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Aug 4, 2015

SHEMITAH EXPOSED: Financial Crisis Planned For Sept 2015 - video (plus, a little Astrology)

Yes, the following video is disturbing and includes the topic of Jade helm 15 (tap or click to view a video plus the eclipse horoscope). On Stars Over Washington we have discussed the difficult Solar Eclipse occurring on September 13, 2015 @20Vir10 which falls near fixed star Denebola (Beta Leo) with its key themes of going against the mainstream, on the fringe, being out of step, and to go against society. Inauguration 2009 Saturn Rx conjoined Denebola in the January 20, 2009 chart's 5th house of Speculation, Gambling, and Risk-Taking.

As if these soon-coming cosmic factors aren't fretful enough in the social and economic spheres, the September 13th Solar Eclipse and Denebola make up a quartet with America's natal Neptune and President Obama's natal Mars, both @22Virgo. Neptune is the planet of the masses, the media, propaganda, fraud, and deception and veils the president's planet of action and motivation (Mars) so that the public can only guess what his true motivations are most of the time.

Now some say that a financial collapse is scheduled for year 2016 (engineered!) but it looks to me (and I don't want to type this but it must be typed--hopefully, incorrectly) that major financial problems begin to surface around the end of August 2015 (within 2 weeks of September 13th) or are uncovered by the September 13, 2015 Solar Eclipse in Virgo, a 'goddess sign' sign of work, workers, and purification. The following video gives a good overview of September conditions of our society for those who dare to look:

Do you know that the Federal Reserve 'bank' is moving its headquarters from NYC to Chicago? Hmmm...

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