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Feb 1, 2014

"How You Are Enslaved and Why You Don't Know It"-- Max Igan (video)

There's really only one law: Do no harm. Presenting, "How You Are Enslaved and Why you Don't Know It," by Max Igan:

And here's some unsurprising news as leaked by Edward Snowden which concerns more revelations of NSA spying on Americans if you're up for it.

Plutocracy and Pluto are part of the elusive matrix that gains power via our belief in it and as you know, transit Pluto has been traversing the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn (government, law, and business) for a few years now and we've seen government heads topple, and many institutions (Capricorn) dissolve, break down, or transform (Pluto.)

And one of the watershed moments in the modern history of the so-called 'new world order' that now threatens nation-state sovereignty across the globe is the Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune, planets of the Enlightenment (or, the Age of Reason.) What midpoint picture forms when transit Pluto enters the degree-range of their Great Conjunction/s which occurred 3x through 1993 and which give us an exact hour and date with which to set up a modern-day birth horoscope for the 'new world order'?

The degree-range is 18Cap33 (October 24, 1993, the natal chart I tend to use and the third conjunction of three), and 19Cap34 (February 2, 1993, the first of their conjunctions in the last 171 years.) Of course, it's typical to use a 5-degree orb, either side, for slower moving outer planets like Pluto of the Underworld--here, approximately 13 to 24 degrees of Cap.

Transit Pluto enters this range of influence upon the Uranus-Neptune pair with full intent on or about January 19, 2017 until February 27, 2018 using a one-degree orb though its insidiousness will be felt a year or two earlier by those sensitive to Pluto's underground frequencies and its desperate need for manipulation and control. When blended together, Uranus-Neptune denotes a variety of things such as: an awakened spiritual world, 'reason and faith shake hands', peculiar inclinations, new methods of subversion including drugs, underhandedness, and groups that exploit oil and chemical resources--just think of how many groups (corporations) are actively destroying water tables, oceans, and rivers already.

Uranus-Neptune = Pluto

If a majority of the global population choose to retain our unfortunate state of unawareness and are apathetic about preferring good over evil, the positive and negative potentials which can manifest and relate to the topic of the "paper-based matrix" and the perversion of natural law as mentioned in the video embedded above include: a 'big picture which demands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise' (Tyl); 'inspirational ideas that can change the world; disagreement or rebellion causes extreme destruction' (Munkasey); 'those who are easily impressed by others; to remain at the mercy of external conditions and circumstances without trying to make a firm stand; abandoning resistance; the necessity to give in; great losses; calamities; catastrophes' (Ebertin.)

Now I only post this because I want you to know in case you hadn't gotten around to checking out the heavy-handed Uranus-Neptune = Pluto midpoint picture yet and naturally other transits and chart factors will apply. However, transit Pluto is and has been at 13Cap already so time's a-wastin' and if the 13 to 24 degree-range of Capricorn affects one or more of your natal planets or Angles, you may wish to pass on as many of Max Igan's enlightening presentations as you wish because 2014 is definitely Wake Up Time.

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