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Apr 15, 2014

"The Power of You" Max Igan video, plus Mercury-Pluto again

Here is Max Igan's latest Surviving the Matrix presentation:

As you know, astrological Pluto wears multiple masks and is known as the planet of power, plutocracy, transformation, invisibility, and wealth hidden in secret places. Pluto is currently traversing the sign of control, structure, reality, austerity, and status quo as we watch governments morph according to the West's plan for global control though a few speed bumps have been encountered along the way. One such may be the leaks of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Here's an interesting tidbit made possible by Edward Snowden's leak of NSA spying and law-breaking against citizens--NSA, our Mercury-Pluto opposition (on the Cancer-Capricorn security axis, 1776) brigands demanding total control of our thoughts, communications, and actions--concerning Sen. Feinstein asks DOJ to investigate leak of torture report to McClatchy News Service.

McClatchy News DC

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