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Jun 22, 2013

"Censorship and Government Criminality" (Max Igan video)

Has America come down to this? I think most Americans know that our nation has been purposefully brought to this and that most if not all of the myths of History are only that--myths meant to sway the public toward one direction or another, as and when it suits the interests of shadowy puppet masters and their operatives who are, in the end, no more than psychopaths.

Included you'll find remarks concerning NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden:

Note: no, as a Christian I don't agree with Mr. Igan on many of his remarks concerning religion and am not a fan of Gnosticism at all. And yes, I realized decades ago that Religion is used cynically by the power elite as a 'drug' to soothe the masses. Still I glean much useful information and good advice from Max Igan's presentations. I hope you do, too. jc

"The Machine is fiction." Max Igan.

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