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May 17, 2024

May 2024: Sun Meets Jupiter!

On Saturday May 18, 2024 at 2:45:14 pm edt, transit Sun and Jupiter will conjunct @28Tau18:23. Same day, Venus and Uranus meet @23Tau23:58 at 7:40:10 am edt. All together I'm calling this day of cosmic synchronicity for issues of materialism, extravagance, employment, corporatism, and separation. Of course, other issues may also apply such as recognition, striving for power, investments, and the wealthy class.

Mercury in money sign Taurus rules both charts and makes no applying aspects which further emphasizes Taurus and houses 8 and 11. The Sun-Jupiter chart shows the US 1776 Mars-Neptune square angular (prominent) and Trump's natal Sun Gemini-Moon Sag placements angular on the MC-IC, while the Venus-Uranus chart shows Trump's "prez bid" New Moon rising.

So as usual, Herr T's wide girth spreads all over the place - the Sun-Juppiter Conjunction perfects within his natal 10th house of Career and Public Status, while Venus-Uranus hits his natal Midheaven suggesting that a previously unknown affair may suddenly break into view.

Now here are a dual chart image and a single image chart, both horoscopes set for DC on May 18, 2024 with a few astro-notes penned on:

Venus-Uranus Meet (lower left) and Sun-Jupiter Meet (upper right):

Sun-Jupiter Conjunction May 18, 2024:

May 16, 2024

So Will "The Bulldozer" Return?

by Jude Cowell

Bi-Wheel: The Espionage Act (inner) with Trump natal (outer):

When we glance askance at 2017 and 2018 events in the US with Mr. Trump more or less "manning" the helm of our country, we soon stumble across Paul Manafort who offered his skills for free as "campaign chair" for Trump's 2016 campaign, serving from June 20 to August 19, 2016.

See Trump Campaign's Russian Encounters at RNC 2016 under a Full Moon shining upon spymaster Pluto.

For as you know, then as now, espionage via "collusion" with Russia was part of the atmosphere, many books and articles were published, and soon legal storm clouds formed for Manafort - and in July 2017, the FBI raided his home. Then in October 2017, Manafort, an unregistered foreign agent, and his business associate Rick Gates, were indicted and arrested on multiple charges which included money laundering and election interference (two of Trump's "talents").

Actually, Luke Harding's best-selling 2017 book, Collusion is a great resource concerning these and other events if you're curious. #ad

Ultimately, with legal attempts to hold the lawbreaker accountable only partially successful, Trump pardoned his scofflaw pal (birds of a feather) and Manafort managed to escape the "long arm of the law."

Campaign 2024 and Beyond

Now there's a page you may wish to review because rumor is, Paul Manafort will return to "service" if agent orange manages to coup the White House in November: check out The Trials of Paul Manafort for a fuller picture of his legal travails, and consider his Sun Aries-Moon Taurus "bulldozer" personality.

In closing, you may also wish to see Paul Manafort hearts Cypress for shady banking which includes the founding data for Cypress, something of an island hive of activity for anti-societal birds of a feather when padding their nests as surreptitiously as possible.

May 15, 2024

Biden-Trump Debates 2024

Horoscopes: Biden-Trump Debates 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

As you've heard, news sources are reporting that the Biden-Trump Debates of 2024 will he held in Atlanta, Georgia at CNN headquarters on June 27, 2024 9:00 pm, televised but with no Live audience, while the second debate is set for September 10, 2024 to be hosted on-air by ABC News, streaming via the ABC News app, and on Hulu.

So despite the possibility that the debate schedule could change or be canceled all together, here are the two Debate Horoscopes with my messy notes penned on.

Lower left is Debate #1 set for June 27, 2024 Atlanta, Georgia, and upper right is Debate #2 announced for September 10, 2024; both events occur under the influence of the Total 8 North 'Great American Eclipse' of dreams and visions, plus, transit Pluto at a critical degree dips back into Capricorn in time for the second debate while transit Neptune is at critical degree during the first debate and is final dispositor of both charts:

The Public Mood: Sagittarius, Then Pisces

Marked on the charts you'll find brief notes concerning the public mood, primarily a reference to the American people. Both signs for Luna suggest moodiness and other difficult conditions which may alternate between positive and negative.

Debating Mercury in Cancer, Then Virgo

In June, Mercury the messenger planet travels through Moon-ruled Cancer where patriotism, nationalism, tribalism, rhetoric, commerce, security, and self-protection tend to express. We should note that Cancer is the sign of Trump's natal Mercury which always ties in his problematic Mercury-Neptune square.

Then in September, speedy Mercury in Virgo is all about facts, details, logic, research, practicality, criticism, and/or cooperation. Notably, President Biden's natal Mercury is in deep-thinking Scorpio, an intuitive Water sign, as is the more commerce-adjacent sign of Cancer.

Well, there are several other significant factors in both charts worth our notice but this is all the time I care to spend on the topic for now since the debate schedule could turn out to be moot. So Thanks a Bunch for reading this far, if you've managed! jc

May 11, 2024

Trump Trial May 13, 2024: Michael Cohen

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

When the Election Interference trial of D. Trump gavels back in session on Monday May 13, 2024, it is expected that former Trump employee Michael Cohen will testify. Perhaps this will not be on Monday, but during the week since the prosecution announced on Friday that they have only two more witnesses to call.

Now I have only a noon natal horoscope in my files for Michael Cohen but a noon chart "works" quite well when snugged around a Trump Trial Horoscope set for May 13, 2024 9:30 am edt Manhattan, NY, as you see here:

And here's the Trump Trial May 13, 2024 9:30 am edt Manhattan, NY Horoscope by itself, study notes included; Rising is 19Can11; MC 00Ari20 with Neptune of the masses and mass media @29Pisces conjunct the star of misfortune, Scheat; of course with gaslighting Neptune there are issues of deception, fraud, and corruption with a large side order of cultism:

Because 19Can11 rises, the first house Moon in Leo is chart-ruler so her the opposition from Pluto is paramount (see the center of the chart); a sesquisquare from legal eagle Saturn indicates that complex and calculating questions will be posed. Meanwhile, Donald's first natal planet to rise is his 11th house Saturn @23Can48, followed closely by natal Venus @25:44. This suggests potentials such as the wide age difference between Donald and Stormy, the austere surroundings and cold atmosphere in the court room, discontent in relationships, and/or scenes of jealousy (R. Ebertin). This is where I add, poor ole fella.

Now as you know, this Election Interference Trial is occurring under the auspices of the Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024 @19Ari24 conjunct Chiron also @19Ari24 in the 8 North Saros Series of '"dreams and visions" (not entered on the chart but in 10th house between Chiron and North Node if it were). With Mr. Trump bringing to the surface America's original wound of racism, we're given a karmic opportunity to deal with such flaws in the American psyche but as we all know, there are dark forces operating across the globe today, determined to make matters worse in US society, not to find solutions.

In fact, outside actors have been maliciously working against democracy for years and they think they're about to successfully destroy Enlightenment principles once and for all. Theirs is a global movement which includes various criminal networks of thugs and thieves, which means that the US government is fighting against a vast entity, a cabal that would destroy our nation - and not just against the orange marauder and his cultish gang of barbarians and berserkers.

See Ali Velshi's How Republicans are fueling Russia and China's global effort to undermine democracy.

One watershed moment in relation to such anti-democracy efforts occurred with the Great Conjunction/s of Neptune and Pluto (organized crime) of 1891/92 which landed upon US 1776 Uranus @9Gemini, our totem planet of war and rebellion. Obviously, industrialists, the robber baron generation and their spawn (biological and/or ideological) are indicated and America's homegrown anarchists and malcontents are identified by radical Uranus. These days, the Revolutionary rebels of 1776 are used to mask saboteurs now working to undermine and collapse America as we saw demonstrated on January 6, 2021 by Donald's violent coup attempt. As you know, his effort is ongoing.

So all this makes up one of the primal reasons why Election 2024 results cannot go the barbarian way of primal Pluto's animalism!

Intense Conflict-High Emotions: Moon-Pluto and Cohen's natal Mars

Then when it comes to prosecution witness Michael Cohen, we know that he was born into a difficult eclipse series, the 4 North, with themes of "restriction, restraint, illusion." The last manifestation of a 4 North Eclipse was the Summer Solstice 2020 Eclipse @00Cancer of worldwide events - yet we knew not what November 2020 would bring! One of the things it brought was Election 2020 - and a 4 South Solar Eclipse @23Sag08 on the very day of the Electoral College Vote which went for Joe Biden, and sparked sore loser Trump's 'Big Lie' (illusion) from which the American people still suffer - the believers and non-believers alike.

Notable in the trial chart is a dynamic T-square in which the fearful Moon-Pluto opposition points toward testifying Mercury @28Aries, the "A Large Disappointed Audience" degree. Plus, Mercury conjuncts the J6 Mars which may or may not be significant.

So! My hope is that this weekend post is not a complete waste of time and effort since I don't actually know for certain that Michael Cohen will testify Monday, next week, or at all. But if he doesn't, we at least have the Trump Trial Horoscope for May 13, 2024 to keep an eye on, yes? And its influence should be 'good for' the entire week.

Eclipse source: Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad.

Now to close, here's my quirky little pencil drawing, A Large Disappointed Audience:

May 10, 2024

Midpoint Pictures of a Gangster on Trial May 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Shown below are two sets of midpoint pictures ('pix') with the Secondary Progressed ('SP') midpoint pix of the Gangster on Trial now in a Manhattan court room (based on his natal data listed, as you see), along with the Transits of this morning's proceedings, May 10, 2024 9:30 am edt Manhattan, NY.

As you know, transits are transitory of the moment, while progressions symbolize the Gangster's internal goings-on for that particular moment in time.

Potential expressions of both sets of midpoint pix are listed more or less in order of significance, below, and are taken from a blend of M. Munkasey, R. Ebertin, and/or N. Tyl ('NN' = North Node of the Moon); any, all, or none may express:

Gangster on Trial's SP Midpoint Pix for May 10, 2024 9:30 am edt, NYC:

Saturn-Puto = MC: Knowing how to acquire, use, and wield, power that changes society; severity; one-sidedness; an adept or magician; separation (flight) as a last resort; hard, hard work to rise from difficulty.

Neptune-NN = Pluto: exercising a bad influence on others; using destructive forces to protect privacy; suffering depression alone.

Neptune-MC = Sun: putting on an act; discontent with life position; reaching for the vision.

Sun-Pluto = Mercury: a nerve crisis; "lording it over" others.

Jupiter-Uranus = Mercury: planning on success.

Sun-MC = Mercury: one's individual attitude to the world outside.

NN-ASC = Mercury: showing interest.

Moon-Mars = Venus: sexual desire.

Mars-ASC = Venus: passion; sex is the first concern in relationships.

May 10, 2024 9:30 am edt Manhattan, NY Transits:

Venus-Jupiter = Sun: popularity.

Uranus-Pluto = MC: exploitation of every situation; rebellion.

Sun-Pluto = MC: striving for power; vocational crisis; physical interference or violence.

Mars-Saturn = MC: the power of resistance; a need to overcome many difficulties; silent pride; mourning.

Neptune-NN = Mars: inability to adjust to circumstances or conditions; charisma.

Jupiter-Pluto = Neptune: omitting key facts; being deceptive, adjusting the data; cheating and seducing.

Venus-Saturn = NN: illegitimate ties.

Mercury-Mars = NN: easily argumentative; quarrels.

Sun-Neptune = Mercury: deceptions, illusions; false logic; lack of objectivity; mental disturbances; self-deception.

Sun-MC = Mercury: (same as above.)*

Pluto-ASC = Mercury: urge to dominate other people's minds; suggestion.

Uranus-MC = Mercury: nervous unrest; a stage of expectancy; new ideas.

Jupiter-ASC = Moon: sympathy.

Sun-Jupiter = Uranus: gambling; speculation; a sudden turn.

Moon-Mercury = Uranus: nervousness; hasty action; a constructional fault.

Neptune-ASC = Uranus: being hindered, harmed , or defamed.

Mars-ASC = Jupiter: spotlight on psychology; lots of noise.

Well, there ya go.

It's now about 1:30 pm edt here and the trial has gaveled closed for today with two more witnesses expected next week - Michael Cohen is likely to be one and the other? We'll have to see.

btw: I'm labeling him "Gangster on Trial" because that's one of the many things he is, and because that's how I feel about his life of criminality, his disloyal nature, and his low character. jc

For more details see Solar Arcs, N. Tyl; The Combination of Stellar Influences, R. Ebertin; Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, M. Munkasey #ad.

May 8, 2024

A J6 Solar Return Horoscope for 2025

A Forewarned Is Forearmed SO'W Post

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

A topic of discussion for political pundits these days is that Donald and his never-give-up comrades are likely to be planning another J6-style coup attempt of the US government which may include violence, so I set up the J6 Solar Return Horoscope for 2025 to see what we could see.

Instead of a physical attack, cyber warfare is a likely method of taking control (ex: Election 2024), or, some virulent combination of physical and cyber may be under consideration by these win-at-any-cost ruffians and thugs. In addition, it remains uncertain if stolen documents are being held over certain heads in order to force Donald's will for power and retaliation upon our country - in other words, to force his way back to the power that nests within the White House, thus pleasing his foreign bosses, comrades, and financiers.

Potentially, a second coup attempt could occur in 2024, of course, but let's focus on the 2025 Solar Return ("SR") of the Breach! J6 Horoscope (with US 1776 Uranus rising at 2:15 pm est when the Capitol Building was breached: Uranus = shock, revolt, and/or assault) for the chart shows us the planetary energies in play on the day of the 2021 coup attempt's 4th anniversary, January 6, 2025, at the very moment the Sun returns to its J6 position in 2021. No, I'm not saying that this is the exact day that saboteurs may take further action against America, however, the 2025 Return Horoscope merely symbolizes possibilities and trends of such anti-government behavior.

Mars-Pluto: Force, Brutality, Atomic Energy; Uranus-ASC: Upsets, Excitement

The current Mars-Pluto Cycle (use of force; violent measures) began on February 14, 2024 @00AQ46. What must be mentioned is the Mars-Pluto opposition which is Angular (prominent - like a Full Moon phase in their cycle), and radical zealot Uranus Rx rising - doubly Angular for it lands upon the natal Midheaven ('MC') of Mr. Trump indicating a potential for a major job change (Uranus-ASC = n MC); this is if his fascist authoritarian dream of dystopia comes true, or if he's somehow knocked out of the running and must make other arrangements:

ASC 23Tau52 makes unaspected Venus in Pisces the chart-ruler with unusual perspectives, lack of self-control, an impressionable nature, and isolation (R. Ebertin) more or less in charge. At MC, the Goal Point, we find manipulative, wealthy Pluto in Aquarius with exaggerated plans for reform, or, popular plans for bringing folks together as a community. Obviously, this depends on who manages to nab the presidency in November 2024. Also of note: mundane Pluto can wear a variety of hats including that of The Pope, the spy, and/or the assassin.

The Solar Return Sun and Moon

Sun @16Cap41 conjuncts asteroid Hopi, known for its association with ambushes and prejudice, while the Sun applies twice: 1. square Chiron which spotlights a potential for gaining center stage by a restless character, and 2. trine Uranus which implies technological cooperation, and novel or unusual ideas and methods. Notably, the J6 Sun also opposes the natal Nemesis (16Can40) of Herr Trump which may symbolize little more than his nibs' challenge to national leadership and his determination toward retribution for his loss.

When a Solar Return Moon is in Aries, a new element can be expected within the environment, and heading in a new direction is indicated (C. Teal). However, the square from the Capricorn Sun shows conflict through insensitive or arrogant people making unrealistic demands that interrupt or interfere with our druthers. In 12th house, a SR Moon suggests a period of reflection, recuperation, or possibly confinement. The Moon-Chiron conjunction places an emphasis on patriotism, while the Moon-Jupiter sextile offers assistance and a ray of hope (A. Oken).

As for J6 SR 2025's Earth-Fire Sun Capricorn-Moon Aries blend of conscious and unconscious energies, its "Image for Integration" tells a tale all its own:

"A Roman City-State Is Attacked by Barbarians But Its Solid Walls Keep Marauding Bandits At Bay" (The Harveys). Well, it worked before, may it do so again!

Meanwhile, orating Mercury, the messenger planet in late Sagittarius is the ruthless executive leading a Locomotive shape of planets and in Jupiter-ruled Sag may denote the rhetoric of a religious figure (real or imagined). Provocation, aggressive language, and abuse are in the mix via the Mercury-Mars inconjunct, and the aggression could possibly transfer energies into physical activities, or enthuse others into taking action. Additionally, the deceptive, fantasy-prone, skewed perceptions of the Mercury-Neptune square echo the same square in the natal chart and psyche of malicious schemer, Herr Trump.

Activist Mars @The Foundation

Significantly, warrior planet Mars @30Cancer ("A Daughter of the American Revolution") is out-of-bounds ('OOBs') so who knows what he (or she!) is up to off on his/her own yet can also represent foreign actors as can ivory tower Pluto in 9th house of Foreign Lands and Legal Affairs. My suspicion is that outside agitators should be expected to enter our domestic scene (IC) in order to participate, a ploy we've already seen in current campus upheavals, and have experienced in the past (ex: DNC 1968 Chicago).

The Love of Money Is the Root of All Evil

Financial indicators (exs: embezzlement; foreign raids; more tax breaks; bribery) are bunched around the 2nd cusp of the National Treasury and Earning Ability and include Jupiter, gold-hoarding Midas, and Cupido, asteroid of Corporatism, The Syndicate, the mafia, and/or 'The Family' (also a reference to the power-craving "religious" fundamentalist group in DC that journalist/author Jeff Sharlet has written about and which was made into a Netflix documentary). Then on a more positive note, US employment numbers may continue to impress!

The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle Squared

As you know, their 20-year cycle began with the Conjunction of December 21, 2020 @00AQ+ (conjunct the current Mars-Pluto Cycle @00AQ+), and it would take an additional post for more than a mention of the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle once January 6, 2025 rolls around. For as you see, generous Jupiter in Gemini (Rx until early February 2025) and restrictive Saturn in Pisces (conjunct the Republican Party's 1854 Neptune in mid-Pisces: the grim face of reality transit) are at a square stage of blockages and obstacles. Specifically, we may expect projects to begin before previous projects end, some financial imbalance, and of course, there's the pair's typical association in government of checks and balances which could be part of this picture especially considering the afore-mentioned marauding bandits in the form of the seditious saboteurs, foreign and domestic, who continue to afflict the US government - our government.

Well, there you have my look at the J6 Solar Return Horoscope for 2025. Other planetary factors exist which may stand out more clearly to you, or which may take precedence as we approach Election 2024 and enter the New Year. A variety of transits and progressions will certainly change the cosmic picture substantially along with events as-yet unknown, so let's keep our chins up, our eyes peeled, and fervently hope that our solid walls hold as needed, shall we?

Related posts include: America, Neptune-Pluto, and Organized Crime and The 119th Congress Opens (January 3, 2025 horoscope shown).

May 7, 2024

On the Eclipse of NBC TV

Herr T's Bullhorn for Subversion

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

In recent posts yours truly has been known to fuss over how The Apprentice TV show (2004) gave NY playboy Donald a major opportunity to promote the rumor that he was a "successful businessman." If you still believe this absurd fallacy, then reading Stars Over Washington may not be for you! This is your cue to skedaddle away for best results.

Because for one thing, the good people of New York City knew then and know now that Donald was a mobbed-up "contractor" and a deadbeat in the success and finance departments. Unless we count his experience with money laundering for various entities.

Yes, it was NBC's "reality" TV show that ultimately led to Donald's 2016 campaign for the presidency and, aided by Russia, wealthy corporatists, and a hype-believing public, Donald managed to coup the White House as if he'd won the 2016 Election. And you know the rest.

NBC: A Subsidiary of Comcast

My point is that these twisted political conditions have angered me into a snit of miffdom ever since the orange blighter rode the escalator on the morning of June 16, 2015 at the Gemini New Moon and had someone pay a casting-call audience below to listen to his bigoted swill. Therefore, I must consider The Apprentice's creator Mark Burnett (follow the link, above) partially responsible for the anti-democracy campaign against America and the American people, while a large amount of blame for our predicament must also fall upon NBC, nowadays a subsidiary of Comcast.

Therefore, above is a Horoscope of the 13 South Solar Eclipse which influenced the April 19, 1939 founding of NBC TV. (NBC Radio was founded earlier on June 19, 1926 under the influence of an 18 South Eclipse of endings, partings, grief), but it's the TV division of NBC now starring in this fussy post. Of course, you notice that 1939 is the year that World War Two began when Naz* Herr Adolf invaded Poland.

Now as you can see, 13 South themes are listed on the chart, compliments of Bernadette Brady, and include some sinister energy underneath. Plus, there's a revealing square from Pluto (opposing US 1776 Pluto in Capricorn which also squares the eclipse); potentials are listed on the chart. Activist Mars @15Capricorn leads a Locomotive shape of the planets (the ruthless executive), and don't miss Saturn in Aries at Midheaven, too (see upper right corner). The two planets (actors) were possibly a team since they're in friendly Mutual Reception with one another, and Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

Then there's mass media planet Neptune Rx @21Vir01 conjunct Denebola (going against society) so basically Neptune is in process of performing a US Neptune Return (@22Vir25 in 1776) which suggests a confusing period when ideals can shift or be shifted by propaganda and/or advertising, and the mass employment situation wasn't going well as WWII was brewing abroad and the Great Depression was ruining lives.

Now in addition, the 13 South Eclipse of 1939 @28Ari43 conjoined fixed star Mirach ("girdle" of the Princess in the Andromeda Constellation with its restrictive Saturnian nature and Venusuian flavor: the ladies). Then to me, the Uranus-Midas conjunction (see below) suggests the network's (and other media outlets) tendency to create massive fortunes thanks to the radical activities of Uranus the zealous chaos-creator (ex: the J6 coup attempt, ongoing; and the old "if it bleeds, it leads" mantra of news outlets) while simultaneously taking advantage of the quirky planet's novel, innovative creative content that entertains, surprises, and delights the public - or, stirs up the masses, positively or negatively.

Plus, you also notice the Earth Grand Trine in the 13 South horoscope, a protective, creative closed circuit of energies beween Mars-Uranus-Neptune with radical planet Uranus @16Taurus conjunct gold-loving Midas, as noted, and pointing ahead toward the position of radical reactionary Uranus @16Taurus conjunct the 2022 Midterms Lunar Eclipse when rabid Maga-ites managed to infest the US House of Representatives, spouting their Russian talking points and sporting AR-15 lapel pins. Certain corporations have financially supported this - see corporate Cupido in 4th house,.

Then perhaps you remember that a German Media Baron supported the rise of Hitl*r who thought he should rule the world. Oh the compensating absurdity of some men's massive egos.

In closing, you've probably seen ProPublica's updated list of corporations that vowed to suspend their financial support of J6 politicians just after the 2021 attack yet a number of them have continued supporting election denial after all. You'll easily spy Comcast at number 5.

Well, that's enough fussing for today, so if you've managed to read this far, my thanks and kudos to you! jc