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Jun 1, 2013

"The Political & Corporate Betrayal of Mankind" (Max Igan video)

The Unconscious and Collective Mind: Neptune and Our False Reality

Weekend of June 1, 2013: now if I don't manage to publish another post over the weekend due to working on a new Political Astrology project nearing completion, the following presentation by Max Igan is well worth 54 minutes 11 seconds of your attention!

From having false expectations of ourselves to indulging in false urgencies and worries, plus, our continual efforts to betray time--often through the negative escapism of drugs, films, TV, music, etc--all are devised and influenced by the veiling, deceptive realms of astrological Neptune now strong in its own watery sign of Pisces, the Two Fishes swimming up to The Divine, or down to the depths.

Not that Mr. Igan goes into an astrological way of translating things--you and I do that. Meanwhile, he reminds us in a Saturnine, realistic way, "Look at the system for what it is." Mentioned as well are the United Nations, and what the illusion of "free trade" actually means, plus, he reiterates his theory of the breaking of the "trust agreement" which ought to remain in force between government and the governed but we in America see it broken every day in Washington politics.

How curious that at each presidential inauguration since 1937, on January 20th at noon in Washington DC, a certain star rises: Menkar with its key theme of: victim of the unconscious. Yet given the win-win conditions enjoyed by the ruling elite and the advantages both public and private of inhabiting the Venusian Oval Office, I'd have to say that the victimization is all on the side of We the People. Wouldn't you?

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