Feb 13, 2017

The Fascist Personality and Rhetoric of Donald Trump - video

"The antidote to Trump [neo-fascism] is a very strong progressive agenda." - Senator Bernie Sanders.

And if America as we know it were not at stake and under dire threat of a Trump regime, I would never post another Nazi-laden video such as the one you see below. The video's comparison of alternating clips of Hitler with clips of Donald Trump is one of the most chilling methods I've seen of making the very clear point that our nation is on the edge of a perilous precipice and that We the People must resist with all our might this mentally and emotionally unstable man-child-in-chief who, as an admirer of his own temperament, apparently sees no reason why he cannot become the despotic ruler of a Global Government installed and enforced by the most powerful military the world has ever seen (a promise made by Mr. Trump):

Video by Right Wing Watch which you'll find on Facebook at Peasants for Plutocracy.


As many astrologers have warned for years, gold-hoarding saboteur Pluto is creeping through Capricorn and...oh look! a dictator arises...

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