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Feb 25, 2014

"Cultivating the Social Pathogen" --Max Igan (video)

This broadcast from Max Igan's Surviving the Matrix series opens with a quote from Marianne Williamson, author, lecturer, and spiritual teacher.

Has the economic pathogen affected your mind? Are you alive on planet earth" Then, yes. It has.

The title of this presentation is quite apt for the current transit of Saturn (business, government, status quo, systems, etc) in Scorpio, sign of Big Business, Corporatism, Mysteries, and more.

Once austere Saturn leaves Scorpio (at Christmas 2014 for several months, then the Old Man moves back into Scorpio around mid-June 2015 until mid-September 2015), Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius becomes its focus until Saturn enters its own sign of Capricorn in December 2017, initially passing one of the four Cardinal World Points of Manifestation and Prominence (00Cap00:00.)

Saturn in Sagittarius denotes a focus upon legalities and justice, religion, philosophical research, prudence, doubts, and emigration.

In Capricorn, Saturn's focus is on issues that concern industry, economies, diplomacy, self will, ego, endurance, concentrated work, one-sidedness, and partiality (Ebertin.)

Year 2020

One of the watershed moments of Saturn's journey through the Zodiac over the next few years will be its next Great Conjunction with powerful, wealthy Pluto @22Cap46 which occurs once on January 12, 2020. Plus, banker Jupiter joins conjoins Pluto and turns everything into a big deal on: April 5, 2020, June 30, 2020, and November 12, 2020--from 22 to 25 degrees Capricorn (near US natal Pluto and opposite US natal Mercury in Cancer.) Yes, as many astrologers are noting, 2020 is one of the upcoming years to be on guard however we can as America's first-ever Pluto Return nears.

In current news, both abroad and at home, we're in the Saturn-Pluto cycle (about 33 years long) which began with their conjunction @27Lib36 on November 8, 1982 (on Reagan's watch.) The March 2, 2014 Mars Rx Station will hit that degree indicating more violence and brutality, assaults, ruthlessness, and the necessity to fight for one's existence.

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