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Apr 15, 2017

Donald Trump and the War Of Terror - Max Igan (plus, Eclipses)

First, An American's Perspective on Bombs, Terrorism, Eclipses, and Mr. Trump

by Jude Cowell

Recently I posted asking if The Great American Eclipse @29Leo, a critical 29th degree that will hit the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump, will bring an 'eclipsing' of America (or of Mr. Trump as representative of America), in part because its path of totality 'splits' our nation from Oregon to South Carolina, from coast to coast. Perhaps more to the point is that this solar eclipse has the unhappy circumstance of being in the 1 North Saros Series, aka, the Mother of All Eclipses. This is the one that Nostradamus allegedly predicted as the 'King of Alarm' or 'Terror' eclipse (and included financial difficulties and irregularities which continue to plague us in 2017). Considering events since 1999 it appears to me that the ancient seer-astrologer was correct in his assessment.

And of course, you know that Mr. Trump allowed the dropping of the very expensive and destructive MOAB in Afghanistan this week--the Mother Of All Bombs. Yes, it's early for the bombing to be under the influence of the August 21, 2017 1 North eclipse but the similar names for eclipse and bomb cannot go unnoticed.

Plus, you'll recall that the 1 North eclipse of 1999 helped usher in the New Millennium and manifested @18Leo on August 11, 1999. (I also count as an usher or herald the November 1999 Great Conjunction of one of Plutocracy's most active duos, Pluto and Chiron @11Sag+ conjunct the US natal Ascendant in our Sagittarius rising charts.) For best results, both solar eclipses (1999 and 2017--Bush and Trump) in Leo denote cautions over egotism, pride, arrogance, vainglory and other negative traits of the solar-ruled sign of Leo, the roaring lion.

Now some say that Mr. Trump is now (predictably!) cowed by the military industrial complex and has joined the jolly throng of neocon Vulcan warmongers with global conquest imperatives that most Americans despised during the eight years of Bush-Cheney and America in her World Cop role (that campaigning Trump seemed to say nyet to) is now being shoved into a new uniform and is marching on across the Middle East where there are more oil pipelines to be built and guarded, and lucrative resources to be plundered via the global banking system. To describe what's wrong with this picture would fill volumes but not because it's inaccurate.

Okay, I'll hush for now (I think the Easter bunny may already be in our neighborhood!!) and recommend the following broadcast by the insightful Max Igan who speaks from within the bowels of Los Angeles (April 14, 2017):

For more broadcasts by Max Igan be sure to visit The Crowhouse.


As it turns out, Mr. Trump Won't Be Cancelling World War III After All. Were you fooled?

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