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Apr 29, 2020

Lock Down America! And our 10th house Saturn

Too Radical? or Just Right? Collective Karma? Uncovering the Ugly Beneath

April 29, 2020: As an American, and having felt that America is the primary target of the coronavirus contagion and subsequent lock down and sequestration of citizens, plus, the disinformation being promoted by Trump and others, the following presentation by activist Max Igan resonates via an "Orwellian Nightmare" note within me. Yet I know that Max's "The Covid Future" video may affect some readers as too radical for their tastes especially considering society's current stresses and strains.

If so, and you'd rather skip the propaganda-promoting news segments (you've heard or seen them all before!), Max himself comes in at around the 13-minute mark, and as he says, "Americans are being set up for a *fall":

Video link.

*To me, "Americans are being set up for a fall" relates to our nation's founding horoscope (July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) which is usually set for 5:10 pm LMT. However, I tend to use 5:09 pm LMT because it places Cardinal World Points 00Aries/00Libra on the MC/IC axis and suggests that America's founding was an event of global significance, as it was.

Actually any founding chart set for that date in the late afternoon places Saturn in 10th house of Public Standing, a placement containing the potential of a "fall from grace." In addition, our infectious Neptune in Virgo, sign of health, is in 9th house of Foreign Lands, and, combined with Saturn indicates potentials for 'diseases with causes difficult to ascertain' and/or 'epidemics' with Saturn-Neptune known as the "illness axis" (Ebertin). And oddly enough, transit Neptune in infectious Pisces now aligns in opposition to America's natal Neptune in Virgo, marking a period of generational conflicts within the realm of ideals, and possible acts of persecution and exploitation for racial and/or religious reasons. And of course, around the Neptune oppositions of 2021/2022, America's problematic Mars-Neptune square will be activated and there's no telling how that will turn out. jc


Crystal D said...

When you posted this I thought of another person with, not a tenth house, but elevated Saturn: Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose Saturn in Leo is the most elevated planet in her chart. It's in its detriment, conjunct Pluto and Mars, and square her Venus in Scorpio. Obviously Saturn in the 10th is not always a fall from grace or fail to ever attain grace in the first place (Paul Newman had a 10th House Saturn), but in its detriment and badly afflicted...I wonder if we should have been looking at that Saturn more closely in 2016.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Crystal! You are correct that Saturn in 10th is not always a 'fall from grace'. It actually applies to those who have neglected Saturn's lessons of responsibility, honesty, integrity, maturity, accuracy, authenticity, realism, and so forth, and there so visible in the public 10th house!

In a consultation a few years back Erin Sullivan informed me that we are servants of our 10th house planets (mine: Uranus in Gemini) so a person or entity with Saturn there suggests to me that neglecting the Task Master's demands can very often result in a fall from grace. Saturn in 10th is a benefit to self and others if its energies are correctly channeled.

And if we use America's late afternoon horoscopes with Saturn in 10th house (although exalted in Libra--more for the US to live up to in the justice department), the fall from grace I've been dreading for years has come upon us with figure head Trump's mismanagement and his and his enablers' sabotage of the US government. :(

Thanks a bunch for reading and commenting Crystal. You are appreciated! Jude