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Nov 1, 2023

Eclipse of The Crusades to the Holy Land

The Crusades (1095--1291): a 17 South Eclipse Affair

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

Officially, the never-ending battle between Christianity and Islam began with the Council of Clermont held November 17--27, 1095. Of significance is the speech by Pope Urban II on November 27, 1095 with his "call to arms." Or as we might say or tweet in our day, things will be wild, which qualifies as Trump's "call to arms" against the peaceful transfer of power from his nibs to President Joe Biden. Forcefully taking control being the goal in 2021 and in 1095.

Then you may remember that some participants in the violent melee of January 6, 2021, instigated by insurrectionist Trump, said that fighting to defend the US Congress and Capitol Building that day felt "medieval." Obviously, similar destructive energies were at work, past and present, but can Astrology reveal a cosmic time link between America's current religious zealots attempting to forcefully change our secular government (separation of church and state: unlike the Vatican--see 'Roman Empire' link, below) into a fascist-adjacent theocracy under figurehead Donald Trump (or one of his ilk) - and the religious zealots of the 11th century?

17 South: 'success in groups and relationships; good news' -B. Brady

Why yes, it can! And it's the Solar Eclipse Series in which the Council of Clermont was held and Pope Urban II's "call to arms" speech of November 27, 1095 which resulted in what we call The Crusades: the 17 South Saros Series which manifested prior to the Council and Pope Urban's "call to arms" speech. The Eclipse occurred on September 1, 1095 @14Vir19. Fast-forward to today and 17 South's repetition occurred as the Spring Equinox 2015 Eclipse which brought the US and the world Trump's malevolent escalator prez bid announcement the morning of the June 16, 2015 New Moon, with his racist remarks intact (text).

So here are the horoscopes I'm using for this post: first the initial 17 South Eclipse @9Gem56 which carries energies of a rebellious Saturn-Uranus square bolstered by a violent Mars-Pluto square, and a delusional Venus-Neptune square; these multi-square energies are passed on to all subsequent 17 South eclipses despite its pleasant "good news" and "success" themes - when times and conditions support such difficult energies:

And here's a dual image showing the 17 South Eclipse of 1095 (lower left) and 2015 (upper right):

Meanwhile, current-day religious zealots such as House Speaker Maga Mike Johnson, Raphael Cruz (Ted's poppa), Maga Rep. Lauren Boebert, and Trump-supporter Pastor Paula White are part of 7 Mountain Dominionism a movement which seeks to take control of America in the areas of family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business, and government - what they term the "7 Spheres of Society." Biblical texts from Isaiah and the Book of Revelation are used to justify a mandate to take over the world, they think - and devil-may-care what it takes to bring on Armadgeddon (as if God works bwo their timetable!).

Thing is, this particular religious delusion began in 1975 with a vision from God which makes me wonder what vision they'll promote once the visionary and prophetic influences of the Great American Eclipse in the 8 North Saros Series manifests on April 8, 2024 @19Ari24 - conjunct priestly Chiron, the Christ archetype in Astrology - also @19Ari24. Plus, this position conjuncts America's Chiron of July 4, 1776 @20Ari08 = "21Aries: "A Pugilist Entering the Ring." It's all unsettlingly synchronicitous, isn't it?.

A Knights Templar Link to 2022

Then another cosmic time link exists bwo the Knights Templar founding's Prenatal Eclipse Series ('PE'), the 6 North which repeated on April 30, 2022 @10Taurus with themes of 'relationship to authority figures; accepting new commitments due to another's illness or unreliability' (paraphrasing B. Brady). Their 6 North of November 4, 1138 occurred @18Sco37 opposed by Pluto Rx @18Tau11 which suggests 'animalism, barbarism, and criminal offenses' (R. Lineman) so if you'd like to set up a horoscope of the Knights Templar's 6 North Eclipse, try 3:06:50 pm LMT, Rome, Italy, or set the chart for the Vatican, if you have those coordinates.

Now in closing, dear reader, perhaps we might agree that there's quite a significant thread of cosmic time links shown here by eclipse cycles and the historical cycles, conditions, and events that they rhyme with. And eclipses cycling around again on the karmic 18.6-year Nodal Axis gives humanity opportunities to better deal with events and conditions than before - if karmic progress is the goal.

Speaking of the Vatican city-state of authoritarianism see the Roman Empire: New Order Horoscope set for January 13, 0027.

Oct 30, 2023

Trump Org Testimony w Trump natal: Anger and Obligations

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

In case Donald Trump shows up in Judge Engoron's courtroom on Monday November 6, 2023 for the Trump Org fraud trial, below is Trump's natal horosope (inner) surrounded by the transiting planets on November 6th at the speculative hour of 10:00 am EST.

Study notes for your consideration are squooshed upon both charts and, as you see, certain planets are angular such as: Moon conjunct his natal ASC and Mars: anger; frustration; publicity, Saturn, karmic planet of legalisms, conjunct his natal Descendant: obligations, Uranus conjunct his natal Midheaven: change of status and/or career, and testifying Mercury, planet of meetings and investigations, conjunct his natal IC at the "An X-Ray" degree (Trump under scrutiny; housing issues):

Also notable is the exact square (blockage) from Jupiter Rx @10Tauru$ to his natal 12th house Pluto @10Leo (00A00), a karmic indicator when at the same degree. This suggests that Trump's influence isn't what it used to be (see lower left corner), and in general a Jupiter-Pluto square is the mark of The False Prophet (A. Oken).

Plus, transit Pluto remains within a 5-degree orb of opposition to both his Saturn and Venus in Cancer which denotes unfavorable legal matters, challenges to traditions and priorities, and an altered lifestyle with fewer options than before. Additionally, compulsory detention is not completely out of the question (Nov 6th: Pluto = Saturn-ASC) but because this is a civil trial, detention cannot result from this legal situation unless it comes from the breaking of a gag order (yet again).

However, bad news and a mournful situation will likely result from the proceedings with the transiting Mars-Saturn midpoint @8Capricorn (the 'death axis'--R. Ebertin) opposing Trump's natal Mercury @8Cancer if the opposition is strong enough to significantly affect conditions.

Related: Saturn in Pisces Turns Direct: Trump Trial Testimonies Scheduled.

Oct 29, 2023

Saturn Turns Direct 2023: Trump Trial NYC

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the commmon good

By now you've heard about Judge Engoron setting a schedule for testimonies in the Trump Org fraud trial in NYC: November 1st Don Jr, November 2nd Eric Trump, November 3rd Ivanka Trump Kushner, and, after Saturn turns Direct, Poppa Trump is scheduled to testify on Monday November 6th.

Of karmic significance is legal eagle planet Saturn's Station Rx, turning Direct on Saturday November 4, 2023 @00Pis30 at 3:02:52 am edt, as you see in the two horoscopes shown, below. One chart is set for NYC, the other for Washington DC.

In the NYC chart, a change of house occurs via the Sun-Jupiter opposition with the Sun from 3rd to 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values, and Jupiter Rx from 9th to 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, and Insurance. And in both charts, is it curious that the Sun @11Scorpio conjuncts the natal Venus of Vladimir Putin?

Saturn Direct Nov 4, 2023: NYC (lower left) and Washington DC (upper right):

Now as you see, a bunch of my study notes are penned on the image such as Saturn unaspected (focused, concentrated, undeterred) and Saturn conjunct America's 12 South Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') @00Pis33 (Feb 19, 1776 with Saturn @20Libra). Saturn conjunct a Solar Eclipse reveals those with the responsibility and discipline to carry out the imperatives of the eclipse and here it's 12 South themes of "successful outcomes to long-term worries" (B. Brady).

In these karmic circumstances, those would be the legal officers of the court and attorneys; negative indications of Saturn's Sabian Symbol, "A Public Market," are listed, upper left, and include potentials for "closing of accounts," and/or "bankruptcy" (D. Rudhyar). Jail would be but is not an option since this is a civil trial.

In both locations, Mercury-ruled Virgo rises, so Mercury rules, and applies twice: an opposition to Uranus (willful defense), and a trine with Neptune (telling stories). As for the out-of-bounds ('OOBs') Moon (alienated, and at a critical 29th degree), an opposition from powerful Pluto denotes those seeking to control the environment or to manipulate the people involved, often in underhanded ways (A. Oken).

For more details about the testimonies see 'Complicity': Ivanka Trump's testimony could ruin it all for her dad and brothers. This is primarily due to the fact that Ivanka may be asked about three Deustche Bank loans and about the bid she submitted to the federal government regarding DC's Old Post Office building, a bid based on Poppa Trump's fraudulent "net worth."

Then there's this recent news: Deutsche Bank Slashes Trump's Net Worth -'We're Tired of Listening to Him Lie'. Well, ain't we all!

Previously appearing on SO'W: the Founding Horoscope of Deutsche Bank (March 10, 1870) with Saturn in late Sagittarius sextile Venus in late Aquarius suggesting that at the bank's founding, there existed a sense of duty which brought eventual business success. But once Donald, the self-styled "King of Debt" showed up, all bets were off.

Collage: Saturn in Pisces, Jude Cowell Art

Oct 27, 2023

Democratic and Republican Primaries 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Check out the Democratic and Republican Primary Schedule 2024, dates subject to change, of course. So far, the first Democratic Primary of 2024 is scheduled for February 3, 2024 which apparently may include a challenger to President Biden by the name of Dean Phillips. Or perhaps not.

Meanwhile, the 2024 Republican Primary in South Carolina is set for February 24, 2024. Here are both primaries' noon horoscopes as the dates stand now. One factor that doesn't change is that both primaries occur under the auspices of the 7 South Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023 @21Lib07 so its themes, listed below, will influence both primaries for Democrats and Republicans:

The following excerpt detailing 7 South themes appeared in a previous SO'W post:

7 South Themes: "Immense power, anger, and force" of the initial 7 South's "Mars square Pluto is channeled into this family of eclipses" (via the Mars-Pluto square of June 22, 1248). {}"Huge obstacles will suddenly and easily clear, or, on the negative side, a pending potential crisis will suddenly manifest and move through very rapidly; either way, things will seem to move at great speed" (paraphrasing B. Brady).

Notably, the recent Republican Speaker of the House theatrics (which may not be over if evangelical 'maga' politician Mike Johnson can't manage to hang on to the gavel of power; for instance, his paternalistic 'women are breeders' stance will not go over well with any American woman I know, plus, he's one of Tr*mp's lying election deniers), and his election as Speaker occurred under the influence of 7 South themes so it may be that 'a huge obstacle suddenly cleared' but crises remain on the Republican agenda.

Dean Phillips 1969 vs Joe Biden 1942

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Unless he's already been persuaded otherwise, Dean Phillips has announced that he'll challenge President Biden for the 2024 Democratic nomination, and has stated that he "loves" Joe Biden. A native of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Rep. Phillips was born January 20, 1969 with Sun @00AQ28 (America's Inaugural Sun position = POTUS), and Moon in either late Aquarius, or as late as 11 Pisces+.

Taking his Oath of Office on January 3, 2019, Phillips is a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus of Republicans and Democrats, a group created by the No Labels entity that runs third party candidates in order to skew elections. Is this his objective in challenging the incumbent Democratic president? Or, it's possible that Dean Phillips is being used as a tool for the interests of others. We should have more details later on.

Ambitious Mars in Scorpio Craves Power

A prominent factor in both Dean Phillips' and President Biden's natal horoscopes is that they share a position of natal Mars, both @12Scorpio+ (13Scorpio = "An Inventor Inventing"). So even though we have no birth hour for Dean Phillips (or I don't, at least), I'm including here his 2023 Mars Return Horoscope (upper right) along with his noon natal chart (lower left).

His Mars position in the Return chart is based upon the noon position of Mars in his natal horoscope so the timing may be off a bit; notice that the Mars Return 2023 of President Biden occurs on October 30, 2023 and both their Return charts have the midpoint picture of Sun-Mercury = Mars (highlighted in yellow and supplying them both with "the will to fight" - R. Ebertin), Plus, both men are having transit Jupiter in Taurus opposing natal Mars which indicates that projects on too grand a scale may fail:

As you see, for Rep. Dean Phillips, both his Mercury and Jupiter are stationary, thus emphasized, having just turned retrograde ('Rx'). In addition, money bags planet Jupiter @6Libra03 is involved in a planetary trio with innovative Uranus, the South Node of inheritance, and powerful Pluto which suggests his family wealth and social status. That a career in Politics has followed makes sense.

Now besides their Mars positions being conjunct (Mr. Biden obviously had a Mars Return in 1969), Dean Phillips' natal Neptune @28Scorpio contacts or blends with Joe Biden's natal Sun and Venus so perhaps it really is "love" (Venus-Neptune). Has Mr. Biden okay'd the 2024 challenge from Dean Phillips?

Now here are two of the possible "Images for Integration" (via The Harveys) - the first for a Sun AQ-Moon AQ personality blend, the second for Sun AQ-Moon Pisces:

"The Jolly Green Giant" which sounds like expansive Jupiter.

"A brilliant inventor takes a sabbatical on a desert island" which resonates with his inventive Mars, yes?

And in case you're wondering, President Biden's current Mars Return occurred in November 2021 with his Scorpio Mars in the lead!

Oct 26, 2023

Meet the GOP’s New Speaker of the House: MAGA on steroids? - clip

Yesterday we discussed new Speaker of the House, lawyer Mike Johnson (R-LA) with his Sun AQ-Moon Leo personality blend, and transit Pluto now sitting heavily upon his natal Mercury in Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business, while transforming his method of speaking into a power position.

Notably, Johnson's Mercury in Capricorn opposes US 1776 Mercury in Cancer which creates suggestions of ideological conflicts and diverse opinions between Johnson and our country's principles, traditions, and laws (as in, the US Constitution).

Now here's Thom Hartmann with more details concerning the MAGA flamethrower insurrectionist who may have been the MAGA choice for Speaker all long imho:

Oct 25, 2023

Mike Johnson: 'MAGA' House Speaker

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Below you see a quickly marked-up bi-wheel of the noon horoscope of Mike Johnson (R-LA; b. Jan 30, 1972 Shreveport, LA) who was elected today as Speaker of the House for the 118th Congress. Mr. Johnson is a major MAGA seditionist - an election denier and anti-abortion autocrat - so there's no telling what damage he'll do to our country and people.

As you see, the most prominent planetary transit is Pluto conjunct his natal Mercury, a power aspect denoting an increase of personal power and control, intense ideas, and altered methods:

Of note is Rep. Johnson's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE") in the 10 North Saros Series @25Cap24 with themes of 'frustration or inhibition through news, paperwork, or a young person' (B. Brady). Obviously transit Pluto has recently added its power and transformative energy to his PE which suggests a time of "gang wars" and "criminal offenses" (R. Lineman). Tellingly, Pluto's conjunction to 1972's 10 North Eclipse @25Capricorn was exact in 2020 and 2021.