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Nov 28, 2017

How to Defeat The System Yourself - Max Igan

November 24, 2017: a timely not-to-be-missed message from Max Igan:

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As you know, in Astrology Saturn is the planet of systems, structures, form, walls and borders, responsibility, reality, authenticity, and The Establishment. The 'old man' (senex) is also the 'Lord of Time', the lesson-bringer, and is a karmic planet with approximately a 28-year cycle. And with saboteur Pluto already creeping through Capricorn, I wonder how 'The System' will fare during the upcoming sojourn of transit Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn which begins officially in the late evening of December 19, 2017 @00Cap00, one of the four Cardinal World Points of Manifestation?

For one thing, Saturn in Capricorn may adversely affect world stock markets and a long overdue sense of 'reckoning' may be prominent in many spheres of life. We see this already with the current 'outings' of sexual predators in government, the entertainment industry, and elsewhere. Holding culprits 'accountable' is highly favored by authority figure Saturn.

As for Washington DC, of interest is the natal Saturn of VP Mike Pence @5Cap05 Rx. VP Pence will have a Saturn Return/s all through 2018 (February-July-November) so will more responsibility come into his second-banana life? Or will he be held accountable for past actions? Even so, 2018 will be a year of Saturnian testing for him and if you wish to see his natal planets (we have no birth hour so 'noon' is used--June 7, 1959 Columbus, IN), here they are penned around the natal horoscope of Donald Trump with VP Pence's natal Saturn intercepted and restrained in Trump's natal 5th house. Yet VP Pence may have no choice but to burst out and take control of the reins. But be advised, for with his natal Saturn-Neptune sextile, he's better at planning than at executing those plans and tends to get so caught up in his ideals that he can't see reality. Hmm...sounds like his Oval Office boss (though 'ideals' may be lacking).

Note that transit Saturn and Pluto won't precisely conjoin in Capricorn until January 12, 2020.

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