Jan 17, 2020

DC Horoscope: Trump Impeachment Trial 2020

Horoscope: Trump Impeachment Trial January 21, 2020 12:00 pm est Capitol Building Washington DC; Hour of Saturn, the lawmaker, task master, lesson bringer, and planet of accountability. As you see, transit Saturn opposes Trump's natal Saturn on January 21st and transit Pluto will precisely oppose his natal Saturn on February 13, 2020. Therefore, abuse of power issues abound, plus, silent activities are suggested by the presence of the Saturn-Pluto duo. As you know, Senators must sit silently and listen, and their historic procession delivering the Articles of Impeachment from House to Senate seemed a very Saturn-Pluto affair (similar to Masonic processions--and there they slowly marched in the symbolic heart of the Masonic temple we call the Capitol Building!).

Then as you see in the chart, the star of the Unconscious, Menkar, rises (14Tau32) which is the same Ascendant sign, degree, and star as the Oath of Office on January 20th every four years. Obviously, Trump's taking of the presidential Oath to preserve, protect, and defend the US Constitution, and charges that he has not kept, does not and will not keep, the Oath, is what the trial (Ascendant, the What Point) is all about, plus, Trump's obstructionism of documents and witness testimonies.

At Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal Point of the chart and trial, is 26Cap30 which hosts US natal Pluto Rx (27:33) just as at noon on our Inauguration Days. We can thank FDR in 1937 for changing our nation's inaugural date from early March to January 20th which placed US natal Pluto atop the chart with Menkar rising. To me this seems like power and control as the goals with 'saying what must be said' as the task (Menkar--like Jonah and the Whale). This the US presidency as mouthpiece, bully pulpit, etc.

Meanwhile, chart-ruler Venus in compassionate (or shady) Pisces makes three applying aspects: 1. sextile Jupiter suggests a favorable time for social and political activities and events; 2. square Mars adds energy to the proceedings and conflicts, and indicates competitive spirits that can become aggressive; 3. conjunct Neptune denotes people within the environment who are mysterious, elusive, disguised (Russian or other foreign agents on the scene?), and/or are difficult to pin down. Lots of photographs are taken and are passed around (Trump posing with __, __, and __? surveillance photos?), and success with abstract thinking is a potential.

Well, that's it for now because I hesitate to spend much time on this horoscope because the trial date can always change. Leave your insights and comments concerning the horoscope or the situation with this post as you wish--on-topic only! And Share if you care--it's encouraging. jc

Jan 15, 2020

February 2020 Lunations into March 2020

The lunations of February 2020 begin with a Full Moon @20Leo00 on February 9th, the 'bookend' or culmination phase of January 24th's New Moon @4AQ22 suggesting a seeding of intentions (New Moon) in January holding over into February. That this continuation relates on some level to the Trump Senate Impeachment Trial is a distinct possibility--As Above, So Below! And of course, the Leo-Aquarius axis (5/11) is the Self-Will axis that involves Risk-Taking, Speculation, Groups and Associations. And for Trump this axis contains his rising Mars and Ascendant with nothing to balance them except US natal Moon in Aquarius setting on his natal Descendant. Actually, the Trump's Mars opposing We The People (Moon) aspect has filled our association with antagonism, aggression, emotional volatility, anger turning to rage, frustration, conflicts, insults, mishaps, and danger--on both sides of the equation.

As for the 2020 Election, four more years of our shared Moon-Mars opposition would be more dangerous than many people can now appreciate so hopefully Trump will be evicted from the Oval Office, one way or another before November 2020. Yet I must unhappily add that the astro-signs for a second Trump term look 'good' unless something untoward occurs to keep Trump off the ballot. Well, apparently, Trump's Senate Trial seeking his accountability will begin on January 21st. If so, this is the very day that transit Saturn precisely opposes Trump's natal Saturn. So I say, As Above, So Below! May Democracy trump Trumpian tyranny via documents and witnesses!

Now the second lunation of February 2020 is the New Moon @4Pis29 (conjunct starry Fomalhaut) on February 23rd which culminates with the Full Moon on March 9, 2020 @19Vir37, another continuation of ideas, plans, and conditions into the next month and which activates the Virgo-Pisces Victim-Savior axis (6/12), also a place of compassion.

An upcoming post will concern the eventful month of June 2020 which contains a Lunar Eclipse @15Sag34 and a prominent Solar Eclipse @00Can21, a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation.

Image: On the Edge of Petrified Forest; is this a depiction of America under Trump and his Senate Trial that Senator Mitch McConnell is so desperate to turn into a cover-up for mobster activities?

Note that the above lunation dates, as always, depend upon the viewer's location upon the Earth and whether New and Full Moons perfect before or after midnight in that location. Personally, I reside in the Eastern Time Zone. Where in the world are you? jc

Jan 14, 2020

January-February 2020 Transits to Trump natal planets

Image: January 10, 2020 to February 29, 2020 Transits to Donald Trump's Natal Planets; details listed, below.

Trump's Troubles: Letting go, Walking Away, or Brazening It Out

by Jude Cowell

January 14, 2020: Knowing no confirmed opening date for the Senate impeachment trial of Trump in order to set up a horoscope of the proceedings, here are Trump's current transits instead.

But like a ray of sunshine, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) said on Monday (1/13/2020) that "it feels like" opening arguments could begin on January 21st which would be an appropriate date since that is the very day that transit Saturn, planet of accountability and karma, opposes Trump's natal Saturn, once and only once. As you see, this opposition is highlighted on the transit list (done before I read of John Cornyn's 'feelings' about the matter) along with another titanic transit of karma affecting Trump's sense of responsibility and realism on February 13th when powerful Pluto opposes Trump's Saturn--the first of Pluto's three oppositions. (2. July 12, 2020, and 3. December 20, 2020.)

So Trump's karma, the natural law of reaping what's been sown, suggests yet another year of problems piling up for him as rigid authority figures expect 'too much' from the erstwhile culprit (and his Republican sidekicks). Will Trump's troubles become more real to him once the trial opens, perhaps on the very day that Saturn opposes natal Saturn? Well, Saturn is the planet of reality. Plus, how karma-on-steroids can it be that the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto exact on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 directly hit Trump's natal Vertex?! Fated encounters, changing work conditions, endings, and/or a wish fulfilled are the possibilities.

Then taking the primary transits to Trump's natals as a whole, there are suggestions of letting go (Saturn inconjunct natal Sun; Jupiter inconjunct natal Pluto) and even a strong hint of walking away from a power position that has turned sour (Pluto inconjunct natal Sun--number three of five, an ongoing potential). Obstacles continue to mount (Jupiter sesquisquare natal Mars) yet a measure of confidence appears or reappears on or near the day that Saturn trines his natal Midheaven on January 25th. However, his confidence may turn out to be the usual pie-in-the-sky fantasy inspired by Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square since heavyweights Saturn and Pluto are seriously bombarding natal Saturn in tribal Cancer (bringing his supporters into the Saturnian picture) while dredging up his past actions, unsavory as they may be. Yes, this is a period when correcting past mistakes is demanded by lesson-bringer Saturn, here wearing his legal eagle cap, but as we've been told, Trump never makes mistakes!

And so for Donald Trump, February 2020 is filled with frustration over restrictions (Uranus semisquare natal Uranus, his guiding planet), tensions, separations or breakdowns in relationships (Saturn opposing natal Venus--number one of three), a lack of deliberation and/or of common sense, making excuses, expressing cynicism (Jupiter square natal Jupiter), letting go of goals and taking a new path (Jupiter inconjunct natal Uranus--number one of three, an ongoing potential), a continuation of confusion and the feeling that his life is out of control, his rights are being eroded, and a lack of freedom plagues him (Neptune square natal Uranus--number three of three).

Last but not least, February 2020 ends for Mr. Trump with potentials for unrealistic expectations, disillusionment, and disappointment via the Nodal Axis, head and tail of the dragon, squaring his natal 2nd house Neptune so perhaps his fervent fever dreams (Neptune) of keeping his financial activities (2nd house) well hidden will be dashed as the Nodal Axis suggests public scrutiny and the square implies his inept, impractical responses that will help to spotlight his subversive efforts to hide the truth.

Jan 13, 2020

Society's New Postmodern Pilgrimage: Truthstream Media

This from the intrepid Aaron and Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media:


Astrology? Well, Facebook's First Trade Horoscope is available for viewing and rated A for accuracy (May 18, 2012 11:30 am edt NYC). The entity's First Trade chart is simply full of Taurean energy (the builder!) via Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Midheaven, these days with transit Uranus, the technology planet, activating FB's natal Moon (2:40) and Midheaven (7:34), off and on. Next, the line-up for activation will be FB's 10th house Mercury (17:44), Jupiter (24:23), and Sun @28Tau05 so FB users should expect multiple changes, new ideas, and possible disruption to service at various points over the next five years. And with separative Uranus interfering, even a company break-up is possible!

Jan 8, 2020

In His Greatest Role Trump Plays King Cyrus the Great!

Cyrus Frees the Jews; Jean Fouquet 1470 [Public domain]

As you know, in ancient times Cyrus the Great, King of Persia (the land westerners arrogantly call, Iran), freed the Jewish captives from Babylonia and allowed them to migrate home and build The Temple in Jerusalem.

And perhaps you also know that American evangelicals and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu have linked Trump to King Cyrus based, one presumes, on his alleged "chosen one" status and his 2018 announcement of the relocation of Israel's capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, thus fulfilling the Biblical 70-year prophecy of the fig tree. (State of Israel founded May 1948 + 70 years = May 2018.)

At least this is the sort of thing those using Trump as a tool are telling him to further their arrogant imperative to rush God into ending our corrupt world. To me it's the destructive spirit such people follow that leads them - and the rest of the world - to self-destruction. Yet in spite of their druthers, they are not the boss of God!

Plus, a comparison of Trump to King Cyrus falls woefully short once immigration issues are inspected more closely for we know that Trump's record on immigration, immigrants, and refugees is tattered to shreds by his cruel tactics and he's shown often that his intolerance of others knows no bounds. Alternately, King Cyrus was known as a promoter of human rights (a foreign concept to Trump) and as a "tolerant monarch" and while Trump thinks of himself as a monarch, exhibiting tolerance toward others does not apply to malignant narcissist Donald Trump, the Insulter.

False prophet, more like.

Well, that's my soapbox complaint on the matter. Because it occurs to me that when entities read prophecy, then set about manipulating people and events in order to make it appear that the prophecy is being fulfilled, the world is being head-faked, m'peops! So I pray that we can restrain the destructive urge to lemming ourselves en masse over a cliff with Pied Piper Trump tweeting the tune like the delirious Bacchus figure he is.

Jan 6, 2020

January 13, 2020 a Sun-Pluto-Saturn Sort of Day

January 6, 2020: Below is my messy rendition of two horoscopes, both set for a significant day, January 13, 2020, when the Sun shines directly upon Pluto @22Cap48 at 8:21 am est (documents received: Mercury-ASC), then upon Saturn @22Cap53 at 10:15 am est (pretense and deception: Neptune-ASC). Perhaps this represents a foreshadowing of things to come. Charts are set for Washington DC, mundane Sun = leader or leadership, underworld Pluto and legal eagle Saturn are karmic planets that wear many hats and will precisely conjoin their energies on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 when their conjunction will perfect upon Donald Trump's natal Vertex (22:51), a point with potentials for fated encounters, changing work conditions, endings, and/or wish fulfillment.

As you see, a YOD pattern of crisis, turning point (a crossroad), special task, and/or a karmic opportunity is present at 8:21 am (see lower right) which obviously relates to any or all of our current circumstances which you know very well if you keep up with the news of the day.

My study notes are penned messily upon the image for those who wish to read them and as usual, your on-topic comments are welcome (no ads) and Shares are appreciated:

Cited: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.

Jan 5, 2020

Washington and Saturn-Pluto at Valley Forge 1777

Reproduction of painting by Edward P. Moran. Photomechanical print by Percy Moran. [Public domain]

January 5, 2020: With the January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of karmic planets Saturn and Pluto on many people's minds including my own, my senses perked up today as I read a Kindle e-book on General Washington and the encampment of the Continental Army during the frost-bitten Winter of 1777--1778 at Valley Forge, 20 miles from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

That's because of the book's title of Chapter Four: "Months of Toil, Hardship, and Suffering," a perfect description of those six months that Washington and his army of barefoot, starving, and ill soldiers suffered--echoed by Ebertin's description of the harsh Saturn-Pluto combination of energies.

So to paraphrase Ebertin, the duo's potentials include: physical toil, over-exertion, cruelty, cold feelings, hard labor, struggling for success, self-denial, privation, renunciation, severity, reactionaries, violent people, pursuit of painstaking work, the application of force or compulsion, martyrdom.

But also potentials for: fanatical adherence to principles once they're adopted, endurance, tenacity and toughness, performing the most difficult work with extreme self-discipline, silent activity, making record efforts of the highest possible order, participation in achievements brought about by large groups of people, and, last but not least, the process of growing spiritually and mentally. Basically these are all the activities the men endured and then some--the Patriots who survived the Winter of 1777/78, that is.

And so to check out Saturn-Pluto in 1777, I reviewed a previous post concerning the 14 North Solar Eclipse which manifested on July 4, 1777 just prior to the Valley Forge encampment to see how Saturn and Pluto were configured at the time and I was rewarded by a vision of the eclipse horoscope's Thor's Hammer pattern with Saturn in Libra square Pluto Rx in Capricorn and their frustrated energies via the square pointing toward the rebellious planet of reactionary politics, Uranus @13Gemini, our nation's totem planet of war, revolt, uprisings, chaos, disruption, and revolution--and Donald Trump's guiding planet (oriental--last to rise before his natal Sun), also in Gemini and in his natal 10th house.

Therefore, please feel free to check out the 1777 horoscope for yourself--if you dare!

Is This a Haunting Solar Eclipse from 1777? because with karmic Saturn and Pluto about to begin a new cycle of activity and influence, a haunting from our past (or a rhyming with history) seems to be what the Cosmos ordered for America--because once again the time has come to fight for our freedom from tyranny.

Jan 4, 2020

Warrior Mars to Sagittarius and Trump's Baghdad Kill

January 4, 2020: By now pretty much anyone with an interest in such things is aware that 2020 is a watershed year of titanic planetary conjunctions timing new cycles of activity, keying massive power struggles, and forcing new vs old order imperatives beginning with the harshly karmic Saturn-Pluto Conjunction on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 (conjunct Trump's natal Vertex of fated encounters as I keep mentioning in my posts).

Now it turns out that in the wee hours of January 3, 2020, Donald Trump, with his incendiary Mars Rising in egotistical Leo, ordered the assassination in Baghdad by drone strike of Iranian General Suleimani which may prove to be the match that lights the World War III fuse, the 'Clash of Civilizations' that certain entities are reputed to have long planned. (This must be the 'religion vs religion' phase of their agenda with atheists favored to win.)

So in view of the current upsetting turn of events, we may wish to consider that a certain cosmic shift also occurred on January 3, 2020: warrior planet Mars entered Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (Jupiter the General) and once Mars marched over the 00Sag00:00 line, he activated the "1 Sag" degree so that its Sabian Symbol comes into play: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" (Jones). Now for what I assume are obvious reasons, this is the version of "1 Sag" that I tend to use especially when studying Historical Horoscopes of past eras in US history and military events.

However, Dane Rudhyar gives a related yet different word picture (symbol) for this degree: "Retired Army Veterans Gather to Reawaken Old Memories."

He continues, "The symbol should be understood in its widest and most basic meaning, not merely as the reunion of old comrades, but as referring to the very power implied in the process of civilization as opposed to culture--thus to the PERPETUATION of the spirit of the struggle for power." Please note that it's Rudhyar's word "comrades," not mine. Still, his use of the word "comrades" suggests that Trump's act of war against the Middle East, knowing full well of the hornet's nest the assassination would stir up, may be filed under "distraction from his impeachment woes" and "interference on the path to Trump's Senate trial" - and may have been taken under orders from Trump's pal Putin. Meanwhile, political pundits are asking, Why now? As if they don't know a thing about it!

However, you and I know that Trump's drone strike seriously re-shuffles the cards in the Middle East and in ways that remain to be revealed, but which will give Putin more of an upper hand with all actors. Yes, retaliation against Americans across the globe is threatened by Iran (an endless cycle of revenge has been triggered--Saturn-Pluto--Trump's cup o'tea with Regulus Rising), but why would Putin care? Apparently Trump doesn't care either (he thinks he'll always be protected!!). Well, perhaps Trump's latest method of death-dealing is another example of the natal midpoint picture lurking in his 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing--Mars-Saturn = Pluto: 'brutality, the fury of destruction, death of many people, and/or intervention of a higher power' (Ebertin). Yes with one drone strike, Mr. Ego certainly managed to intervene in a major way. And of course America's natal Mars-Neptune square, as always, complicates, obfuscates, and confuses issues of war while our national Mars remains retrograde by progression--impaired and weakened since 2006. Does it seem curious that US Progressed Mars turned Rx upon the natal degree of Trump's Stationary Jupiter (18lib27)?

Then if we look to the combination of Mars and Jupiter energies (expansive actions, war, and the costs of waging war) we find entities like government officials, civil servants, jurists and lawyers, plus, someone with a tendency toward rebellion against tutelage such as when Trump makes a (reckless) decision without consulting Congress and thereby purposefully turns his back once again on rules, regulations--and our government's traditional checks and balances intended to keep the American ship of state sailing on an even keel. Instead, over-extension of executive power is achieved once again and our ship is listing badly.

Now another reason the Mars-Jupiter combination seems significant in this dire situation, besides Jupiter's rule of Sagittarius and his current dispositorship of Mars while The Warrior planet travels through Sagittarius, is that transit Jupiter (the General, politician, guru, priest, propagandist and/or broadcaster) entered his own sign in November 2018, a cosmic event which also activated the "1 Sag" symbol and its implications.

For more details on Jupiter in Sag see a previous post November 8, 2018 Jupiter Enters Sagittarius if you wish. And you know that trouble in the Middle East has been in a simmering phase, at least since 2018 or before with Trump's grasping of the Oval Office reins. Not a positive pairing, that--a bunch of hotheads rumbling together.

There's another cosmic factor influencing current events of turmoil and strife and being aggravated by Washington and the Pentagon, for we know that eclipses often act as Uranian 'wild cards' that often trigger sudden, disruptive events such as war and aggressive actions taken rashly and it is my reluctant conclusion that the December 26, 2019 3 South Solar Eclipse @4Cap06 is in process of doing just that (see the Sabian Symbol for "5 Capricorn")--and disturbingly, eclipse Jupiter in early Capricorn is opposing US natal Jupiter in Cancer suggesting an unfavorable time for The General (or a Commander-in-Chief) to act with aggression or wage war. Yet tragically, it seems now that 3 South's primary theme of "traumatic transformation" has been given a grand yet ill-considered push by you-know-who who likes to pretend that he never makes mistakes. What a distorted self-image he worships!

Above image: Planet Mars as seen by Hubble; NASA.

Cited: An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar; Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones; The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.

Jan 2, 2020

2020 Saturn-Pluto Stomps Ukraine's 1990 Planets

Wondering which of the three horoscopes for Ukraine found in Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes might be triggered by karmic Saturn and Pluto 2020, I had a look and found that Ukraine's Autonomy Chart of July 16, 1990 resonates most fully of the three with the compressed, restrictive, harsh energies of the January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction @22Cap46. As you see, below is bi-wheel displaying the major planetary contacts between the two horoscopes which are marked in red with my usual messiness. In fact, there is red all over both charts for this is no fun pointing out planetary conditions when the conditions on Earth that they reflect are full of threats, pressure, limitations, danger, and power and control issues--as Wolf Russia creeps around and Washington has turned unreliable under Trump. (Actually, I guess that's Big Bear Russia but never mind.)

So basically, the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction opposes Ukraine's Sun and Jupiter in Cancer while the difficult duo also conjoins the country's natal Saturn (21Cap53 Rx--chart set for noon since no exact hour is known by yours truly).

Listed on the chart, lower right, is the date of Ukraine's very recent Saturn Return - January 5, 2020, which adds to the karmic implications and opportunities of these times to step up, take responsibility, and correct past mistakes, if any. And naturally with natal Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn, relationships to authority figures are on the boil. And wouldn't you know--the only aspect made by Saturn in the Return chart is its conjunction to Pluto (0A37) denoting issues of abuse of authority (penned on, lower right).

A few potentials and possibilities for this massive pile-up of planetary energies in the third decan of governmental Capricorn beginning in January 2020 (or before) are penned on the chart, upper and mid-right, and are highlighted in red. Yet as you can tell, the turmoil has already begun some time ago.

Also notable between the charts, considering the vise the country is being held in, is an exact conjunction of transit Uranus @2Tau39 to Ukraine's natal Mars (2Tau33), an explosive condition suggesting danger and/or enforced changes. Plus, there is possibly involvement of natal Moon via Uranus (disruption of people's daily lives? excitement?) but without an exact hour for the 1990 Autonomy chart, we can only say for certain that during the 24-hour period of July 16, 1990, the Moon ranged from 29Ari07 (12:00 am EET) to 13Tau22 (11:59 pm) which, if that late a degree in Taurus, would provide Ukraine with an intense, dramatic Moon-Pluto opposition of outbursts, defiance, and 'attempts to gain control' - sometimes in an underhanded fashion (A. Oken). But chances are, the opposition is not within orb.

Descriptive as well is 2020 Sun conjunct natal Saturn while simultaneously 2020 Saturn opposes natal Sun, a double whammy of Sun-Saturn energies suggesting a period when circumstances demand reliability, loyalty, trustworthiness, and hard work combined with endless delays, frustrations, suppression, serious karmic situations, possible privation, separation, and challenges to and from authority that affect or interfere with leadership potential.

Now if you enlarge the image, you'll also find Ukraine's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') in the 10 North Saros Series marked on the chart (4th house @6AQ35 conjunct natal North Node); 10 North themes are listed, upper left.

However, few of the charts' basic details are penned on (not my usual custom) for primarily the charts are posted here to show the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction and its effects on Ukraine's Autonomy planets of 1990. Data for the two other Ukraine horoscopes are listed, below, for those who'd like to check out the charts. But I can assure you that the July 16, 1990 planets are the ones that fairly scream under the pressure, constraint, and potentials for cruelty and violence of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction already within orb and causing mischief, even grief.

So in closing, I direct you to the bottom of the bi-wheel where 2020 Sun, Saturn, and Pluto lurk for besides their contacts to Ukraine's planets, they also conjoin the natal Vertex of Donald Trump, a fated point of encounter (22Cap51). How any of this will pan out for Trump, Ukrainian President Zelenskiy, Putin, and the rest of the world we have only to wait to discover.

Ukraine Sovereignty August 24, 1991; Ukraine Independence December 1, 1991 (Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes, p. 270.)