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Jun 7, 2016

Obama joins Clinton Campaign 2016 - Bernie Sanders: The President We Need

Media outlets are reporting that President Obama is eager to join the Hillary Clinton campaign in support of her presidential bid and shred Donald Trump which will undoubtedly provide the American people with an even grander diversion than the spectacle Mr. Trump's candidacy has so far provided.

Plus, the weeks of July 18-21 and July 25-28 bring DNC and RNC 2016, both of which will be predictable Political Theater productions as we've seen before...but bigger. The entertaining Mr. Trump says he wants the RNC to be A Show but it sounds as if the convention will be something of a Republican no-show as the GOP continues its We're-Not-Racists-in-spite-of-Trump pretense by the party establishment appearing to distance itself from nominee Donald Trump. He's apparently playing the role of the GOP's step-son who isn't really part of The Family! Trump can act as a sort of a scapegoat-in-chief, if elected--and if distancing should become necessary to promote party propaganda or to goose public approval numbers. Tres predictable, oui?

As of June 3, 2016, see where Republican top cats stand regarding Donald Trump but of course, support or non-support may shift...

Now wouldn't it be tragically amusing to one day discover that the Campaign 2016 Show was actually designed to install Hillary Clinton into the Oval Office in spite of her disapproval ratings among We the People under cover of the same old R vs D/con vs lib propaganda against us (plus, the wildly diverting Trump campaign) while preventing any possibility of a anti-globalist, corporate-dissenting candidate gaining enough popularity for a landslide, hard-to-ignore voter turn out on November 8th?

So here comes President Hillary Clinton? Then here comes her shadow: non-stop Republican bad-mouthing on steroids for the lady who does admittedly lug around a lot of personal and political baggage, the end of which we shall never hear but we can be certain that no matter the president, what the strong-armed billionaire class wants via the Oval Office is what they intend to get. It's a Global Government script the White House can't refuse to follow.

Well, as always, this particular child of the Revolution is in favor of America, American sovereignty, a fair and honest government, and the American people, so I close for now with 2016 candidate Senator Bernie Sanders: The President We Need and the hope that the Senator Sanders will have a prominent speaking engagement at DNC 2016 and a major effect on the Democratic platform:

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