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Dec 27, 2014

"Rebalancing the Matrix" -- Max Igan (plus, right--left eye symbology)

Here is the first part of a Max Igan broadcast which, among other topics, mentions the power elite's subtle switch of our collective thinking from *right brain to left rather than using a balance between our brain hemispheres necessary for best results and decision making ability. This, I believe, is one reason a majority of us have trouble figuring out solutions for societal problems and it suits total control-global government purposes for us to be muddled like kittens in string.

Isn't it curious (and undermining) how for decades we've been propagandized with the notion that 'we only use 10% of our brains'?

Eye = Mandala = the Center of Order in the Unconscious (Carl Jung)

*On the topic of right brain to left, it's also curious to note that the eye over the pyramid symbol on the reverse of America's Great Seal (as per Barton's design 1782) was depicted as a right eye which in ancient Egyptian symbology represented the sun, the creative aspect of the Deity. So the eye in the triangle was a symbol for divine providence, a connection also used by the Founders of this nation. Did Barton and colleagues intentionally use the sun in this way?

In traditional esoterism, the sun symbol signifies intuitive power, inner light, and illumination ("If therefore, thine eyes be single thy whole body shall be full of light." Matthew 6:22) and these links perverted into Luciferianism tally with the hidden beliefs of certain of America's Founders and their colleagues who were more than Freemasons--the eye over the pyramid or in a triangle is a Masonic symbol--for many key figures were members of the Illuminati Society which supplied the design of America's Great Seal.

Exactly Where They Want Us?

As for the subtle switch from right eye to left eye in American symbology, we have an interesting occurrence in 1856 (put in place in time for the delusions and misplaced motivations of the 'Civil War') for though the 1782 seal depicted the usual right eye, an article appeared in Harper's New Monthly Magazine which included artist Benjamin Lossing's design of the seal (The Lossing Realization) in which right eye was replaced by left eye. Subtle enough for you? For me it is though when I posted about it previously here on SO'W, someone left a comment disagreeing with me. As you may know, a left eye, signifying the lunar hemisphere of the brain, indicates our functions of measuring ability, words, and analysis. Yet there is more to life and the understanding of its issues than using mental functions. There is also the feeling-intuitive-imaging functions represented by the right eye (left side of the brain).

In the realm of US Politics, cold calculations are valued most by the budget slashing Republican Party, an entity whose natal Sun (1854) conjoins US natal Sun in the protective sign of Cancer--and Sirius, the Isis goddess...our 'Father' whose conditional love may be expressed heartlessly toward those they consider to be burdens.

Since the days of Jefferson, the Democratic Party's natal Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius conjoins US natal Moon which symbolically identifies the party as 'Mother' of the American people which has set up the much-derided 'nanny state' of socialism. Or at least, the GOP pretends to deride it.

Through a critical consideration of water, food, domestic products, and chem trail contamination, we gain a further hint concerning mankind's current kittens-in-string condition in how our bodies have been inundated with fluoride and other chemicals which calcify and clog the 'third eye', the pineal gland, where intuition and deep knowing are meant by our Creator to form. As you know, much of the astrological symbolism here is represented by Neptune, planet of veils, clouds, toxins, poisons, undermining, dissolution, deception...and the Divine Source's spiritual and intuitive insights which are freely ours if only we honestly seek them.

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