Oct 20, 2018

How The Matrix Controls You - Max Igan

Published October 19, 2018, here's episode 353 of Max Igan's How The Matrix Controls You via American Voice Radio:

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"The Smart Grid is the New World Order." - Max Igan.

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DC Horoscope: Nov 8, 2018 Jupiter Enters Sagittarius

Jupiter to Sagittarius: Financial and Military Matters

by Jude Cowell

Two days after the 2018 Midterm Elections, on November 8, 2018 at 7:40 am est, transit Jupiter enters his own sign of Sagittarius just after the New Moon of November 7th @15Sco11. Below is the DC Horoscope of this cosmic event which marks a significant shift from the Mars-Pluto energies of intense, brooding Scorpio with its materialistic outlook:

Yet as you see, the shift may not be as light as we wish for there are several chart factors denoting both financial and military matters and a president unable to meet all demands or master all situations (Ebertin). This may be seen penned into the center of the chart as the difficult 'death axis' pair of Mars and Saturn combine their energies via midpoint directly upon America's POTUS Sun position (00AQ48 on Jan 20, 2017 = Trump). And of course, the Saturnian South Node, or 'tail of the dragon', is at a critical-crisis degree of 29Cap37 in the 2nd house of Values and the National Treasury, conjoining US Progressed ('SP') Pluto Rx. That two planets of karma are posited in the 2nd house as well with sign Capricorn intercepted suggests karmic conditions which must be dealt with because even Trump and America must reap what's been sown. Note that the Pluto-SN pairing also suggests potentials for war, violence, or other large-scale events which disrupt people's lives and are too large for mere mortals to handle. Refugees crashing trough border walls are suggested.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter emphasizes potentials for justice, religious and moral aspirations, making far-reaching plans, foreign concerns, but also wastefulness and speculation. Philosophically, a hint of Marxism may be involved or even bohemianism with this placement although given present conditions in US society, attempts to convert others to a particular system of beliefs is probably on the Jupiterian menu. This reminds me of the Bush-Cheney Vulcans' deceptive "hearts and minds" propaganda as they invaded and radicalized the Middle East against the West, plus, Jupiter can also play the role of The Broadcaster, for ill or good.

Now Jupiter enters Sagittarius during a Mars Hour, as you see, and Mars rules Scorpio --'27Scorpio' is emphasized by the Ascendant and Moon rising--'27Sco' = "A Military Band on the March". Of course, this may not be America's military band on the march but with impulsive Trump in the Oval Office, all bets are off in the predictability department. With warrior planet Mars as chart-ruler, he applies only once--a square with Jupiter. Potentials for the square are penned on the chart, lower left. Plus, Jupiter as actor in a horoscope also plays many parts such as politician, financier and banker, religious figures...and military Generals.

Jupiter's karmic confrontation degree of '30Scorpio' = "The Halloween Jester" (negative expression: contempt for established values") while his position @1Sag = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire (negative: unhealthy veneration for the past" (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones). Having a cycle of approximately 12 years, of interest is that Jupiter last entered Sagittarius in November 2006 and on November 6, 2006, Democrats gained control of both the House and Senate in the 2006 Midterm Elections. Perhaps the history of the 2018 Midterms will rhyme, if not repeat, with Jupiter entering Sagittarius.

Just behind the rising Moon and Jupiter is little Mercury @10Sag = "A Golden=Haired Goddess of Opportunity" and Mr. Trump is nothing if not an opportunist as are his cabinet members under scrutiny for misuse of public funds and other unethical practices. Of course, communicating Mercury rules reporters and political pundits as well as voters and ballots and this Mercury squares the Career Point (MC) which denotes blockages in communications. We should also mention that the Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal Point of all horoscopes, points toward the 19 North Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 @9Vir21 with unstable Neptune opposite at the IC (Basis) of this horoscope. 19 North themes are: realism, coming down to earth and seeing something for what it really is, and tackling the truth (Brady). And there is radical chaos-creator Uranus Rx @29Ari55 in the 5th house of Speculation and Risk-Taking and in Nodal Degree, a fated or karmic condition as is the Cancer-Capricorn interception across the 2/8 axis of Money, Debt, and Corporatism with Uranus in Aries denoting blind zealots and Utopian anarchists (Ebertin).

As for the 19 North 'realism' eclipse and fraudulent, obscuring, eroding Neptune opposing it, we continue to find ourselves mired within truth vs fiction problems in large part due to Mr. Trump's fantasy-prone Mercury-Neptune square of falsehoods, misconceptions, and indiscretion for this manifestation of a 19 North Solar Eclipse is the Prenatal Eclipse of the 2016 presidential election and of Inauguration 2017 when saboteurs foreign and domestic placed Trump's fat finger on The Button. For a glimpse of the 2016 eclipse horoscope see The 2016 Eclipse That Heralded The Prevaricator.

Above Image: illustration for '12Cancer' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" which Jones relates to "real community service"; ("negative expression: completely unreasonable demands for recognition") and of course one thinks of Trump's and America's financial links to China; pencil on black paper; image available in my Fine Art America portfolio.

Oct 18, 2018

November 2018 New and Full Moons

October 18, 2018: Below is a dual chart showing both the November 7th New Moon and the November 23rd Full Moon of 2018 set for Washington DC. Please enlarge to read my scribbles:

As you see, the New Moon @15Sco11 perfects the morning after the 2018 Midterm Elections and as usual, marks the beginning of a new cycle with the Moon at the Point of Regeneration (15 Scorpio), aka, the Eagle Point. Without knowing who the victors will be as I type, this chart must speak for itself with restrictive Saturn @5Cap30 rising and acting as chart-ruler (Cap ASC) which makes no applying major aspects to other planets in the chart. This emphasizes SAturn sign and house position (12th house of Politics, Large Institutions, Self-Undoing, and Karma) but at least Saturn isn't afflicted in the chart and has left his off-again-on-again trine with radical Uranus conjunct the New Moon IC (Foundation; Endings; The Drain) from the 3rd house side and at a critical 29th degree of Aries, a disruptive placement of zealots, anarchists, and radicals.

Obviously, Technology and Communications are part of this Uranian picture and of course, Mr. Trump is Uranian since natal Uranus is his guiding planet due to its oriental condition (last planet to rise before his Sun). A side note of interest may be that asteroid Eros @17Gem40 (5th house; the piercing) conjoins Trump's natal Uranus, planet of chaos, disruption, and shock. Is this a reference to the Mueller investigation or its findings?

Also prominent is rising Pluto @19Cap06 suggesting a tale of massive events coming up that are uncontrollable by mere mortals and possibly relate to surveillance and ties to the Criminal Underworld. As you've heard, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Trump, the Russians, and -other- may drop as early as November 7th ('after' the Midterms). That the separative South Node ('SN'; the 'tail of the dragon') is in 1st house is a negative indicator, plus, SN conjoins US Progressed Pluto (29 Capricorn, a critical or crisis degree) and soon will swipe across US natal Pluto (27Cap33) suggesting potentials for self-reliance but also large-scale changes that affect others who are not consulted. Adding to the complexity is the Mars-Saturn midpoint in 1st house which conjoins America's POTUS Sun (00AQ48 for Trump 2017) and forming a picture of a leader unable to meet all demands or master all circumstances.

With SN conjunct POTUS Sun, Mr. Trump's popularity may be at low ebb as well which we discussed previously (exact on October 27th). In addition, we're still under the influence of 'The Tower' Solar Eclipse (18Leo41) with its theme of 'collapse of plans, lifestyles, and...edifices'. One result may be that Trump's tower of lies finally collapses into rubble but we must hope that, if so, this won't take America down too especially considering all the damage he's already caused our nation.

Mercury @8Sag19 approaches warring star Antares, one of the Royal stars of Persia, and conjoins two asteroids: Icarus, associated with flying too high and crashing and assassination which could be a reference to the October 2, 2018 heinous murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and Trump's defense of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ('MBS'), and Circe (where we rescue or seek rescue). Or, is another assassination on someone's November-into-December 2018 agenda? Perhaps but we should note that 17 Gemini+ is the position of Mr. Trump's natal 10th house Uranus ('18Gemini' = "Two Chinese Men talking Chinese in a Western Crowd").

Now in the Full Moon horoscope of November 23rd (upper right), we find Icarus Rx and still @17Gemini+ in 10th house although divine-retribution asteroid Nemesis @14Gem31 is nearer Midheaven ('MC' @11Gem25; the Goal Point)--and gold-hoarding MIDAS Rx @11Gem11 conjoins the MC (which may or may not be America's natal Descendant). A Venus-Uranus opposition across the 2/8 axis of Money, Values, Shared Resources, Credit/Debt, and Corporatism denotes potentials for 'a treasury showing unexpected rises and falls in its valuation, settings suddenly exploited for development, ruling bodies unable to cope with sudden infusions or lacks of funds, and/or unpredictable vanity shown by leaders or executives' (Munkasey). Eccentric spendthrifts, wastrels, over-indulgence, and extravagance are also suggested by the Venus-Uranus pair along with possible relationship breakups.

And of course you see that the Full Moon @00Gem52 conjoins fixed star Alcyone with key words something to cry about. (Other stars are listed on the right side of the charts.) The Full Moon chart-ruler is Mercury turned retrograde as of the evening of November 16th @13Sag29 and as Rx chart-ruler suggests delays, reviews, revisions, and re-considerations of all kinds including plans and ideas. In fact, this regressive condition is at the Foundation of the Full Moon chart (Mercury Rx conjunct IC) which suggests that whatever was seeded at the November 7th New Moon will be under revision before the Full Moon rather than culminating at the Full Moon as planned.

Chart-ruler Mercury makes two applying aspects: 1. square Mars (5A45) describing a period of frustration, incorrect information blocking goals, provoked anger, possible equipment failure, and rash actions; 2. conjunct Jupiter (7A01) showing expansive plans, an increase of international communications, news about legal affairs or decisions, and/or discussions concerning the employment of relatives.

That this Rx condition of Mercury can affect Midterms' voting outcomes goes without saying for Mercury is the planet of vote casting, ballots, and decisions but hopefully, Midterm victors will be decided well before November 23rd--or counts will be ongoing or contested.

Now there are many other chart factors of note in both charts but in line with my usual desire to keep this a post, not a book, I shall close for now and allow you to fill in the gaps and perhaps I'll see you at the voting booth November 6th!

Oct 16, 2018

2018 candidate Stacey Abrams born December 9, 1973

October 16, 2018: 2018 candidate for the governorship of Georgia Stacey Abrams was born on December 9, 1973 in Madison, Wisconsin. With birth time unknown, a quick peek at her 'noon' horoscope shows a personality blend of Sun Sagittarius-Moon Gemini (the opposite of Donald Trump's!) with her Moon ranging from 5Gem36 to 20Gem37 during the 24-hour period. This is a Fire-Air combo of a 'live wire' full of exciting idea and communication skills that may get carried away with its eloquent rhetoric yet her cleverness and charisma are very attractive to others.

According to her Sun-Moon blend, Stacey Abrams is inventive, logical, ironic, sociable, and fun-loving although a YOD pattern with her Mercury-Venus sextile at its base and pointing toward Saturn Rx @2Can19 forms an interesting midpoint picture of thoroughness and a serious attitude toward life (Ebertin).

As for the Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') of Stacey Abrams, it occurred on June 30, 1973 @9Cancer (conjunct Trump's natal Mercury!) in the 11 South Saros series. This is a difficult series with themes of 'systems fail and new methods and sudden reforms are needed in order to deal with events' which works for this native Georgian if it implies her victory over her Republican challenger Brian Kemp. In addition, solar eclipses in the 11 South series also suggest that 'any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' (Brady) which might refer in the current campaign season to the violence Brian Kemp and the Republicans in Georgia (my home state) are doing to 'win' by suppressing the Democratic vote on November 6, 2018.

An eclipse last manifested in the 11 South series on July 22, 2009 @29Can26 and another will occur on August 2, 2027 @10Leo opposite her natal Jupiter in Aquarius. And on November 6, 2018, transit Saturn will be @5Capricorn so the 'old man' planet recently opposed her natal Saturn, a period when one must take to heart lessons about what failed in the past and what is obviously not working presently so that plans can be made for taking constructive actions once the Saturnian influence passes. And since restrictive Saturn is associated with government, law (she's a lawyer), business, authority, realism, authenticity, and karma, we may expect this to be a fortuitous condition for a serious-minded lady candidate who may be victorious in the 2018 Midterms for if so, Stacey Abrams Could Become America's First Black Female Governor--If She Can Turn Georgia Blue which suggests her tendency toward breaking boundaries which are also ruled by astrological Saturn!

If you wish, connect with Stacey on her Facebook page.

Horoscope and Eclipse of Eric Trump January 6, 1984

If you remember, Politico ran a story back on September 12, 2018 titled, Eric Trump accused of anti-Semitism after 'shekels' remark when he spoke of Bob Woodward, author of Fear: Trump in the White House which debuted in September 2018 and is now a most-read best-seller on Amazon.

Now, thanks to singing canary Michael Cohen, Trump's former fixer and bag man, we find that Trump reportedly directed Michael Cohen and Eric Trump to keep Stormy Daniels quiet and that Eric enlisted the aid of a Trump Organization lawyer to do just that. This puts Eric Trump in a brighter, more dangerous spotlight than even his misappropriation of charity funds has done. See Eric Trump's charity remains under investigation. Apparently, the charity has been used by the Trump family as their personal 'piggy bank'.

This sort of financial slight-of-hand appears in the natal horoscope of Eric Trump--primarily through his speculating, inflationary, fraud-leaning Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which also links to his truth-challenged Mercury-Neptune conjunction and forming a trio of planetary slight-of-hand! This trio is how Donald Trump's fantasy-prone Mercury-Neptune square and his 2nd hou$e Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio express in the chart, psyche, and behavior of his middle son, Eric, and it creates a midpoint picture of interest, Mercury-Jupiter = Neptune with potentials for: tendency to bamboozle or mislead others; 'to lose the solid ground under one's feet' during speaking; a person successful in deception or speculation; a powerful imagination (Ebertin). Turns out that when it comes to such things as financial dealings, a "powerful imagination" can land you in hot water!

So for your consideration, below is a 'noon' horoscope (birth time unknown) for Eric Trump, born January 6, 1984 in New York City; please enlarge the image to read my study notes; today's transits (Oct 16, 2018) are marked in turquoise around the chart:

Now without an accurate birth time I'm not inclined to write much more concerning this natal chart and will leave it to you, dear reader, if you wish to delve more deeply into it. However, a few notes on the Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') of Eric Trump are in order. Highlighted in orange on the chart and conjoining his natal Uranus, Eric's PE perfected on December 4, 1983 @11Sag46 in the 3 South Saros Series. This echoes his father's PE in the 2 Old North series which repeated for Donald Trump on July 12, 2018 @21Cancer because in 1946, Trump's PE @8Gemini conjoined America's natal Uranus, our country's 'totem planet' of revolt and revolution. And as you know, eclipses are considered 'wild cards of the universe' affecting events in similar fashion to quirky Uranus, planet of disruption and chaos, Trump's favored way of 'ruling'.

As for Eric's PE, themes of eclipses in the 3 South series tend toward: 'sudden endings of associations or relationships, possibly with a young person' (a family member as in divorce? plus, his Venus-Uranus conjunction--jc); 'traumatic transformation and emotions via Pluto's involvement' (in 3 South's initial eclipse of August 13, 1208 @27Leo10 when Pluto was @10Leo15--conjunct Donald's natal Pluto 10:02!) 'through news received or short journeys undertaken' (Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Of upcoming significance, the Solar Eclipse of January 6, 2019 @15Capricorn 'eclipses' Eric Trump's natal Sun but manifests in the 2 South Saros Series. 2 South's theme: 'unusual groups, involvement with such groups, and feeling that a great deal will be gained' (Brady). As long as this doesn't turn out to be a prison group, Eric Trump should feel well out in 2019 although an indictment cannot be ruled out for it may well be in his cards.

Oct 15, 2018

How Republicans Plan to Steal your Vote (w/ Guest Tom Perez)

A segment with DNC Chairman Tom Perez from the October 15, 2018 broadcast of The Thom Hartmann Show for your consideration.

Stars Over Washington Turns 13!

Tomorrow October 16, 2018, Stars Over Washington reaches its 13th anniversary! Beginning this blog using Astrology as a lens to investigate Politics and politicians on October 16, 2005, my frustration level with the Bush-Cheney regime and the rest of the Vulcan liars determined to scam the American people into war/s may not have decreased but it seemed a pretty good way to deal with my emotions at the time and blogging forward into 2018.

Now here's a quick comparison of the 'personality' of SO'W at its 2005 inception and how it fares for the upcoming year into 2019 using its founding blend of Sun Libra-Moon Aries (Air-Fire), then on to tomorrow's blend of Sun Libra-Moon Capricorn (Air-Earth):

Sun Libra-Moon Aries is a lively, outspoken combination of a spunky crusader with aspirations for social harmony and justice. This blend is the natal blend of luminaries such as Coltrane, Fermi, Verdi, Pavarotti, and poet e.e. cummings whose sentiment I shared then (and now), "A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man." Maintaining a low opinion of most politicians as I do, having such a quote connected to SO'W was and is okay by me. And if you read the description of SO'W under its title, the infestation of corrupt politicians and their enablers has only increased under Donald Trump so more ridicule is needed, not less.

2018 Sun Libra-Moon Capricorn (conjunct Pluto!): a believer in fair play, law and order, and ethical systems (know how we can get one?), this is a purposeful, pragmatic blend with a social conscience and a sense of duty. (Please note that my personal sense of duty is for the sake of my country which is why for years I have written and published this 'freebie' blog.)

One luminary born under the auspices of this blend is Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seale and I close this celebratory post with his prescient quote which, in my opinion, must now be applied to all Americans as we face the 2018 Midterm Elections, said to be a referendum on the policies and anti-democratic 'leadership' of Donald Trump. According to Astrology, there is a distinct possibility of a Blue Wave which must be a Blue Tsunami in order to succeed against GOP cheaters:

"We must start coming forth with our energies...our intellects, and our abilities to see what is right and what must be done, so the suffering will stop, and the phrase 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' begins to make some human sense."

A Related Post: Defend the US Constitution on November 6, 2018!

See Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Oct 14, 2018

The True Power of Lies - ep 352 Max Igan

From October 12, 2018: Max Igan's conceptually and visually stunning The True Power of Lies Surviving the Matrix episode 352 via American Voice Radio:

As Max often quotes, “I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside.” - Rumi

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Oct 12, 2018

Will Trump Fire Jeff Sessions After the 2018 Midterms?

In a previous SO'W post concerning the natal Jupiter of AG Jeff Sessions we discussed Beauregard's planets and in other previous posts the topic has been the November 6th 2018 Midterm Elections which, talking heads seem to agree, may time the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions by a Donald Trump desperately trying to stop the Mueller investigation.

Taking a quick peek at the horoscopes of Jeff Sessions (December 24, 1946 'noon' Selma, AL) and the 2018 Midterms, suggestive planetary links between the charts are shown. One degree area of interest includes Sessions' Capricorn planets: Sun @2Cap20 (at noon), Mars @5Cap31, and Moon possibly @15Capricorn for as you know, transit Pluto in Capricorn has in recent years intensified that degree area with Mr. Underworld's powerful transformative energies. However, an area of concern in 2018 is the position of restrictive Saturn on November 6, 2018 @5Cap24 which conjoins the natal Mars of Jeff Sessions. This is an energy-zapping, lowering transit during which relationships, particularly those with other males, may be limited in some way--or broken off completely.

Another hint is that on Election Day 2018, transit Sun @14Scorpio squares the natal Pluto of AG Sessions (which conjoins his natal Saturn in Leo). Sun square Pluto denotes potentials for direct confrontations and/or the betrayal of confidences. And loss-leader Neptune @13Pis47 Rx at the 2018 Midterms (planet of scandals!) forms a T-Square with the natal Mercury-Uranus opposition of Jeff Sessions which suggests nerve troubles (Ebertin). Well, I'd be nervous too if I had to deal personally with Donald Trump and his 12th house Mars and Pluto! Not that the prospective firing of Jeff Sessions will be done in-person, mind you, but if Jeff Sessions is fired at any point it will probably be second-hand in a tweet or on TV.

Now it's true that none of this planetary action may be sufficient to describe Mr. Trump firing Mr. Sessions around or after the 2018 Midterms, but if Congress assures Mr. Trump that they will confirm a new Attorney General once the Midterms are off the political calendar, what more justification will the vulnerable Donald Trump need?

Oct 11, 2018

Horoscope: Saudi Arabia 1902 w Oct 2, 2018 planets

Oct 11, 2018: For those who may be interested, The Guardian has published a Timeline concerning Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance on October 2, 2018 going into the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, Turkey, "after lunch." Here is the country's January 15, 1902 horoscope (one of three or more) for Saudi Arabia with October 2, 2018 planets highlighted in green surrounding the chart and speculatively timed for 2:03 pm EEDT with karmic Saturn @3Cap05 rising; chart data from The World Book of Horoscopes, N. Campion; chart #288:

Apologies! Blogger has found issues with code and the image will not re-upload. You'll find the horoscope at my all-purpose astrology blog Jude Cowell Astrology.

Update Oct 12, 2018: it has been reported on MSNBC that a video time stamp shows Mr. Khashoggi entering the Saudi embassy at 1:14 pm which gives 22Sag19 rising ('23Sag' = "Immigrants Entering a New Country") and 14Lib43 at Midheaven with Mercury and Sun snugged around it. Restrictive Saturn, planet of authority, is first planet to rise. It's an Hour of Jupiter and broadcasting Jupiter is chart-ruler but is unaspected as is the Ascendant.

Please enlarge the image to read chart details. In the center of the horoscope are listed Saudi Arabia's Syzygy Moon (last lunation, a New Moon prior to the overthrow of Riyadh, the founding event this chart is based upon--with 2018 Pluto conjunct the Syzygy Moon and denoting a critical time of development and issues of separation), and its Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') in the 12 North Saros Series; 12 North's theme is on the chart. Last 12N: on SA's birthday January 15, 2010 @25Capricorn conjunct natal Sun and Jupiter; next 12N: January 26, 2028 @6AQ conjunct Saudi Arabia's natal Icarus (5AQ47). Note that 5-6 Aquarius happens to be the position of America's natal South Node (1776).
Although I had not intended to compare Mr. Trump's natal planets with those of Saudi Arabia (pals though they may be--he thinks), a few of his planets are listed around the chart as well but are not highlighted. Of note is Saudi Arabia ('SA')'s Pluto @17Gem02 Rx conjoining Trump's natal Uranus, his 'guiding planet' of chaos and disruption, an explosive, revolutionary combination of planetary energies. And SA's natal Vertex ('VX') @00Vir26 conjoins the occult 8th cusp, royal Regulus (success if revenge is avoided), and the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump with his aggressive Mars rising @26Leo.
Now naturally you see that SA has a Sun-Jupiter conjunction @25Capricorn rising where transit Pluto will soon trod, and that Mr. Underworld was already near SA's natal Saturn (19Cap22) on October 2, 2018. In fact, Pluto's recent Station on September 30, 2018 @18Cap45 was within orb of SA's natal Saturn, describing a period when power and authority are abused. Plus, the nation is having a Mars Return (10AQ21) this very day (October 11, 2018 at 9:29:52 am BAT Riyadh) and will soon have a three-fer Saturn Return in 2019, exact on: March 23rd; June 7th (Rx); and December 14, 2019, when all accounts are ready to be tallied and lessons have surely been learned (for best karmic results).
And big as life, there's lady Venus so recently turned retrograde (October 5, 2018 @10Sco50) at the top of Saudi Arabia's chart on October 2, 2018 conjunct the nation's natal North Node of meetings and encounters. As you know, the top of a horoscope is the most visible point, the Midheaven/Goal Point--the World Stage. Whether October 2nd Venus represents Khashoggi's fiancee and/or the concepts of jealousy and vengeance, yours truly does not know. But Mr. Khashoggi is known as a critic of the Saudi regime and since he allegedly entered the embassy to get papers that would allow them to marry, perhaps this Venus in this particular chart represents love, romance, and relationships--and meetings (NN) about love matters. Yet we cannot rule out negatives such as betrayal and spying because Venus is in brooding, secretive Scorpio, a sign associated with death, control, and in-depth investigation which includes journalism and reporters like Jamal Khashoggi.
Of course, journalists are often considered by the regimes they cover to be spies, are they not?

For more details on this disturbing topic see today's CNN report Saudis Discussed Plan to Lure Khashoggi to Saudi Arabia, US intercepts show which didn't work on him so they used the Saudi embassy in Istanbul to 'detain' him. And from 2016 along the same lines, also see Does Vladimir Putin Kill Journalists?.

Oct 10, 2018

Nikki Haley Astrology Chart

Now that US Ambassador to the UN has re-signed her post two days prior to planet Venus slinking through Scorpio and turning re-trograde @10Sco50 (October 5th), a peek at her 'noon' horoscope is in order and may be viewed at Star4Cast, Marjorie Orr's excellent website.

Also included is a view of Haley's natal chart blended into a composite chart with that of Donald Trump--and it's fairly curious! Plus, if you haven't, check out Haley's natal Mars-Uranus opposition which squares her natal Mercury in Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. (Nikki Haley January 20, 1972 Lansing, MI, birth time unknown.)

Mars-Uranus = Mercury: acting independently and drawing heavily upon one's nervous energy reserves (perhaps she's all tired out! jc); a test of strength or power carried out calculatingly; an achievement or invention thought out in great detail; excessive irritation of the nerves (Ebertin).

A primary feature is that the combining of their natal charts and planets results in a difficult, frustrating Mars-Saturn square, not the best portent for an easy, lengthy relationship, or it may be sporadic or alternate between apathy and cooperation. Still, Haley says she's supporting Trump in 2020 and apparently intends to stump on his behalf. The square also denotes a tendency toward bad timing, an idea the GOP is publicly sporting due to Haley's resignation only one month prior to the 2018 Midterms (unheard of!). Good timing for her though.

Hopefully, Ambassador Haley is not involved or connected in any way with the disappearance or murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi who hasn't been seen alive since he walked into the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey. After all, Nikki Haley has been hangin' with all nationalities at the United Nations and might 'know a little something' about the case.

So in spite of her resignation, Haley and Trump are so far expressing no rancor between them as she prepares to re-turn to the private sector at or by the end of 2018, possibly to earn money to balance her personal budget. Yet we know that 'Venus scorned' is an archetype within the Venus in Scorpio model along with potentials within Scorpio for brooding intensity and betrayal. It has been reported that she was mightily upset when Trump passed her over for Secretary of State and named oil magnate Rex Tillerson to the post. Bruise! So it will be interesting yet sad to see if Mr. Trump turns at some point toward criticizing Nikki Haley who may have become too high profile at the UN for attention-vampire Trump's weak ego to manage.

Now here are a few details concerning the Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') of Nikki Haley:

January 16, 1972 @25Capricorn; 10 North themes: communication is emphasized along with frustrating or inhibiting events via news, paperwork, or a young person; feeling tired and drained; must work through difficulties one at a time (Brady).

A 10 North eclipse last occurred on February 7, 2008 as what I then called 'The Unmasking Eclipse' @17AQ45 because of its degree's Sabian Symbol. And it is my belief that the current solar eclipse which manifested on August 11, 2018 in the 2 New North series ('The Tower') has activated the potential themes of The Unmaking Eclipse which, on a subterranean level of the Collective Mind, so that its 'wild card' Uranian energies combine with our current eclipse theme of 'collapse of lifestyles, plans, and structures'.

As for 'The Tower' collapse potentials we're mired in now, my personal best-case scenario would be the ultimate collapse of Donald Trump's Tower of Lies which in 2018 trembles on shaky ground.

Oct 9, 2018

DC Horoscopes: July 2019 Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Dual Horoscopes: lower left, Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019 3:16:06 pm edt Washington DC @10Can37; Lunar Eclipse (upper right) July 16, 2019 5:38:07 pm est Washington DC @24Cap04:

Please note that the Hour of the Lunar Eclipse is Venusian (which was left off the chart mea culpa!) and transit Venus @16Can15 will have conjoined the degree of the July 2nd Solar Eclipse (10Can37) and that the transiting North Node of the Moon will conjoin the Solar Eclipse degree near mid-July 2019. Also note that Solar Eclipses in Moon-ruled Cancer reveal that emotional extremes block karmic progress and the urge is to withdraw emotionally from eclipse affairs and events--to hide in Cancer the Crab's shell (Lineman). Yet we know that an accompanying Lunar Eclipse reveals something about our reactions to the karmic conditions and events indicated by the Solar Eclipse.

In July 2019, the Solar Eclipse is Total which has the strongest influence and/or is most widely ranging in its effects (for eclipse posts I go by degrees and not so much by the patch of visibility because I've been affected by too many eclipses that I couldn't 'see'). The Lunar Eclipse is Partial which suggests weaker efforts being made to deal with issues, or that efforts may fall short of their intended aims--that constructive efforts may be lacking or partially lacking. With Saturn-ruled Capricorn, some element of control or a form of limitation may be on the emotionally based solar agenda which occurs so near America's Independence Day that the eclipse is 'personalized' for the US.

Financier and Politician Jupiter Rx in 2nd house, then rising at the Lunar Eclipse

Finances delayed? Budget strife on Capitol Hill and/or perhaps the US dollar losing more of its global sheen? Limitations on economic policies? Well naturally, eclipses across the Cancer-Capricorn polarity relate to security issues, Career vs Family and Home situations, and to ambition, strategy, and direction taken in the realms of Business, Government, Law, Finance, and Investment. Also notable in such realms is the conjunction of Saturn with the South Node, the 'tail of the dragon' @17Cap36/43. Please enlarge the image to read my notes on this difficult and limiting hook-up highlighted in green and penned on the right side of the image. And as you see in the Lunar Eclipse chart, the 2/8 axis of Money, Values, Finances, and Big Business is where this conjunction clusters which suggests the necessity to rise by force via self-reliance--and this tallies with transit Uranus in money sign Taurus where new sources of income may need to be found. We will certainly know more of such issues by the time of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, 2020, an indicator of a 'new social order' and which conjuncts the natal Vertex of fate for Mr. Trump.

And finally, 3 North Solar Eclipses also manifested in the years 1911, 1929 (3N is the PE of 'Black Tuesday' 1929), 1947, 1965, 1983 (Reaganomics!), 2001 (the PE of 9/11/01, as noted on the chart), 2019 (this chart), and will next occur in 2037. 3N's initial eclipse manifested on October 10, 991 @22Gem06 conjunct what became US natal Mars so military and war issues cannot be ruled out in 2019 under Donald Trump whose natal MC (The Goal Point) happens to conjoin the Lunar Eclipse's 6th cusp, the house of Military, Police, and Civil Service.