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Nov 2, 2015

Why Hasn’t Obama Done Anything About Citizens United? - video

Can you doubt that his opponents would have reacted very negatively if President Obama had issued an executive order against the anti-democratic Citizens United decision the Supreme Court rendered in 2010? Still, it is puzzling that Mr. Obama doesn't seem to have tried to do anything about Citizens United which makes me suspect that the Democratic Party is all for it, too--and their big bosses behind the scenes won't allow it to be repealed after working for decades toward the law's implementation.

Of course I typed those words for those who still swallow the propaganda that the Democratic and Republican parties follow different scripts and 'opposite' political agendas rather than promoting what is basically one Globalist script written and sponsored by their supranational puppet masters who entertain a mild interest in which politicians can sway the American public most easily and know, like Barack Obama in 2008:

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