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Sep 25, 2015

Yellen Suffers Nervous Breakdown - Fed Reserve Janet Yellen (video) plus, John Boehner and the Pope

Is Yellen Speaking Under Pressure from Others?

Yes, this could be a sign of the global government mask cracking--or she's merely ill and holding back an upchuck. Apparently October 5, 2015 is supposed to be a key date in the (engineered) financial collapse agenda but see what you think (if you can get through all or part of the whole clip). That a Roman Pope is visiting America during what is allegedly a Shemitah (video) is significant on many levels one of which is that it has become a Vatican tradition for the pope in office to call for a 'new world economic order' during their New Years Day address in Rome--and the land Washington DC is built on was originally called Rome (see link, below). What better time for their economic plan to culminate than during a Shemitah year, the end of a 7-year cycle, the last of which occurred in the infamous year 2008:


In today's news: Speaker of the House John Boehner steps down. Here are a few astro-notes on his natal planets as pagan religion continues meddling in US politics. (Apologies to those who follow the Catholic faith--it's the church hierarchy I mistrust, not you!) And you may wish to check out a previous post that relates to the natal charts of the current Pope Francis I and St Francis of Assissi (who was never a pope though I've heard this week TV pundits referring to him as such. Environmentalist perhaps, but he lived pre-pope.)

Sans edits, here's a 2010 post in case you missed it: Is Washington DC a 'New Rome'? Altair the Eagle says, Yes!.

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