Jul 30, 2006

Condi flees for home and so would you


Still, smart move, I suspect, for Sec of State Rice to hightail it out of there. Let's consider her Secondary progressed chart (showing conditions which have been breeding all her life, y'might say) and her Minor (mental plane) midpoint pictures, along with their corresponding Sun/Moon blends:

The most often used chart for Ms.Rice: Nov 14, 1954, 11:30 am CST, Birmingham, Alabama. The date and birth time have both been in some dispute, so if the timing is off, we'll know the reason why. But see what you think:

Secondary chart (July 30, 2006 7:00 am Birmingham) has "23Aries" rising, Sabian Symbol for "23Ari": "A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load"> keyword: RETICENCE...

pos: the unimpeachable integrity of the man whose fullness of life becomes a practical contribution to the circumstances in which he dwells;

neg/shadow side: a disinclination to participate at all fairly in everyday living.

This concerns "the enduring worth of any experience for which the self accepts a complete responsibility." (Not this administration's strong point, you may agree. But the word picture itself sounds quite applicable to this lady, doesn't it? And "veiled" sounds like secrets we'll never know of.)

Natal Sun (21Sco49) has progressed to 14Cap19 = "15Cap": "Many toys in the children's ward of the hospital really care"; (from the horrifying images of children being pulled out of the rubble in Lebanon, the world sees that they are no longer in need of toys, and America will be blamed for saying no to a ceasefire. Will Condi and her friends ever get it? Do they "really care"?)

Keyword: ABUNDANCE...

pos: man's ability to develop the real potentialities of himself and his fellows despite every transient accident of circumstance;

neg: hypocritical sympathy and childish self-pampering. (No comment--jc)

Sec Moon 2Gem05, "3Gem": "The garden of the Tuilleries": keyword: LUXURY...

pos: the creative stability which enables each individual to participate in the full gamut of satisfactions developed and cherished by his fellows and himself;

neg: complete selfishness and a joy in lording it over others. (A Bushite? Oh surely not! Bring me Saddam's gun!--GeoBush.) "The garden of the Tuilleries" reminds us of the French Revolution, of course, and isn't such a fond memory for those of a monarchist stripe...understandably so.

Of note in her Sec chart also is natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which has now progr'd to conjunction at "27Can": "A storm in a canyon":


pos: an enlistment of every resource in life for a heightened expression of self;

neg: fatuous enjoyment of turmoil. (She's got boatloads of it now.)

As you may know, Jupiter /Uranus is the fortunate break and often indicates long-distance travel...true for Secretary Rice, obviously.

Now for the Secondary's erudite combo of Sun Cap/Moon Gem:

Greatest Strengths: a hard working and serious inner core; studious intellect; capacity to move with grace and flair in many different circles; droll sense of humor.

Greatest Weaknesses: love of playing jokes on others but hating to be laughed at; over-emphasis of the rational which may encourage emotional immaturity; tendency to be satisfied with a pragmatic but surface understanding of people and things in general.

Images: A college don reads the letters section of the paper while eating breakfast...A travelling salesman wins an award...An aged philosopher wins first prize in an international crossword puzzle competition.

No doubt she expected to "win" by going there like some angel of reason--but now she's going to work "from Washington" at a safer distance from the tenderbox she helps stoke.

Hmm-m-m...hope she wins as long as it means an end to the suffering of innocent people--whether they are human shields, collateral damage, transient accidents of circumstance, or any other obscene label the ruthless care to call their victims...and I mean on All Sides. "International cross-word puzzle" indeed.

Unless...an ability to forgive the unforgiveable should break out. Then we'd have something truly worth sustaining, wouldn't we? Yep,that's what it's going to take.

NBC News has reported Rice as being visibly distressed when she learned of the early morning strike--it had happened 8 hours prior--and Israel had not informed her.
Our friends, mmm-m-m-m..? And she was with the Israeli Defense Minister when she was finally told! Snap.

Now her Minor/mental plane midpoints and Sun/Moon blend for 7.30.06...there's a bit of a pile-up on her Sec Sun, and Mc (career/aspirations point):

Venus/Uranus = Pluto: high excitability; blind love (yeah? For whom, I wonder? And does blind allegiance count?);

Jupiter/Pluto = Sun: successful use of extraordinary mental powers;

Jup/Pluto = Mc: ambition; advancement and promotion; a desire to succeed;

Neptune/Pluto = Sun: succumbing to strange influences;

Nep/Pluto = Mc: mystical peculiarities; high spiritual aspirations; self-knowledge;

Pluto/NN = Mercury: exercising a magnetic influence upon the public; a desire to dominate others intellectually. (NN = North Node of the Moon which is associated with public contact; Mercury/Pluto is associated with propaganda as well as deep powers of thought. Yes, Bush has this influence, in spite of what he pretends--"cowboy", my chaps.)

Minor Sun Libra/Moon Pisces:

Greatest Strengths: romantic devotion to the "great ideals" (love, brotherhood, freedom); intuitive; can retain the innocence of childhood even while portraying the silky elegance of stardom;

Greatest Weaknesses: vacillation at crucial crossroads (cross words at the crossroads?); identifying with numerous viewpoints and positions (aka flip-flopping or...diplomacy); need to withdraw into self to retain lost confidence.

Images: The curtain comes down, the actor takes off his mask and, in privacy, looks into his mirror to find himself a child of six with his imaginary friend.

This Minor Moon's degree is, btw, "30Pis": "The Great Stone Face"...for info on this degree and an artistic representation see Temple of the Great Stone Face if you wish.

Well, that's a bit o'Condi for ya. With the not-totally-sure time of her birth, it sounds fairly applicable to me. You?

7.30.06 7:48 pm


Sun Sign Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey; The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr Marc Edmund Jones; Solar Arcs, Dr Noel Tyl.

If you've been wondering about the real John Bolton, check out Lynn Hayes' excellent analysis on his natal chart at Astro-Dynamics where Lynn predicts Bolton's blocked but successful confirmation to his UN post--with which I concur! Bolton's natal Mars opposite Uranus shows his famous temper, I'd say. Great work, Lynn!

Ireland says no to US bomb delivery

UPDATE 8.8.06: From The Scotsman, more trouble at Prestwick as Anti-war protesters break into airfield and cockpit of US military transport. The Trident Ploughshares are protesting against the transport of arms to Israel...and airfield security is left in question.

8.8.06 1:23 pm


Original post of 7.30.06:

As I study several situations today with their charts I came across this from The Scotsman that the Irish refused bombs sent to Prestwick airport. As you may know, Prestwick is in Ayrshire, Scotland which has given a boost, thanks to London, in the transportation of bombs for Israel to use in case they run out.

Seems all is proceeding according to plan. But whose? Could it be-e-e.......?

Study continues--back later...

7.30.06 12:24 pm

And Now This: Newfound blob is biggest thing in the universe...that's good to know--I'd been thinking it was the Bush administration.


Jul 26, 2006

where ancestors toiled

Couldn't resist Ohio Court Blocks Eminent Domain Project with a Big Thanks to Justice Maureen O'Connor (O'Connor!) for writing a common sense, constitutionally-based decision against the greedy pigs.

Excerpt: "...the appropriation is not simply the seizure of a house, it is the taking of a home...the place where ancestors toiled, where families were raised, where memories were made."

Amen. Yet when Bush touted America as an "ownership society" he didn't mention that it was his friends about the do the owning. Guess the developer lobby is none too happy this morning as they oink around their offices.

Ah, what memories Bush is making for America!


Here's a new link for a wonderful astrology site at Urania's 9th House. At Urania's Ninth House, the personal is linked to the political to create fuller understanding of the astrological trends of the times.

And as you know, asteroid Urania is often called "the muse of science" and speaks of the ability to take a range of data and translate them into an intelligible form...which is what the language of astrology does! Urania is often prominent in the natal charts of astrologers, the great John Addey found. Disclosure: my natal Urania is at critical degree, 20Cap, in 5th house, Planet Uranus is in Gemini in Tenth. Just so you know...

AND: I've received a query as to why I've not posted on Bush's microphone "gaff" at the G-8 Summit. Mainly because: Nothing in Politics Happens by Accident.

'Twas only the G-8 Summit Theater, dahling...like a walk on the beach with shirts open and toupees blowing in the wind... 7.28.06 6:33 pm

This Just In: The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour plays Washington DC tomorrow evening (7.29). Wish I could be there 'cos I could use a laugh. Guess I'll be settling for Lim's Limericks and a soft chuckle.

Jul 25, 2006

he leaketh again?

When Bush said in his news conference,
which included an al-Maliki photo-op, that some of our forces would be moved to Baghdad to increase security there--since things were so under control in other regions--does that qualify as giving psychopathic murderers carte blanche to pop up in said regions and resume their past activities?

Is Bush's leak new intell for The Enemy? If they know this identifying tidbit already--or have sense enough to realize it would be the case...for no one can be in two places at once--does this absolve Bush and Fiends (pardon my typo) from responsibility when their assumptions prove incorrect?

Is this administration still spell-binding itself into believing that they are the superior intellects in this chess game of death?

Centuries and centuries of knowledge accumulated in the East...meanwhile, back at the Ranchero White House gone dingey with corruption, scandals, and deceptions...we have psychopathically-inclined out-of-bounds corporate-lovin' scoundrels and murder-condoning men who care nothing for the common good, and hold America, her values, and her heritage in contemptuous disdain.

It's been breaking my heart recently to study charts of various speechs, press conferences, eclipses, and so forth--at times I'm just not strong enough for the task. I know my child-of-the-revolution mentality is as strong as ever, and I pray for America and for the peace of Israel, for Scripture admonishes us to do so.

If you, dear reader, cannot pray for this peace because you hold Israel in contempt, perhaps you could take this advice another way--war in Israel heralds your own troubles and those of your family. If you don't care about your family members, you're a sociopath of some description, and should be locked away from civilized people...for you are not.

Poor old Earth--she's really groaning under her miseries. Remember her voice when you hear of--or experience--the next earthquake, storm, volcano, bombing, raid, or coup.

Forget the "butterfly wing beats and stirs the air on your side of the planet three days later," etc...for it's turning into a dragon's wing before our very eyes. Don't gaze into them! Break the trance. Even the French Revolution had an end--and they were m e s m e r i z e d.

So...I shall take a small break from posting on S'OW...I have company coming again (summer) and I don't know why I never think to take a vacation. Silly me.

All the best to ya!

jc 7.25.06 10:41 pm

ps: please don't give up on me and I shall not give up on you! Don't know when I can finish my previous post on NASDAQ--don't know if this one will publish either...computer problems continue and the New Moon is dark tonight...


Jul 22, 2006

New Moon over NASDAQ 7.25.06

Tuesday 7.25.06 at 12:30:53 am edt there is a New Moon at the "A woman having her hair bobbed" degree, keyword: DECISION.

Here you see the New Moon chart placed around NASDAQ's natal chart with New Moon in natal 4th house...this New Moon is just past NASDAQ's Moon Return 00Leo27.

Wish I had time now to comment more on this situation but with out-of-town family within minutes of arrival for a weekend visit, I'll be returning my own self to finish this post asap. You will notice, however, tr Uranus 14Pis14 conjunct n 12th cusp--also 14Pis14!

And NASDAQ's n Saturn 16Tau09 is rising in the New Moon chart, so we'll have to see what we can see about that. So until I can get back on the case, discuss amongst yourselves...and stop by later, ok? Feel free to leave comments concerning these charts!

7.22.06 3:42 pm edt

UPDATE Monday evening: After working on the completion of the above comments this morning, Blogger let me down, Elink was a pile, my PopUp Blocker went mad, I got a Security Alert, and other nasty quirkiness.

Mercury Rx doesn't often have such a "spell" over me as it seems to this July 24, 2006...thunderstorms continue to interupt my typing, too, so I could get Shut Down again...location: on a hill...and a high level of mega-respect for Lightening have I.

Such is Turtle Lane, my frends, and the web (Neptune) is shifting out from under our feet. They'll have: control, direction, ability to intimidate--squared. No privacy to be had, is there? Someone doesn't like Lim, a lovely cat of great talent--an award-winning chef. Ah, there ya go. Creativity squelched--what harm can a poorly-written limerick do? They are, after all, easily forgotten...are they not?

Well I don't want to get started on my NASDAQ post and have a storm come up or have a Shut Down as I did this morning (after spending a fair bit of time on the post) so if you're good-to-go on this internet thing (tr Uranus 14Pis14 conjunct tr 12th cusp 14:14--a karmic/reap what you've sown point related to this New Moon and NASDAQ's chart)--and you'll pardon me from duties I would prefer to do not shirk--you'll need a little something to peruse instead...

...IF you can face a silly, non-sensical, and often irksomely-opinionated limerick.

So take a baby-step...you may find a chuckle. Unless, that is, you wear your political indoctrinations on your sleeve--then you should avoid Lim's Limericks by A.Cat: Cat from Calais...at All Costs. Do yourself a favor. Who better?

I'm sitting here now wondering where this late July New Moon is in Your natal chart, schmoopie...where?

(Perhaps I will get to complete this post on New Moon/NASDAQ. Or perhaps I shouldn't.)

jc 7.24.06 6:50 pm


Jul 21, 2006

"a secret of the highest order"

Uh-h-h...is that New World Order?

US District Judge Vaughn Walker has refused to dismiss AT&T Inc from the lawsuit and declined to dismiss the lawsuit against the Bush administration's sneaky end-run surveillance of you and me.

Assuming this isn't just another high concept theater performance on par with what we've seen on Capitol Hill of late, I'm very glad that the Judge Won't Dismiss Eavesdropping Lawsuit even though the government assured him the NSA program against Americans--esp a few people they consider their enemies--was "a secret of the highest order."

They'll say and do anything to cover their patooties, but conjuring up the 'order' was a slip!

If you've wondered about astrologer Joan Quigley and her service to the Reagan presidency be sure to visit Lynn Hayes at Astro-Dynamics for the astrological scoop!

Fed up with off-the-mark federal spending? Here's a link worth clicking on True Majority.org.


Jul 19, 2006


You've read this from AP 3 Heavy Explosions Heard in Beirut.

I took a look at the chart set for Beirut "a little after nightfall" Wednesday and found this midpoint picture with Neptune in first house and Moon conjunct Ic:

Moon/Mc = Neptune: feeling devalued; sensing a loss of ego-identification; false emotional conceptions or pictures; vexations/troubles through members of the female gender; easily losing hope; self-torment; experiencing deceit and falsehoods from others.

With Neptune so often associated with this region of the world and its spirituality and with the Crescent Moon as their emblem, it seems egos are taking over in more ways than one. And as I've posted before--but perhaps without completing the sentence--I believe a main problem in the Middle East today (and through the centuries) is from the lineage of the Mothers--two competing lines from the same Father but with different Mothers.

And in today's world, we KNOW stepchild relationships can bring woes untold!

7.19.06: been experiencing some computer problems since yesterday---outcome uncertain at the moment. If I Disappear from ya just know that it was not by my choice, ok? For I love all of my blogs--each and everyone!

Lim's Limericks Secret Moon Art Dreamyfish Art and Cosmic Persona Designs

Jul 18, 2006

Bush personally did the blocking on NSA probe

NPR is reporting at the noon hour that it was our master of spies, George Bush, who blocked the Justice Department from investigating his own NSA spying proclivities.

Well who had a better reason?

Will be posting a little astrology later today or this evening at the latest. Check back, if you can...

Will also be posting on behalf of a friend of a friend at Lim's Limericks so mosey over for a groanworthy verse or two if you get a break.

7.18.06 12:06 pm edt

3:46 pm edt: Who opened Laszlo? Can't get this link to go live but here is the latest address I have for an odd fish: http://spectogram.jddu.com/404.html

not sure about this one, m'peops.

Jul 17, 2006

Your Fiscal Gap Is Showing

Well, someone has left the lingerie hanging out to dry...not saying they haven't had help. The loud wooshing sound you've heard since 2000 has been part of the agenda...the financial part.

If we wonder where the money went, we should follow the money, if you will, and remember that SWIFT, Promis, and other enablers will never let the hoofprints be traced---all records may be changed with a keystroke, and ya know they will.

Patrick Woods, author and publisher of The August Review, currently has an article there along with a link to the 23-pp Report (pdf) by Professor Laurance J Kotlikoff titled,

Is the US Bankrupt?

Kotlikoff is an Economics prof at Boston U and you may as well read Patrick's article or the Report--because the US 'press' Has Completely Ignored the Report.
The August Review has a link on my Links List.

The Fed the Fed the Fed--they have Only One client--the US government...and they've been pulling in their loans.

As I posted last year...Soup Lines anyone? The politicians of the GOP will be doing the ladling--naturally compassionate as they are and all. But no croutons for YOU.


And here's an authoritative blog I've just found on the Fed, market analysis, financial punditry, hedge funds, and such called A Dash of Insight.

Jul 16, 2006

10,000 Britons fleeing

This is distressing along with everything else Royal Navy heads to Lebanon to help 10,000 Britons flee; well, I would have the world be safe if I could.

May he who is right apologize first.

7.16.06 5:33 pm...now...

how about a chuckle? Investigate the mysterious packets at Lim's Limericks by A.Cat in verse form, I advise you, so stay away--Stay Totally Away--if you're sensitive to limericks or silliness or even pithiness. It's NOT worth the risk.

And if you wear your political indoctrinations on your sleeve, I advise you plainly to avoid these limericks if you possibly can...limericks are hazardous to your sensibilities esp when liminal and lame and downright bad-humored of themselves.


ADDING: a Shameless Shout-Out! to Aquarius Papers for its most excellent articles on this summer's goings-on within the Collective...things we are All dealing with and you know how THAT's going. Help yourself to a wider perspective without delay!


>As a famous Briton once wrote, "Political language___is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, to give an appearance of solidity to the pure wind." George Orwell

An apt and timely quote since Saturn's 'solidity' is currently opposite (awareness)Neptune's 'pure wind'...they're undermining each other, and on another level, together they create lots of MUD, as you've noticed.

"Orwell" was born at the Balsamic phase of the Moon--darkness----a couple of days before New Moon, and had the typical personality the phase engenders--a prophetic ability. Yup...words ARE the war, mass hypnosis crippling the reaosning function, the violence numbing the emotions...after smashing them to smithereens.

Two Things: We must forgive the unforgivable.

And: whoever is right should apologize first.

Sometimes the simplist ideas are best--but who will listen?

Orwell's Grave is keeping up with it better than I could with excellent writings, too.

Jul 15, 2006

Wanted: leakproofing

Seems nothing is leakproof these days as the solidity of Saturn continues being opposed and undermined by watery, dissolving Neptune while NASA Monitors Leaky Pipe on Space Shuttle.

Pipes and plumbing are connected to Pluto, who's skulking in the background and keeping the nagging possibility of sabotage afloat, Neptune evokes leakiness, while Saturn prefers certainty and stability. Uranus is the sky god where they currently sojourn...the only planet named after a place...formerly known as Ouranos.

May Jupiter, who represents the benevolent side of our Creator, hold them in His hands.


HEADS UP! for Saturday 7.15.06> I've added a free horoscope service to this page--in IE it's down down down....see if you can find it, ok? Fun!

And if you appreciate the usefulness of Sabian Symbols images, you'll like Zodiac Degrees with astrologer Michael Ax and artist Lyle van Loon.

Jul 14, 2006

Planets' Meanings in Political Astrology

Planets' Meanings in Political Astrology, a Branch of Mundane Astrology

Here's my list so far:

Sun: supreme authority such as US President, Prime Minister, Chancellor, CEO, leadership. (Solar eclipses may denote the death or displacement of the head of state, national character and identity, major events, problems, or turning points for government in the eclipse year.)

Moon: the populace, we-the-people, the popular mood, national security needs, basic necessities, women's issues, health, agriculture, nurturing, our daily rounds, the general emotional weather.

Mercury: news media and the press, announcements, negotiations, pacts, literature, all schooling up to higher educational levels (Jupiter), young people, the post office, all communications, thinking and planning, political speeches, opinion polls, transportation, sales, commerce, and trade.

Venus: females, evaluations, smaller amounts of money, relationships, partnerships, unions; if afflicted: disease, arrogance, vengeance, defeat in war, anger, jealousy.

Mars: males between ages 25--35 or so, military and police forces, violence, criminals, war, industrial concerns, arsonists; combined with Uranus, Mars may cause explosions, terrorism, attacks, gun violence; with Neptune, treachery, misguided motivations or actions, divisive elements in society, activists, protests, strikes.

Jupiter: clergy, churches, and religion, judges, law and legal systems, higher education, prosperity, publishing, banking, insurance; the upper classes; philanthropic institutions, especially if associated with Neptune; Jupiter and Neptune = speculators, wastrels, spendthrifts, inflation, grandiose planners.

Saturn: property, government, the system, institutions and bureaucracy, conservatism, infrastructure, law, control, repression; with Jupiter, Saturn is associated with financial and business cycles (contraction v expansion); with Uranus, Saturn signifies the Middle East, especially Palestine and Israel.

Uranus: revolution, progressive or radical movements, riots, counter-cultures; physical power such as electrical and nuclear, new technology, innovation; genius or sudden insight; the future; with Neptune, Uranus = The Enlightened Ones, establishing a New Order to replace the Old.

Neptune: the arts, glamour, the media, the masses, hope, idealism, covert actions, socialism; hospitals, charitable institutions; the navy or Marines. If afflicted: fraud, crime, scandal, deception, illusions, falsehoods, grand scams; brewing and alcohol, drugs; chemicals, oil, gas, water, footwear, oceans; with Pluto, Neptune = the Robber Baron class of the 1880s, resource plunderers, Organized Crime.

Pluto: financial or political power, factions, oligarchies, big business, nuclear energy, mines and tunnels, the Dragon Guarding the Riches; if afflicted: the criminal underworld, death, catastrophe, dictators; The Global Syndicate; criminal detectives, spies, surveillance, the power/s behind the throne, The Pope, assassins, saboteurs, secretive men in cloaks of power.

As Pluto traverse Capricorn as does now (2011), the Earth's resources and wealth are steadily concentrated within a very few hands. Perhaps you've noticed...


Jul 13, 2006

Enron: mystery death in London

On the eve of extradition to the US, key witness Neil Coulbeck has been found dead after telling his wife he was taking a walk--just like the inconvenient Dr David Kelly did in 2003...never to return. A dog-walker found Mr Coulbeck--how very very Bwitish...a tragic, if calculated, turn.

Coulbeck actually left home walking upright on Thursday, July 7--he was the former head of group treasury for the Royal Bank of Scotland and was the dude who ok'd the transaction at the heart of this investigation. The police are implying 'suicide' as you would expect. Extradition papers null and void obviously.

This is about the "Enron Three" as Solicitor General, Mike O'Brien liked to call them and their use of the international banking system to make 11 million in British pounds from Enron holdings, so he can't be happy that Witness in NatWest Three case found dead, are you?


Jul 11, 2006

St Petersburg: whom to zoom?

UPDATE Wednesday: As the shots thicken in time for the Summit Putin Rips Cheney's Verbal 'Hunting Shot' so the Summit Theater continues, dahling...get your tickets early. There's something Almost Amusing about Bush traveling to Russia to lecture Putin on democracy when he's so busy dissolving our own.

The mighty G-8 Summit boils and bubbles in St Petersburg this year, and looking at the sunrise chart for Saturday, July 15 we see Sun 22Can26 trining the Moon 15Pis55.

Sun/Asc "23Can": "Meeting of a literary society." Moon "16Pis": "In the quiet of his study a creative individual experiences a flow of inspiration." (Is there a lady in attendance? Condi or perhaps a new 'world leader'--by which I mean, a front for the real powers-behind-the-thrones?)

The Moon on Saturday: her trine with Sun is her only applying aspect. Sun will inconjunct (150 degrees = adjustment) Pluto, conjunct Mercury, and trine North Node.

Jupiter now direct at 9Sco06..."10Sco"> "A fellowship supper reunites old comrades." I'm sure it does esp remembering Bush's natal Asc degree, "8Leo"> "A communist activist spreading his revolutionary ideals." Keynote: The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order (DR again.)

Reminds me of the proposed, whispered about, or hinted at "North American Union" some say Bush is such a cheerleader for...no borders need apply and America becomes a footnote in history...with these reformist Chiron-Uranus types.

And Saturday there's tr Chiron in Aquarius, retrograding toward the Medina degree once again. Plus the Saturn/Chiron T-square pointing to Jupiter is still in effect with tr Saturn still in the neighborhood of Bush's n Pluto.

With the Moon conjunct Achernar, "risk of rapid endings", she's snugged between Uranus 14Pis28 Rx and NN 27Pis28--all in the worldly 10th house--there should be much publicity out of this one. And the people/public may have a lot to say concerning these wheeler-dealers who are dealing away our futures. I'll be surprised if Putin allows any demonstrations at all.

Vlady Putin has his killing of Russia's 'bin Laden' to tout and he's the host of this annual shindig so he'll be greatly puffed up. Maybe he'll do some eye-gazing of his own while he preens.

Ura/NN = Moon: excitable disposition; quick enthusiam for new people (a lady?); a team taking a stand.

And, of course, the Mercury/Mars = Saturn is ongoing so that focus, concentration, efficiency, and practicality are in plentiful supply.

There's a T-square with Ven/Plu = NN: security concerns as meeting people presents a gamble. (A pack o'gamblers worried that meeting each other presents a gamble... adequately twisted. When you know YOU can't be trusted, who can you trust?)

Then there's the compulsive-obsessive quindecile (165) between Mars and Mc:

Aggression and ruthlessness in goal-setting within the career; stepping on others to get ahead; driven by a need to reach the top; confident if pursuing one's passions; benefit through pursuing one's goals. (Ricki Reeves, The Quindecile.)

And who can forget: the rest of us are in the middle of their ruthlessness and are mere pawns within their goals.

>From Sun Sign, Moon Sign (Chas and Suzi Harvey), we have this blend...

Sun Can/Moon Pis: the slippery, secretive, and cagey crabfish (hey--we've got one of those in the Oval Off); dreamy; intuitive; suspicious of other peoples' motives (ya think?); fear of being fooled keeps real relating at bay. ("Fool me once...foo-....ya can't fool me again." Rove must've been taking a sip o'kool-aid during that one...he let the mike slip.)

G-8 ya love 2 hate: With all the security concerns--and I believe Bush has them and should--suspicion will be dripping from the palace walls. Drastic measures are indicated with Bush's natal chart and Saturday's sunrise chart combined which gives the Mars/Uran = Mc picture: violence; sense of either/or; putting a pistol to someone's head; OR extraordinary achievements; an inflexible character.

The Bush-sunrise composites (C/N and C/Dav) show rashness and violent temper, and Bush's natal Mars 9Vir18 is at Ic--the Foundation of the chart, the HOW Point--in the C/N chart...US as enforcer and police of the world...?

"10Vir"> "Two heads looking out and beyond ths shadows": Keynote: The growth of true understanding, born out of the transcendence of duality even while immersed in the world of duality (Rudhyar.) Oh, the G-8 Hideaway where the elite meet and greet and get their heads together...and hash out the problems of whom to zoom next.

This speaks of the mind attempting to jump beyond the very shadow it inevitably casts upon all experiences...THE SELF-TRANSCENDING ACTIVITY OF THE MIND...looking away from internal conflicts and beyond the shadows these conflicts generate.

Bush has proven himself good at generating conflicts, so as he attempts to look beyond them during this Summit, I hope he sees something better than he's generated so far.


Note on the Pentagon and White House seeming to cave to the SCOTUS decision on Gitmo detainee's coming under the Geneva Conventions after all...Tony Snow relieved my mind greatly when he asserted that, "it's not really a reversal of policy."

Whew! For a brief moment I thought Bush and Rummy were reversing some of their muddle-headed, stubborn, globalist-infused, and ill-conceived anti-common-good stances. Thanks, Tony--that was a close one!

12:33 pm edt



If you approve of lame and liminal limericks at all Lim's Limericks by A.Cat has gone LIVE!

Seems that three mysterious packets of "missives" have turned up in my morning mailbag and I'm not sure they shouldn't get out...as long as you remember that rhymes can be treacherous as a cat...especially when broadcasted...

Jul 9, 2006

birds poo on shuttle's nose

Either the birds don't think much of the shuttle's design, noise, and stank or this is good news.

Is it considered good fortune--a message from On High--to have birds drop their loads upon your pate, or is it merely a mere joke in other cultures, too?

Is it only superstition designed to take the positive outlook in case it helps somehow...? Ah, the power of words.

However you look at it, I must say that--

birds pooed on the shuttle's nosecap. 'Nuff said.

Now for a meek and mild verse--perhaps groan-worthy, perhaps not. For YOU must be the judge of that...

Got Props?

Through forests, glens, and dales
your harvards and your yales
the bushgang never fails
to prop us.

They prop us in the morn
with cornflakes or with porn
it's best when gently born
they prop us.

When none believe their lies
or order Freedom Fries
you see it in their eyes
they prop us.

So find the truth today
before it melts away
the propagandists say
don't drop us.

jc 7.9.06 4:35 pm edt


Jul 8, 2006

Arab Oil Embargo 1973

Generously speaking, with its three interlocking YODs--turning points, crises, adjustments, or stalemates, as you wish--this chart is so amazing I'm posting it again and because history is looping. Thirty-three years is around a Saturn cycle, as you know.

As posted last year, bottlenecks--straits, waterways, canals, and such--will be under stress, including those of the internet persuasion.

My artwork continues and Drafting Table Time 'takes time' as Bush said about diplomacy...it creaks and lumbers along so I should just invade when the spirit moves...but with what spirit, Mr Bush?

UPDATE On the Shuttle: astronauts are refurbishing which is good for Mercury Rx...re-doing or re-viewing is perfect, and reconsidering the condition of the shuttle is a worthy endeavor just now. My prayers are with them!

Jul 7, 2006

Secret Moon #1v2

This is #1v2: adding more of the white pencils but no color actually added--it may look tinted because of the black pencil on reddish black paper.

From 1995-1998, I could readily get my mitts on truly BLACK PAPER. No longer. The paper used is Strathmore's Black Art Paper and it works fairly well for at least it's not textured for paint. Large mercies!

jc 7.7.06 12:52 am edt Secret Moon Art(C)2006

UPDATE: Secret Moon Art's new logo v1 now viewable at Cosmic Persona Designs Secret Moon Art: 7.7.06 with v2 now winging its way toward you just in time for the LIVE launch of Secret Moon Art on July 10, Monday evening...if all goes according to plan.

07.08.06 1:14 am edt

Jul 6, 2006

Secret Moon Art #1v1 black-white

COMING SOON! Secret Moon Art Gallery:

Will Return SO'W back over to Political Astrology later...but for now the channel's changed to something star-related yet different as I depart from my usual blah Astrology blah Politics blah blah...here's the first installment from a new Series created for a New Blog I'm creating with #1v1 being the Dark of the Moon using black and white pencils, paper and entitled, Secret Moon #1v1.

Added is some obvious black pencil (Rexel Derwent Watercolor) so--depending on your monitor, browser, or local gremlins--you may see the paper as I see it...a rather reddish black. White pencil: Rexell Derwent again and Prismacolor White, Oil.

Next I'll be publishing:

#2 which will entail: color or colors added? Perhaps...perhaps not. And how will your perception of #1v1 (which you see here) be affected by changes to come? In fact, shapes may be discerned in #1v2, so stay tuned for that, if you may.

#3 will be the final drawing with c...actually it may only end up being #3 before the Phase 4 drawing which will then be before the Phase 5...because I won't be drawing a Phase 4 without a Phase 5.

So it's either 3 or 5--those are the current choices, as I'm sure you'll agree.

>So get ready: here's the Shameless Cross-Pollination:

>Secret Moon Art going LIVE! Monday July 10: evening time edt, if all goes well. Hope you'll visit Secret Moon Art to get a peep at how drawings are developing, as they start out in Black and White, then colors may or may not appear as the Series proceeds. And I should promise--or warn--that some 'Astrologese' may sniggle things up a little...there shall be Moon Phases quite naturally mentioned.

It's Moons and Stars and Forests and Such...in progress! Remember: No pencils were harmed in the perpetration of these drawings so I hope you'll Support the Arts whenever ya can!

And please return to Secret Moon Art with fondness and verve at your every opportunity.

7.706 12:24 edt Secret Moon Art(c)2006 See above Licensing Agreement

Jude Cowell (coh' wull)


Jul 5, 2006

Ken Lay Passes Away

and the shuttle is being checked for foam problems with air-traveling Mercury now retrograde. I'm listening to Terri Gross' interview on Fresh Air about David Addington (Cheney's Cheney), secret line-item vetos, and other barfy squirrelly adminstration stuff.

7.5.06 12:34 pm edt

Jul 3, 2006

US Solar Return Moon in Scorpio

There are several factors concerning the US's Solar Return Moon 3Sco16 in 4th house of Home; Domestic Scene for the upcoming year--issues of security, resources, and of real estate come to mind.

As the focal point for Chiron-Saturn's opposition...which is still affecting Bush's natal Asc/Desc axis...much pressure may be released through this SR Moon (the public; publicity, therefore, the media which is now under severe threat from the administration, including a "gas chamber" "verdict" against NYT publisher, Bill Keller!), so I'd expect this fake hullabaloo which has been created to mask Bush administration leaks and other above-the-law actions, to continue esp until November elections--the main point, I think, in the short-run.

The harm this will do the nation as Bush attempts to muzzle a free press is incalulable, and my hope is that a majority of people will see through it for the election tactic that it is...plus future muzzling can only help our installed band of bolshevik propagandists continue their coup. Free the Press!

Back to the SR '06: SRs are, as you know, indicative of a person's or entity's will to achieve for the year, the sense of enterprise and independence (!), and shows the potential for advancement. With SR Moon under stress from the Chiron-Saturn opposition (a T-sq, along with Jupiter 8Sco59 Rx), let's look at the Moon's applying aspects:

1. square Asc (3A10)> relationship problems; ability to act decisively is blocked by unconscious habit patterns; (some hope here--the Moon-public having problems with Bush-Asc?);

2. square Chiron (5A07)> crisis over feelings and higher consciousness; potential for the highest level of awareness of human feelings, but so intense, there is difficulty learning from others or from Outside Reality--there are serious perceptual difficulties.

And with Cancer on the 12th house cusp of the Unconscious, this underscores the Security/Home Issues and the difficulty in seeing reality clearly, and there's Cancerian US/Bush natal Sun (in the 12th) behind-the-scenes pulling strings to protect their ill-gotten power. (Mind-control by a master propagandist--Bush with Mercury-Pluto in 1st house of Self!)

3. conjunct Jupiter (5A43-->5 mins, 5 hrs, 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 mos)--this should be a happy influence...but who is this Jupiter? (See previous post.)

Now Moon-Chiron contacts are supposed to connect feelings to the deepest subconscious, and other vehicles for this are the 4th house, Jupiter, and Venus. With Moon IN 4th house along with its applying conjunction to Jupiter (now at his Direct Station) it's my hope that the Moon-populace can "see their way clear" to seeing their way more clearly in the year to come...5 mins would be great--but I'd settle for 5 weeks or 5 mos!)

According to Maritha Pottenger, Moon square Chiron = political activism, and materialism which may clash with the desire for security and safety.

And so, it continues--and continues to be used against us.

But with Moon "4Tau" at Chiron's Discovery degree, perhaps the fanaticism and hubris being directed at the people of America from ALL sides will be aided by a Higher Source of inspiration, hope, and transcendence of mundane considerations. A breakthrough into realism would be a wonderful thing.

Last year, I posted about America being under attack from without and from within. This war slogs on as the SR Moon in Scorpio indicates a new element in the domestic scene or routine resulting from major modifications...some unwanted element may be removed (I know who to nominate for the honor and it isn't the NYT), and there may be a sense of relief accompanying this change.

The domestic scene may have equipment failures from appliances (computers?) to pipelines, plumbing, or water systems, and there's almost sure to be concern over shared resources (from ID theft/hacking, and I place our SS monies in this category. I've paid into the 'fund' for many years--haven't you? Where'd the money go, oh Congress o'mine?)

With Mercury about to station Rx "2Leo": "An epidemic of mumps", I wouldn't be surprised if medical concerns are in the news again (Rx), and you know of the mumps epidemic that's been affecting Iowa and other states and which perhaps will spread...along with other threats from terror-mongerers and deliverers.

SR Sun:

The easy course of the SR Sun trining Uranus (1A18), with the only other major aspect a separating trine to Jupiter, Should Bring fruition to America's plans--I just wish America's plans were as honorable as George Bush pretends they are.

Sun/Mars = Mercury: the thinking fighter; desire to bring plans to realization; ready for action; leader of struggle.

Bush is the "leader of a struggle" all right--but of whose?

So I'm wishing a Happy Birthday to America from this dissenting Child of the Revolution...may her flag wave in Freedom, her Press monitor her government in Freedom, and may we all confront our shadows so they can be dispelled. It's the only way to raise up this nation again.

jc 7.3.06 3:25 pm edt

>Disclaimer: No books were harmed in the typing of this post...and with many thanks and compliments to:

Celeste Teal's Identifying Planetary Triggers, and to Mary Fortier Shea's Planets in Solar Returns.

And for more on ID thefts being brought to you by the NSA be sure to read Lynn Hayes' recent post at AstroDynamics.


Jul 2, 2006

USA 2006 Solar Return

America's birthday, officially known as her Solar Return, actually occurs the morning of July 5, and I'm using here the natal location because the cusps equal the natal cusps of President Bush. This SR is a transit chart to Bush's natal chart, of course, and is very close to his own 60th birthday.

The only exception is the 6/12 axis where Bush's 6th/12th cusps = 6:39; and since the Sun represents the ruler of a nation, I am using the natal location--no relocation to Washington, DC, no relocality...just good old Philadelphia to represent the spirit of and the ruler of the nation on her birthday...Independence Day #230 and counting.

As you know, a Solar Return Chart is 'good for' a year, until the Sun returns to its natal position once again. if you click the chart to enlarge, you may be able to read my scribbles which include Bush's natal planets, some placements from 9/11, and some from the Mother of All Eclipses--8.11.99. You'll see the "Medina" degree noted at Desc, too.

First we see that the chart-ruler is the Sun with Leo rising, and Sun is placed in the behind-the-scenes 12th house of karma and self-undoing. It's the perfect placement for politicians who love those backdoor deals, and with the US Sun at the same degree as Bush's natal Sun, we see him lurking about.

There's a midpoint picture rising...Mercury/Saturn = Asc: going one's own way; seclusion; preoccupation with one's own ideas and plans; being aloof; backing off from responsibilities (Bush, the US from Iraq, or both?)

The first natal planet to rise is Neptune 22Vir25--conjunct SR 3rd cusp of Communications, but prior to that is natal North Node 6Leo36 making a close conj to the SR Asc. Tr Saturn has been visiting US natal NN for a while now, as well as Bush's n Asc and 1st house planets, as indeed old man Saturn is still in process of doing for the head of the country...the buck-stopper, much to his chagrin.

Saturn's restriction and control handily describes some of Bush's current altercations with the press, the public (bloggers!), the recent SCOTUS ruling (which I'll believe wasn't planned when I see it), and members of both political parties. Oh--and his enemies. (His self-styled "unaccountability" got a small nip in the big-fat bud beginning with Hurricane Katrina...when Saturn crossed his Asc the first time and he felt Saturn's criticisms extraordinaire.)

So NN conj Asc usually refers to things like the above Merc/Sat = Asc picture--though not necessarily the "backing off" part, mainly the "preoccupied" or "seclusion" parts...basically it's a thinking of oneself time, and America gazes at her own bellybutton better than most...we're the model for it.

Having the resultant SN conj Desc--"partners; legal affairs; the public" is perhaps more problematic for Bush and so for America. SN would indicate a "from the past" connotation which is the basis of our current woes...our betrayals and our dark secrets haunting us...besides, the US does have natally, Neptune (delusions; deceit; ideals) SQUARE Mars (action; initiative; energy).

Therefore, having Neptune as the first n planet to rise in the SR Chart (the theme)brings the natal square along with it. There is a tendency to take deluded action in the case of a Mars/Nep square. (Yeah, if only that could be tamped down and more care given to invasions and such...2003 and 30 years ago in particular.)

A Mars/Nep square also indicates confusion in the spiritual realm, plus actions taken are with confused motivation, and may be misunderstood and mischaracterized. But there is the possibility for inspired actions--let's hope for that, shall we?

Sadly, "deluded actions" + Iran, Israel, Korea, and Russia--sounds like Bush will stay in his usual bubble for the year--creating his "own reality", as Cheney likes to believe, and the rest of the world be da*ned--well, that part's working...

One midpoint pic that's formed with US n Saturn 14Lib48 which I want to mention before I forget is:

Plu/Asc = Sat: quarrels; scepticism; exposure to heavy and bitter attacks. (Now if Bush would take this fire for us, that'd be fittin'...it's the least he could do considering he got us into this mess along with Cheney, Rummy, Rice, and the rest of the Gang.)

Merc/Mars = Sat: deep concentration; sluggish thinking; tendency to say bad things; bringing harm to oneself by exaggerating (that's YOU, George, Cheney, Rummy, and Rice on-the-road); knowing how to close the sale, knowing how to wound.

This same Merc/Mars conjuncts Bush's n Pluto: knowing just what's wrong with the world (like...you?); a passionate and fanatical critic; an over-zealous orator; a sharp analyst; suffering heavy attacks or assaults from others (ah, the polarity of life which astrology describes...energy out, energy in.)

The first part of our SR year being represented by the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses has its difficulties--that's not news. How could it be otherwise?

With Saturn about to rise and Mars having just passed the 18+ Leo degree of the 8.11.99 "King of Terror" Solar Eclipse (which is also the Venus position on the morning of 9/11--"the catalyst", and referring, I believe, to bin Laden) it seems our recent fear-mongering themes continue with the above-mentioned deluded actions to gum things up even more.

Both SR Neptune and Mars--in opposition--are at the 19th degree so I *looked up the countries and cities having special connection to Neptune's sign of Aquarius:

Iran, Israel, Russia, Ethiopia, Poland, and Sweden. Cities: Moscow, St Petersberg (the summit scene which Bush is supposedly 'worried' about--he should be--if he's made America's name MUD, he's made his own as well); Hamburg; Bremen; Salzburg.

And Neptune is connected, of course, to the Middle East.

Don't you wonder who the Jupiter in 4th house (Foundation) is? Jupiter is always a judge, guru, professor, rich man, etc, and represents the Republican Party, and in SR '06, Jupiter is at its Direct Station degree> 8Sco59--making Mr Moneybags strong--and finally moving Direct in a few days. ("9Sco" = "Dental work." Ouch.)

The SCORPIO countries are: Syria, Korea, Uruguay, Morocco, Algeria, Norway, and what used to be called the Transvaal--parts of South Africa.

Scorpio cities: WASHINGTON DC, Fez, Valencia, Liverpool (you gotta watch those Liverpudlians apparently), Halifax, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and New Orleans.

With Jupiter and a Sagittarian Pluto (the foreigner) in mutual reception, I think this is significant due to their conscious cooperation or possibly their unconsciously feeding off or fueling each other to create the pathetic, fear-mongering climate they are BOTH visiting upon the world.

You also notice that the 5th house of Risk-taking has 00Sag33 on its cusp--"1Sag" = "A Grand Army of the Republic campfire." This is, as noted, Bush's natal 5th cusp also...the house of Speculations.

The ongoing Water Grand Trine has been mentioned previously with its need for protection from harm--the populace, but also our politicians who have erred and won't admit it. The trine between Sun in 12th house and rebellious Uranus (the reformer; the technician) is a helpful one esp if you want to hack into sensitive systems, commit ID theft by stealing laptops, change records, scour other peoples' military records, bank records...why the list is endless, and includes passing laws to interrupt internet service and freedoms, or just plain old hacking in order to disrupt the www. And Uranus is conjunct Fixed Star, Achernar, "risk of rapid endings."

Well, there's more, but I'll need to Update this post on Monday. Hope you'll comment at me, or at least come on back for more and we'll discuss the SR Scorpio Moon in 4th house...about to conjunct Mr Moneybags and his Station Direct!


And have you met Peter King? Or how about the Architect of the Constitution, the Honorable James Madison?