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Feb 2, 2015

"Atlantean Conspiracy" video (plus, a little Astrology)

For earthlings who dare, follow this link to an Atlantean Conspiracy presentation... it's a total mindflip!

#NASA #Hoax #ArthurCClarke #ScienceFiction #Polaris #FixedStars #Geocentric

Though the accuracy of his birth data is in question (RR: C), you may wish to check out a brief bio and the natal horoscope of science fiction writer and space travel promoter Arthur C. Clarke.

And here's the astrological scoop on NASA set for a more definitive hour on a day in 1958 that the agency's first work began as the entity called 'NASA' (RR: A). Although President Eisenhower had signed the bill previously, no exact time is known (one of those Washington bill signings shrouded in secrecy). Besides, bill-signing Mars was in the earthy money sign of Taurus but in 1958 fiery Mars, planet of pioneers, rockets, blasting off, and launches, was in Gemini, air sign of travel and transport!

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