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Jan 18, 2014

"Taking Back the World"-- Max Igan (video)

In 2014 the World Is Up for Grabs

There are 40,000 new laws coming into force in 2014 via Obamacare, and President Obama has called for 2014 to be a year of action. Maxwell Igan, in the video presentation embedded here--Taking Back the World--offers better solutions on behalf of The People and says similar things about 2014, beginning with a relevant quote from historian, author, and social activist Howard Zinn.

For you see, government's old 'divide and conquer' tactic has worked well for their purposes up until now and enticing diversions abound within the False Reality in which so many of us are ensnared with our eyes mesmerized by fancy tech devices--stumbling about in our Collective Coma, as Max calls it. However, things are out of balance all over the world between government and The People and so we must wake up to the fact that 2014 is The Year to Unite...and Take Back Our Power!

Yes, it's time to 'avoid the rabbit holes' because in 2014 the world is up for grabs. So. Are you in?

Please visit the Full Circle Now website. Particularly for those who love Mother Earth, Gaia, it's a gorgeous experience!

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