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Mar 11, 2017

The Control Grid Continues and Nothing Has Changed - Max Igan

Published March 10, 2017 American Voice Radio: Max Igan's Surviving the Matrix episode 285:


A Snit of Miffdom Grown Serious

Well, I'm not certain who (in America, at least) expected anything to change for the better just because sketchy mogul Donald Trump was placed in the Oval Office. Seems to me that the undermining of the US presidency and the destruction of rest of the US government was more the point than finding a better course for our nation. But what do I know? Turns out their 'draining of the swamp' promise is about replacing a few of the old swamp creatures with some Trump/alt-right versions.

So in spite of everything, 2017 arrives and a tired old hostage situation on Capitol Hill, a shutdown of the US government is again being threatened/promised which means another dress rehearsal for the real thing, the thing that zealous Utopian idealists (anarchists) have wanted for ever so long. Mr. Trump's theatrical chaos in the White House is intended as part of what will make We the People despair of normality (you've heard the phrase "it isn't normal" bandied about a lot lately to describe the Trump way of presidentin').

But no despair from me because this particular dissenting American refuses to plead for a 'new order' to 'solve all our problems' no matter what traitorous globalists spout, promise, or threaten. And it was such a choice they finagled for us in November 2016! For president, either a know-nothing huckster named Trump or a Deep State neocon shill named Rodham-Clinton...both shady characters, both carrying excess baggage.

Now I'm left with the feeling that for those who care about America as a sovereign nation, there is no way to confidently cheer for either Trump or for the Deep State (and its handmaiden, corporate media) because all such manipulators use sabotage (a specialty of Pluto) to de-construct our government (in Capricorn) instead of lifting America toward any measure of 'greatness', however it's defined.

Disagree if you must but there it is. And I don't like it either. Which accounts for my snit of miffdom turning more serious by the day.

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