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Sep 8, 2013

"Syria and the Terrorist Governments of the Western World" (Max Igan video)

Rogue Nation: Rationalizing Terrorism and Sacrificing Innocent Children

by Jude Cowell

Having tech issues of late, friends, but want to post in spite of it because I think the following Max Igan presentation is timely and enlightening especially considering next week's potential vote in Congress to oppress yet another region of the Middle East and that, via acting and pretending in a dizzy attempt to rile the American public up and distract us long enough to make another preemptive strike seem somehow 'permissible' on some weird and sinister level.

And, we have another Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming on November 3, 2013 when karma can be spiritually mitigated by upright actions--or cravenly made even worse.

Congressional okay for a strike on Syria or not, the president will bomb Syria as his masters direct unless something unusual happens to derail their long term plan toward usury interest rates for the Middle East just as the rest of us now slave beneath--debt which can never be paid off. And charging interest is, as you know, against the Islamic religion--and was once considered to be against ours.

Now western politicians ought to be ashamed of what they do in order to establish global government but I suppose any sense of empathy with their victims was *ceremonially cremated a long time ago...

*Note: my understanding of the Bohemian Grove 'cremation of care' ceremony attended for two weeks annually by world leaders, millionaires, and billionaires is not for them to 'forget their worldly troubles and woes' while tarrying and cavorting in drag, but to lose any sense of empathy with the human race. You may of course disagree as you wish but there it is: that murderous line of Cain is crossed into eternal darkness--and that's the real 'red line', isn't it?

Now considering Skull'n'Boner John Kerry's recent repetition on Capitol Hill of 'dead children' gassed in Syria, I find it chilling to think of the Grovian (Druidic) ritual which ceremoniously burns what is clearly a small body--aka, a child--based on the original ceremonies of ancient owl worshipers (such as the Canaanites and Phoenicians) in which children were sacrificed--by their parents to Moloch, in one form, the owl god. At 'best', current day Bohemian Grovers mimic that ancient depravity. At worst, they're actually committing ritual murder for the sake of a senseless stone owl.

Well, what else but human sacrifice would you call the gassing of children in Syria by grown-ups who obviously feel no empathy whatsoever for their innocent victims?

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims." -- Rabindranath Tagore, poet-author of Stray Birds.

More on John Kerry though it's quite on the scandalous, controversial side and intended for the perusal of those who suspect Mr. Kerry of being much more than he pretends to be (and I can only guess why his right eye has become noticeably smaller than his left eye--perhaps it facilitates speaking out of both sides of his mouth simultaneously?)

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