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Sep 14, 2015

Lies You Have Been Told! Wake Up! - Max Igan (w/ Uranus-Neptune)

Somehow I managed to miss this excellent broadcast posted in May 2015 by Max Igan so here is a 16-minute excerpt which opens with a quote from H. L. Mencken:

Visit Max Igan's website The Crowhouse for more.

Sept 14, 2015: tonight during the Rachel Maddow hour on MSNBC (with Ari Melber sitting in for Rachel) clips of Australian PM Tony Abbott were featured showing him eating raw onions (ew) and making some of his stupid remarks. Naturally I was reminded of the many times Max has revealed Abbott as a psychopath and a criminal, an assessment with which I must agree for he and other 'world leaders' behave as though they are psychotically divorced from reality.

Maybe all the shiny vehicles they're whisked around in should sport wistful bumper stickers that read, I'd Rather Be Cavorting in the Nude at Bohemian Grove.

Now if we can just wake up en masse from this state of collective hypnosis so many of us slumber under which in large part has been induced during our school daze and deepened by such things as degrading entertainment, brain numbing drugs, propaganda of all sorts, a false reality environment drenched in hormone inhibiting pharmaceuticals and heavy metals, and the fear tactics governments use to control populations like stupid sheeple and mesmerized lemmings--while convincing many of us that things have to be this way. They don't.

Astrologically, it seems curious to me that the Uranus-Neptune pair of planets (Uranus The Awakener; Neptune the Sleeping Dreamer) combine energies to provide us with potentials for inner vision, insight, intuition, and enlightenment yet can alternately express as the elimination of waking consciousness! (Ebertin.)

Then there are other roles for the Uranus-Neptune duo to play in society such as under girding The Enlightenment-Age of Reason (during which time they met in Great Conjunction thus combining their powers at a Science vs Faith crossroads) and again three times in 1993 at 18 Capricorn, the POLITICAL POWER degree in the Sabian Symbols (Jones) which in my estimation provides Political Astrology with a modern natal horoscope for the new world order/global government that we now can easily recognize being implemented right under our drowsy noses while we busy ourselves changing the batteries in our remote controls.

Related: a James Corbett video detailing a New World Order reading list and more about Uranus-Neptune including a view of what I prefer to use for a modern New World Order natal chart (enlarge the image to read basic chart details.)

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