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Mar 17, 2016

Anonymous - ‪#‎OpWhiteRose‬. White Rose Society - message to Trump

A message to 2016 candidate Donald Trump from Anonymous (with a few Astrology notes added):

Here's a link to The White Rose Society website which reveals its goal to fight the rise of the new fascism and it's where you'll find info including the leaflets the organization circulated against Hitler and the Nazis in 1942.

Mars the Warrior, Activist, and Arsonist

From Hitler to Trump, history may not be repeating but it certainly is rhyming and I've been anxious about the situation since America's natal Mars in Gemini turned retrograde by progression in 2006 in Libra for this is precisely what Germany's natal Mars did as well and they succumbed to fascism and the lies and rhetoric of its charismatic leader. It was 80 years before Germany's Mars turned direct again which is our astrological case as well so We the People have seven decades to go before this regressive energy symbolically turns from the misshapen, anti-societal ideology certain negative entities are determined to force upon the American people.

Now as perhaps you are aware, in July 1933, only four months after Franklin Delano Roosevelt's first inauguration, a fascist group of men attempted to coup his administration and force FDR out of office. That's the more complete reading of the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse horoscope of 1933--that their ongoing effort wasn't only applied in Germany but here, too, with disappointing results. Well, now it's an election year and the movement is again knocking at America's door (not that it ever left) and so we must recognize it in the form of candidate Donald Trump and certain of his followers of the white supremacy persuasion in spite of what Mr. Trump may say. Ted Cruz, a Dominionist, is a similar case but with a totalitarian sharia law vibe, while John Kasich is said to be more authoritarian than he now purports himself to be.

So let us not be so preciously and politically correct that we can't call a vicious and violent movement what it plainly is because the future of our nation and of our children and their children very much depend upon us getting this right by dodging fascism once again.


Thanks to my FB friend Sara Jaraya for the heads-up on this video. Come join us to discuss!

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