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Feb 10, 2019

If You Ever Realized How Powerful You Really Are... Max Igan

From February 8, 2019, here's a timely message for us all from Max Igan with episode 365 via American Voice Radio, If You Ever Realized How Powerful You Really Are...

Blog Note: yes, the laborious packing process proceeds for the moving van arrives later this week so blogging time is interrupted for a while longer. But soon the North Atlanta area will be left behind and I'll be posting at you from Raleigh NC so I hope you'll stay tuned. People Power! jc

Now here's a possibly related previous post in consideration of all the Pluto-nian power struggles for control swirling around our ears here in America (and elsewhere, no doubt): Astrological Atlantis and the Abuse of Power. Can you just about feel America's Pluto Return creeping closer?

Meanwhile, Back In The News: Saudi Arabia (horoscope shown with Jamal Khassoggi 'disappearance' planets penned on). Note that Saudi Arabia's natal Pluto @17Gemini conjoins (and 'trumps') the 10th house natal Uranus of Donald Trump, his oriental planet (last to rise before his Gemini Sun) and thus his 'guiding planet' of chaos and disruption. Is their Uranus-Pluto brew heating up yet another Trump scandal via blackmail, David Pecker, and the Jeff Bezos affair?

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Heartfelt said...

Speaking of Pluto, moving is a great time to go through things and get rid of the stuff you no longer need.