Dec 3, 2013

"The Terrifying Future of America" (video) and Pluto the Pope

Thanks to we have a view of the current and future condition of America and it may be too clear-eyed for some readers, so take heed. Even so, I believe that every American needs to know so pass the info around please. The current Solar Eclipse influence (Nov 3, 2013 @11Sco15) of the eclipse's Uranus-Neptune content (from their trine during the initial eclipse in this Saros Series) would be positively used for the better.

And here's a longer presentation concerning topics such as secret societies, and it includes the Vatican and the White House--in the news, embassy troubles now between them--a diversion--with the Nov 3rd Solar Eclipse degree of '12Sco' weighing in with the Sabian Symbol: "An Embassy Ball"...'Keyword: DISPLAY', and you know that the Catholic Church is nothing if not good at display, pomp, illusion, special privilege, and smoky incense.

(All that might apply to the W-H, too, except maybe the incense. Hmm...maybe.)

Regarding the Vatican (state + church, united it seems by Constantine the Great) and Astrology, one of Pluto's archetypal roles to play on Earth is 'the Pope'. And when I study horoscopes having to do with the Romish church I make note of the combined energies of Venus-Neptune and Neptune-Pluto as particularly popish.

A link to astrodatabank's Vatican City State leads to the Vatican's 1929 natal chart and from there I'll let you drive in case you wish to view the Vatican II horoscope with details.

Did you ever think that use of Sabian Symbols with Catholic-related horoscope readings works rather perfectly since it's almost a Babylonian Mystery why so many people are deceived by the devouring spirit which was plainly seen in the public glare of the church's pedophile scandals (crimes.)

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