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Jul 1, 2019

What the Government is Doing is Worse Than You Imagine

Posted June 22, 2019 to YouTube, here's episode 381 from Max Igan of Crowhouse fame with a message via American Voice Radio which opens with a quote from former State Department employee William Blum:

Sneaky, Bossy, Behind-the-Scenes Pluto

This is the sort of message the world can expect now during the transit of manipulative Pluto opposing America's national Mercury in Cancer, a period of challenges for control, more intrusive surveillance, obsessive concerns, and feelings of crisis. Such issues will increase and intensify as Pluto in the structural/governmental sign of Capricorn nears its natal position in the US chart (@27Cap32 on July 4, 1776) all through year 2022 as Pluto's approximately 248-year cycle comes to a close.

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