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Sep 5, 2016

Bernie Sanders Attacks Donald Trump at Emotional Rally in NH - video

September 5, 2016 Rally in New Hampshire: Senator Sanders Absolutely Refuses to Hand Over America to the Billionaire-Trillionaire Class--we must Repeal Citizens United!

You know, with some timings of the Founding of America, a Lunar Return is cosmically scheduled to perfect on Election Day 2016, November 8th, to be precise and as you know, a mundane Moon in a national chart denotes The People, the population, or, the public of a country or region. In America the Moon/people correspondence is nostalgically referred to as, We The People, and on July 4, 1776 the Moon had left a Capricorn Full Moon on July 2 and sailed on into Tropical Aquarius, the waterbearer. Very Oceanic. Very Risking Storm and Shipwreck, if your ancestors dared such things..and rather humanitarian yet sometimes detached.

And I'm typing out loud to say it but the more I try Genealogy sleuthing into my own background, the more tangled the web of kinship. So many intermarried families! And some from the location families lived in before--like those who 'removed to Georgia' but had roots (and relatives) back in Colonial Virginia. Maternal links (surnames) would be what I'd recommend for your investigation if you're unfamiliar with such carryings on. Or if you want to aid my search for varmints, vagabonds, and ventriloquists!

And if my calendar permits at some point I would like to set up a list of my maternal grands, where their surnames and previous married names are known. But mostly their fathers' and mothers' surnames, if any. Etc, etc, etc. You know?

Yes, Election 2016 is a culmination of a desperate race between Grandma vs Grandpa yet I still prefer for president Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont bwo Brooklyn, NY. Because issues.

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