Sep 23, 2013

"Stuff You Need to Know" (Max Igan video)

The following presentation opens with a quote from John Lennon, may he R.I.P.:

Previous post: John Lennon: Still Missed which contains his birth data and a few brief details concerning his natal planets.


Liber said...

Dear Jude,
Thank you, This was one of the most interesting & thought-provoking of Max Igan videos.
Especially the blurb @18:00 re: de-population-in-motion happening in Australian's Fracking.
Wow, first time that aspect was ever contemplated!

Love you and all that you share with us.

Jude Cowell said...

Ahh, thank you, Liber! Don't know what I'd do without you and a handful of other readers who take time to leave encouraging comments!

Yes, I agree--this is one of Max Igan's more enlightening presentations and I do hope you and others might pass it around...since the hour grows late.

Take care,