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Jan 12, 2014

"Have You Been Programmed?" Max Igan (video)

Are We the Awakened Facing Our National Monsters in Order to Vanquish Them?

Many negative things may be said against the US government's arrogance and global police state behavior and in the following Surviving the Matrix presentation, Max Igan says some of them:

More and more Americans must admit it's true--the US "thrives on wars" and how often has someone admitted that the US government goes looking for enemies to challenge even where none exist?

Mars the Warrior Archetype

Our national Mars in Gemini has a chip on its shoulder, it seems, for the placement gives our government the traits of quarrelsomeness, restlessness, mobility (Gemini ruled by traveling Mercury), and a ready-for-action mindset that apparently doesn't know when to stop meddling in the business of other nations. Oh! And we like to plunder their natural resources, too, even though it's corporate internationalists who gain by far the most wealth from using the US military as its enforcement arm.

So thanks, Mr. Igan, for continuing to say things that need to be said if We the People are ever to wake up to what's really the matter with America.

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