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Oct 30, 2017

The Controlled Demolition of America - Max Igan

Update March 23, 2020: the world is now in the grip of Covid-19 and I find that this prescient video has been removed by an unknown entity so here's a link to it which will hopefully remain Live and available! jc

Original post begins here:

October 27, 2017: A message from Max Igan, Surviving the Matrix episode 313 via American Voice Radio; the implosion of our country approaches as 'Americentric' America continues to be used as the global government military machine--hung out to dry, a tool of Zionist Israel, our religious beliefs played upon and twisted to aid and hasten the utopian globalist agenda:

Various revelatory presentations are available at The Crowhouse and support the independent work of Max Igan at patreon.

"Demolition" of America and the US government? Controlling Pluto (demolition) creeping through structural, systemic, governmental, legal, business-oriented Capricorn, the sign ruled by controlling Saturn, planet of *karma (of course, slow moving Pluto is a karmic planet as well). And as Reinhold Ebertin says in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences: Pluto in Capricorn = The Dictator.

*karma = reaping what's been sown, a natural law of the Universe.

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