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Aug 11, 2013

"Re-Evaluating Reality" (Max Igan video); plus, a Nov 2013 Solar Eclipse

"It's a time of self-discovery..." --Max Igan

Can we allow things to continue as they are? It's a precarious situation for the entire globe, for mankind. "Start educating the people around you," Max Igan advises:

Must We as a whole remain psychotically divorced from reality?

Perhaps not once the November 3, 2013 Solar Eclipse brimming with Uranus-Neptune undertones of awareness and inspiration to light our paths manifests. For why should mankind have to suffer from psychopathic actors who harm us publicly and secretly each and every day? They are the criminals! And Solar (and Lunar) Eclipses are 'wild cards' of the Universe, able to upturn all we thought we'd secured by unexpected events and suddenly if temporarily people of consequence.

The November 2013 Solar Eclipse will be discussed in more detail quite soon, actually.

In the 54-minute presentation above, Mr. Igan says that (the ruling class) are really "consolidating now" which to an astrologer's ear sounds like powerful manipulator and crime syndicate boss Pluto's slow waltz through Saturn-ruled Capricorn (Saturn facilitates consolidation) until The Creep (assassin, rapist, wealth hoarder) reaches America's natal position of Pluto (27Cap33 Rx on July 4, 1776) which is often called a Pluto Return. This cosmic event, if it should occur, will be our nation's first Pluto Return so we'll only know what to expect once we expect it and some time passes, though deep, intense past catching up feelings may be experienced by those who are sensitive to such impressions and/or frequencies as transit Pluto moves within a 5-degree orb of 27Cap33 (22:33--2AQ33) with its application to conjunction more powerful than the waning of it.

Government Of the Bribed, For the Bribed, By the Bribed

One of archetypal Pluto's favorite tactics for controlling great masses of people is Pluto's fear factor now being ramped up by well-funded government officials around the world who play "Sky Is Falling" and the "R v D" Political Game and such. There's also Pluto's propaganda activities plus, Dr. Hades' role/s as psychiatrist or psychologist delving into people's brains and neuroses.

Well, American people, are you feeling divided and conquered?


As Fabius Maximus writes, We fear what we're told to fear, not what we should fear. Like Fukishima.

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