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Jul 4, 2013

Dealing with Corporatocracy (Max Igan video)

The Devouring Spirit Is "Pushing for Global Revolution"

In this presentation America is discussed along with globalism and is a brief sampling of his remarks in Dealing with Corporacy:

"People are coming online, people are waking up to the fact that there's been a breach of trust."

"I really hope America doesn't go down the path to revolution."

In the West, "we always go for the one...with more flashy fireworks."

"The System is...corrupt." "The System is a fiction." "--we believe that The Machine is real but it's not." ~Max Igan


Agreed: Violence is not the way. Yet the plutocratic Pluto-Chiron duo never shies away from erupting into primal violence if it suits purposes and gets results. And subliminal influence is one method of triggering certain feelings that may translate into the commission of violent acts. This sort of behavior modification locks individuals into the matrix and spotlights the ancient (primal, first cause) natures of both Pluto and Chiron.

Now as you know, in Astrology there are several signatures for the facets of the devouring spirit (that takes as many down with him as he can muster and entice for he knows the game is won: Team, Living God.) This destructive spirit may be astrologically tracked by its presence in Pluto placements, midpoint pictures (exs: Pluto-Chiron; Jupiter-Pluto, Sun-Pluto, Mercury-Pluto's spying obsessions, Neptune-Pluto's underworld and mystic connections; Uranus-Pluto: revolution, etc), and Unconscious factors in any horoscope. Included perhaps is something from one's ancient past, a hereditary link, a generational imperative often found as a YOD pattern (unfinished business passed on from ancestors, a karmic link that demands we reap what's been sown and deal with it Now, even if great-grandpa is the real and original culprit.)

Mr. Igan recommends holding Public Rallies concerning and opposing the breaking of the public trust through which modern-day government officials now let us down including, but not exclusively pertaining to, police forces that protect corporatocracy, not We the People--our interests are not commercial enough, it seems, as they force us to "pay to be alive."

Our Holding the Government in Breach of Trust is a necessity for our common good--and this is stating the obvious! Why, look at how much effort these criminals put into drawing the public's rapt attention to current news items, gossip, 'ufo' tales, and all manner of scandal that can be spun into enough cotton candy for the gullible to swallow with their genetically altered food.

Besides, we're fed a constant stream of what the power elite hope is persuasive propaganda for breakfast, lunch, and supper, aren't we?

Two slogans of the moment? *The Emperor Has No Clothes & The Machine Is Not Real."

*From, The Emperor's New Clothes.

Hope all Americans are having a safe and Happy Independence Day 2013! Jude

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