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Aug 29, 2013

Is Chem Weapons use in Syria a set-up for global war? (video)

In Syria, the Odor of Gas and Leaky Neptune in Pisces

It seems to be difficult for many people to understand that there are power elites who actually want World War III and yet, they do exist. If we didn't notice their campaign toward WWIII before the turn of the 21st century (with access to oil and pipelines as one of their main objectives) we're blind if we don't see it in action now. Now Syria, on the global government toppling list all along, is within their sights--on the way to Iran.

The following video presentation details leaked documents and other information concerning these objectives and the use of chemical weapons, aka, gas, a province of Neptune now floating through its own sign of Pisces.

On August 21, 2013, one of the instances when innocent people were gassed near Damascus by someone, the Moon (the people) conjoined sneaky, leaky Neptune in Pisces, and simultaneously the titanic Uranus-Pluto square was wielding Thor's Hammer toward little Mercury in Leo denoting a fanatical pursuit of plans...

Today in the Washington Post, David Ignatius links US credibility in the world to President Obama's decision to enforce the "red line" for otherwise, "--the global system will dissolve".

Ah yes, the so-delicate global system--one of the code phrases for 'new world order' and 'global government'. So lack of US military intervention in Syria puts it at stake? Would it be sad if 'the system' dissolved since populations across the planet don't want it? My feeling is that we like our sovereign nation-states just fine, thanks.

And I cannot agree that 'US credibility' (if it exists after Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld and Iraq) is at stake if we don't do the stupid, warmongering thing that the international banking houses of Zionists and others want us to do as their military arm of enforcement. Perhaps real sanity should outmaneuver false credibility for a change.

A Sabian Symbol Note: on August 21, 2013, Moon and Neptune conjoined @4Pisces and the negative expression of this symbol is enlightening: "stubborn blindness to the general welfare," something Washington politicians have come to excel in, imho.

Source: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.

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