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Jan 7, 2017

The Crimes of the Clinton Foundation - Max Igan in Conversation with George Webb

If plain talk is not your thing then you may want to skip the following 54-minute broadcast by Max Igan from his Surviving the Matrix series episode 279, January 6, 2017:


Related Posts: Horoscopes: 1993 and 2017 Inaugurations with their Sun-Moon blends where you'll see that transit Saturn at 21 Sagittarius as I type (planet of government, business, law and lawmakers) has conjoined the 1993 Clinton Inauguration's North Node of public contact and future direction. This is also the degree and sign of Donald Trump's natal Moon which conjoins his South Node and the prophetic star Ras Alhague while Saturn simultaneously opposes Trump's natal Sun-NN in deal-making Gemini.

This planetary pile-up of synchronicity suggests to me that someone intended January 20, 2017 to be the beginning of a chaotic, easily bum-fuzzled, conflict-of-interest presidency meant to take over America for the benefit of tyrannical forces no longer satisfied--or feeling a need--to act from behind the curtain or from under the cover of fake Democrats, aka, DINOs and neoliberals. After all, who could be more fit for control by intimidation and blackmail than the ethically compromised, heavily indebted Mr. Trump?

Plus, in case you missed the video, here is Thom's commentary on Trump's use of The Big Lie, one of the political tactics championed by propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

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