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Jun 21, 2014

"Reality Is a Double Edged Sword" a Max Igan video (plus, Saturn-Neptune-Pluto)

From Maxwell Igan's Surviving the Matrix broadcasts:

Now Here's a Little Astrology

False (Neptune) reality (Saturn) is having its current midpoint (*Saturn-Neptune) transformed and deepened by transit Pluto which gives many activities in society certain vibes of 'denial of guilt from responsible parties.' Even the current "we broke Iraq but we can't fix it--the ISIS take over is not our fault" denials from the neocon warmongers of 2003 and from the Obama administration in 2014 fall very obviously under the influence of the Saturn-Neptune = Pluto picture--As Above, So Below.

And I'm quite convinced that you, dear reader, can easily think of several other situations and circumstances in the news and perhaps in your life where the above midpoint picture clearly applies.

*The midpoint picture shows that America's secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) is also being deeply affected by arch manipulator Pluto of Hidden Wealth fame and invisible helmet operations as Pluto (the saboteur and assassin) continues to oppose US natal planets in Cancer, most notably at this particular time, US natal Sun (leadership; the president) thus creating titanic contests of wills and 'power games with important consequences'. Additionally, the combination of austere Saturn (control) and insidious Neptune (contagion) also figures in with health care insurance meant to grab and control everyone's DNA (genetic manipulation), plus, Saturn-Neptune is known in Astrology as the 'illness axis' with Pluto also signifying surgery, toxins, and regeneration.

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