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Sep 12, 2015

Dealing with Kakistocracy & the Flat Earth PSYOP - Max Igan

No mincing of words here in this 15-minute excerpt from Max Igan's Surviving the Matrix series, Season 5 episode 10:

To follow up visit The Crowhouse.

Kakistocracy by definition applies to most public figures these days and in America describes the zealous band of usurpers and radical reformers who have taken over Washington in a determined effort to gum up the works on Capitol Hill as much as possible and to basically un-govern to the worst of their abilities -- and I'm certain you realize that the anarchists are in breach of the public contract as they violate their oaths of office. Naturally I refer to tea partisans and Republicans yet let us not forget that they are aided and abetted by many if not all Democrats and as the *'ruling class' unite against We the People in order to follow a police state globalist script written elsewhere. Sell outs is one way to describe them though traitors may be closer to the beastly mark.

The *'ruling class' aka, "the powers that think they be," as Max has often called them. For once a person has reached that higher rung in life he becomes anxious to pull up the ladder behind him and obsess about ways to keep it pulled up. One well used political tactic is divisionism, ye olde divide-and-conquer model of grasping the reigns of power--permanently, they hope. And as Max says, "they're using it on us right now." He mentions the "false construct" we've been provided and it is aptly symbolized by the planetary combination of Saturn (construct; reality) and Neptune (false; fraudulent) and if you use as America's natal horoscope the late afternoon of July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA, you find Saturn @14Libra and Neptune @22Virgo (conjunct and veiling a certain president's natal Mars) on either side of our national Midheaven, the Goal and Why? Point of the endeavor and an identifier of a 'secret' or 'invisible' (Neptune) government (Saturn), plus, Socialism and Communism (Marxism.)

When Saturn Squares Neptune

So with transiting Saturn about to re-enter Sagittarius, we may expect such difficult topics and events to express in the news with karmic flavors (reaping what's been sown, such as the refugee crisis created by the West vs East conflict--on purpose) as the planet of authority and conservatism squares Neptune, planet of deception, propaganda, and the masses--and both planets denoting loss for the have-not class: the weak, the ill, the elderly and young, and the disenfranchised. Neptune now in its own sign of Pisces always brings merging (across national borders and walls, ruled by boundary loving Saturn), paranoia, and contagion with diseases and epidemics a major problem on the rise. And of course, natural disasters may be expected whenever we deal with the combination of watery Neptune and tectonic-plate Saturn.

So! What's the solution to current conditions? Unity and respect for one another, asserts Max Igan in the presentation, above. And yours truly would add, realizing that so-called rulers have instigated class warfare against all decent people whom they consider to be on the lower rungs of society even though it is they who behave in sub-human fashion against their fellow man. 'War is politics by another means' (see Clausewitz's actual statement here). Perhaps you agree that it has become more obvious than ever: brothers keepers they are not!

Now here's a video concerning the shemitah, false prophets, and dire predictions being made about the eclipses of September 2015 with the solar one occurring tomorrow, September 13 @20Vir10, and a 'blood moon' Lunar Eclipse manifesting on September 27 @4Aries40.

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