well, Happy SOTU 2013, my fellow Americans. We the People and the people of all nations and regions deserve much better and more honest treatment than we've received so far from certain past and current 'world leaders' across the globe.


Update: having decided to add to the above post a second message to the American people, I present to you in 3 parts, Max Igan:

Please pass it on!

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