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Nov 8, 2013

"Illuminati Mind Control, Spells, & Illusions" (Max Igan video)

Another excellent presentation from Max Igan, "Illuminati Mind Control, Spells, and Illusions":

Mind Controlling the Discontents

"The power we perceive these people to hold is illusionary." Agreed! And yet there is a certain beast behind so many of the mind control techniques spawned within the DNA of Freudianism...the Tavistock Institute. Click for information which includes lists of their clients, one of which is the Republican Party which would at least partially account for their robot-like parroting of talking points, a single-minded obsession to become the only political party in the US, and the echo chamber quality of their austerity-promoting cold-heartedness.

Of course, let's not only fuss about Republicans, right? For the website also mentions that President Jimmy Carter was trained by Tavistock, too, under the tutelage of Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, known as the Father of the Nuclear Navy.

Perhaps it's telling that all day today, a transiting midpoint picture is in effect with Pluto, ruler of psychiatry and psychology, at its apex: Sun-Neptune = Pluto, which gives the day flavors of emotional or physical suffering, extremely high levels of sensitivity and receptiveness, and the pall of a tragic deception or illusion (Ebertin). *Ebertin goes on to state that this midpoint picture "has been found in cases of polio as well as in cases of blood disease."

See: Syrian Polio Outbreak Could Spread to Europe.

*The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.

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