Jun 23, 2019

July 2019 Eclipse hits 'Berlin Wall Falls' Horoscope

On the topic of new and old orders falling, being built, and morphing into the next, here is the timed horoscope (via news report; RR: A) of the Fall of the Berlin Wall November 9, 1989 where we see Jupiter Rx exalted in Cancer and rising and, it turns out, awaiting its 'eclipse' which occurs on July 2, 2019 in the form of the 3 North Solar Eclipse @10Can37 (chart set for DC, not Berlin); please enlarge the image since my study notes are penned on the chart and will not be repeated in this text:

The horoscope of this global event, a major signpost along the dusty trail toward the draconian 'New World Order' (which some say is actually the 5G 'Smart' Grid), reveals a variety of cosmic time links to planets, conjunctions, and lunations within the 2019--2022 period and I believe that this is partially because those in charge (lurkers behind the curtain--'presidents' and politicians are mere figureheads) use--have always used--occult methods such as Astrology to time their devilish activities. You may disagree but there it is.

Naturally, with the sign Cancer involved, plus, the planet Jupiter, financial implications or complications are suggested by the July 2 Eclipse and by the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse in Saturn-ruled Capricorn (@24Cap04--near US natal Pluto and opposing US natal Mercury--security, surveillance concerns and/or spying scandals exposed? Even Cancerian food supplies may be affected).

So which planets in Mundane Astrology are associated with old and new orders?

We can point to Saturn (old; the past) and Uranus (new; the future) and consult their 45-year cycle for timing purposes. Their current cycle began when they last conjoined three times, all in 1988: February 13 @29Sag55, June 26 @28Sag47, and October 18 @27Sag49 during the presidency of Ronald Reagan who, among other things, signed a trade agreement with Canada in 1988, if memory serves. And of course, on November 8, 1988, George H. W. Bush was (s)elected president and continued to experience some measure of fall-out from his Iran-Contra role, hidden as it was intended to be. Meanwhile, karmic Saturn went on to meet with Neptune in Capricorn three times in 1989 (@10-12Cap). Yet for our topic today--years 2019--2022--we should note that the next Saturn-Uranus Conjunction won't perfect until June 28, 2032 @28Gem01, opposite their 1988 meet-ups.

Therefore, I'm 'calling it' for the two societal planets as timer--Jupiter and Saturn, for their conjunctions relate to the beginnings of new social, financial, religious, and political orders which endure for about 20 years, with the current cycle in force since May 28, 2000 (@22Tau43). So in case you haven't seen it, here's a DC Horoscope of the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction at Winter Solstice which conjoins and activates America's POTUS Sun degree (00AQ+) on December 21, 2020, just in time for Inauguration 2021.

A prominent midpoint picture will form--Jupiter-Saturn = Sun: "Taking destiny into one's own hands; major changes according to plan; or, if nothing has been prepared, becoming gripped by the status quo and having to make the best of things (Solar Arcs, Tyl).

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Jun 21, 2019

Gemini Trump in Moscow with Miss Universe 2013

Here's an overdue peek at the planets during Mr. Trump's 2013 visit to Moscow for the Miss Universe Pageant, the one where tapes were allegedly made of Trump in the Presidential Suite. Apparently the reason the reputedly raunchy session with Russian working girls occurred in Trump's Moscow hotel room during the trip was to 'defile' the bed where the Obamas had previously stayed. To me, if so, this 'reason' makes Trump's lewd depravity in Moscow seem even worse via bigotry and his jealousy of Mr. Obama's popularity which Trump can never achieve. He says he's a germaphobe so the event couldn't have happened but such a condition would not have kept him from watching!

Yes, Moscow November 2013 must have been a busy if not a whirlwind weekend trip for Donald Trump. For one thing, the Miss Universe Pageant 2013 provided him with millions of dollars and a chance to make puppy eyes at Vladimir Putin who is perhaps Trump's primary role model in the realm of cold-blooded dictators. Held on November 9, 2013 at the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, a suburb of Moscow, the pageant now provides a handy reference point during the trip itself whether Trump's private goings-on were lewd or not. He has in the past repeatedly denied that he spent the night in Moscow as detailed in the Comey Memos. Yet perhaps one of the the more important points is that Trump and Putin could have met although reports say otherwise (I'm imagining Putin's dark-windowed limo waiting for Trump in an alley beyond the Crocus City Hall building and a furtive promise to help shoehorn Big T into the White House).

Well, here's a brief CNN video about the pageant which ends with a screen shot of Trump's post-pageant tweet to Aras Agalarov on *November 11, 2013 at 8:39 am (see chart notes, below). His informative tweet said, "@AgalarovAras I had a great weekend with you and your family. You have done a FANTASTIC job. TRUMP TOWER-MOSCOW is next. EMIN was WOW!". How one spends a weekend without spending at least one night is anybody's guess. Emin is Agalarov's son, a singer, and of course those are Trump's CAPs not mine.

NPR published Timeline of events yet so far I've not located an exact start time for the pageant so let's choose 9:00 pm Moscow Time on November 9, 2013 in case such a chart is needed for future reference. Note that Miss Venezuela, Gabriella Isler, was crowned Miss Universe in 2013--and you'll remember that beforehand, Trump had tweeted like a little gurrl wondering if Putin would become his "new best friend."

As usual, my study notes are penned upon the chart so hopefully you might enlarge the image to read them if you wish. You'll see that a few of Trump's planets are around the outside (like his natal Saturn--first to rise in this chart, followed by his Venus in watery Cancer) but in green are added planetary transits for today (June 21, 2019) so as you see, the problematic South-Node-Saturn-Pluto trio that everyone now deals with conjoins the Descendant (17Cap15) of this horoscope (the 7th house of Partnerships, Alliances, and Open Enemies) and which threatens his Saturn-Venus by opposition (conflicts, under pressure, and difficult legal matters).

Rising Jupiter Rx @20Can30 conjoins fixed star Castor (see the center of chart for Castor's key concepts--expanded or increased by Jupiter) and the 2013 pageant's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') in the inspirational 16 North series is highlighted in red; the PE snugs between Saturn and North Node with the pair's very interesting 'mystery of the three days' implication according to Ebertin (Saturn-NN); reflecting a public event, the Moon @10AQ23 conjoins asteroid Juno the 'Queen of Heaven'--or in this case, Miss Universe!

And notably, the passionate Venus-Pluto conjunction opposes Trump's natal Mercury (8Can51 in his 11th house of Groups, Hopes, Wishes) suggesting such potentials as: lasciviousness, desire for sensual pleasure, thinking about sexual relationships (and I would add, thinking about large amounts of hidden money and/or bankruptcy), talking about sexual diseases, and--last but not least--attracting elements of organized crime (ex: the Russian mob).

Also showing in the chart are: high excitement about ambition (Moon-Uranus = MC) promiscuity and suspicion (Neptune-NN = Venus), making contacts who can be helpful (Mercury-Saturn = NN), and fateful deception (Sun-Neptune = Pluto, the wealthy, powerful manipulator, saboteur, and criminal). Besides, when transit Pluto opposes anyone's natal Mercury possibilities include mental manipulation, obsession, and struggles for control which may involve investigation and/or the misuse of secret or confidential information (such as making tapes of naughty activities for the purpose of blackmail) while thoughts and self-expression are transformed in some fundamental way. And although greater personal power is sought, this is a negative period so plans are unlikely to turn out for the better.

A 'Trump tweet' horoscope set for November 11, 2013 at 8:39 am est NYC shows 12Sag24 rising with the harsh Saturn-Pluto midpoint (concentration upon important matters which lie before you--Ebertin--and 12Sag is often considered to be America's natal ASC: cumbersome circumstances), the Sun had reached 19Sco19 conjunct the pageant's sexy Sappho (@19Sco51 5th house, above) plus, two difficult stars in Scorpio, and a Pisces Moon had snugged between Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx in the 3rd house of Communications which suggests to me that Trump's tweet expressed a lot of unconscious emotional energy while attempting to exercise a considerable amount of psychic manipulation.

Jun 20, 2019

August 11, 2019: both Jupiter and Uranus stand still!

June 20, 2019: Here is the August 11, 2019 Horoscope set for Washington DC at the moment (9:37:13 am edt) when Jupiter Stations @14Sag30 (3rd house of Communications) then begins forward movement (as it seems from Earth). Transit Jupiter reaches 15 Sagittarius on or about August 30 and will pass its April 10 Direct Station degree of 24Sag21 (when the planet's retrograde period began) on November 5, 2019 at 9:36:31 pm est after which Jupiterian issues, concerns, projects, and people will make better progress and horizons will broaden. Plus, in the realms of Politics and Finance, a Jupiterian figure's delaying tactics may cease to be effective in November although some improvement in such matters may be noticed around August 11 or afterward.

As you see, Jupiter's August 11, 2019 change of direction chart shows 27Vir34 rising and 27Gem14 at Midheaven so that Mercury in Moon-ruled Cancer (just barely into 10th house) rules both the Ascendant and the Goal Point (MC) yet the Messenger planet makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects in this chart which emphasizes its sign and house positions. Naturally, the Sabian Symbols are enlightening for the degrees of each planet, eclipse, station, angle, etc but only the symbol for Mercury's degree (rounded-up to '30 CANCER') is penned upon the chart, upper center..."A Daughter of the American Revolution". Make what you will of this!

Now Jupiter is highlighted in green (if you can see it!) and rebellious Uranus is highlighted in pink because Uranus also changes direction on August 11, 2019 @6Tau36:54, turning retrograde 12 hours and 49 minutes after Jupiter's about-face. As a pair, the combined energies of the Jupiter-Uranus duo indicates potentials for reforms and breakthroughs but also for 'civil unrest (strikes, protests) due to legal or religious systems that stifle justice for the common people' and/or for 'applying legal methods against breakdowns in order' (Munkasey). Often the duo relates to scientific breakthroughs and discoveries (at conjunction--their next on April 21, 2024 @21Tau50) along with a tendency toward a certain form of deafness when the opinions of others are not wanted to be heard!

Now let's note that the 2019 Mars Return of Donald Trump occurs the next day--August 12, 2019 (marked upon the chart, lower right). Also, this chart shows the Sun's return to its and the Moon's degree of the August 11, 2018 eclipse--The Tower Solar Eclipse @18Leo41. Significant in 2019? Probably since Establishment agencies, politicians, and their enablers continue their attempts the break down or destroy the various towers that Trump built! Or at least, they pretend that his destruction is their goal. But are We The People being fooled by a political charade with tyranny the goal? I ask because history tends to rhyme so I must wonder if America's Trumpian lesson echoes the fate of the Roman Empire which eventually gave up its republican form of government and turned toward autocracy and the one-man-rule of Augustus Caesar. Now we watch as "stable genius" Trump and his minions work hard toward converting our nation into this very thing. Any thoughts? No?

Well, here are a few words from a book I'm currently reading and recommending (stop me if you've heard this one):

"No republic is eternal. It lives only as long as its citizens want it. {And} when a republic fails to work as intended, its citizens are capable of choosing the stability of autocratic rule over the chaos of a broken republic...Rome offers a lesson about how citizens and leaders of a republic might avoid forcing their fellow citizens to make such a tortured choice." (Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell Into Tyranny, by Edward Jay Watts).

And as most if not all Americans know, Benjamin Franklin is famous for his answer to a question which echoes from America's founding days...what form of government was created in 1776? "A Republic, if you can keep it."

Sadly I must doubt that the Trump voters of 2016 fully realized the risk they took by replacing our republic, broken as it was, with an autocracy--not of order and stability but one made unstable by more chaos than we had before under the 'guidance' of Uranian Trump who doesn't seem to have ever met an authoritarian dictator he doesn't intend to emulate.

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Jun 19, 2019

June 18, 2019: Trump Opens Campaign 2020 in Orlando

Last evening in Orlando, Florida, survivor Donald Trump introduced the 2020 Campaign to a large crowd eager to chant and applaud their favorite demagogue currently playing the POTUS role. Check out Gabby Orr's Politico article Trump stages his greatest show yet (updated at 10:39 pm edt last evening) for details on the rally's proceedings which began with the familiar chords of the predatory Eye of the Tiger and ended with Trump's usual You Can't Always Get What You Want. One assumes that Trump fans in the chanting crowd may not have realized the irony embedded within the lyrics of that last Stones tune but the title of the album the song issues from is appropriate for a violent man born with Mars-Saturn = Pluto..."Let It Bleed."

Anyway, I digress. Or do I? Well, who cannot when Trump's the topic?

Astrology of His Risings and Settings with natal Neptune at Midheaven

If you wish, please enlarge the image to read my notes messy as they be.

Above is an 8:00 pm edt horoscope of June 18, 2019 Orlando, Florida which I'll most likely use in future as the Opening Horoscope of the 2020 Campaign--at least in relation to Trump's bid for re-election for I've not found the moment he took the stage after Don Jr and Mike Pence spoke (chart time may be adjusted as needed). Note that most of the notes penned on the chart concern last night's rally with few concerning Trump's natal chart itself although his chart surrounds the 8:00 pm chart as a bi-wheel, as you see. This emphasizes Trump's natal South-Node/Moon conjunction rising while his Sun-North-Node-Uranus sets on the 8:00 pm Descendant...placing his transactional nature (Sun-Moon opposition) in the WHAT? and WHERE TO? positions. Unstable Neptune at MC suggests 'hiding in plain sight' but a percentage of his followers refuse to see his fraudulent nature. His problematic Moon-SN does not suggest popularity, you know, although there's a great need for it, and my suspicion is that the general public is not much impressed by last night's performance.

Ascending is 22Sag42 ("23Sag" = "Immigrants Entering a New Country"--one of his favored topics and targets, of course) which makes Jupiter Rx @18Sag25 rising the chart-ruler. Jupiter, the politician, financier, guru, and General, is strong in his own sign (of 'the outsider' or 'foreigner') yet is weakened by his retrograde condition--plus, he makes no applying aspects in the chart. However, even though he's weakened, Jupiter leads a Locomotive shape of the planets signifying the 'ruthless high-power executive determined on success' (Jones). Plus, as noted lower left, you see that Venus opposes Jupiter Rx (6A18), an aspect between two money planets, exact on June 23rd with transit Venus also conjuncting Trump's natal Uranus (17Gem53 in 10th house of Career and Public Status); this, and other current planetary indicators, suggests problems or separations in relationships, particularly with females, and a Venus-Jupiter opposition denotes extravagance, wastefulness, and social climbing--someone child-like and in need of moderation. Wonder who?

Then as you see, Trump's discontented natal Venus-Saturn conjunction snugs around the 8:00 pm 8th cusp of Shared Resources and Big Business with the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse @24Cap04 cosmically scheduled to oppose his watery Venus and Saturn in self-defensive Cancer. And as with all 'wild card' eclipses, revelations may occur and disrupt as more scandals (with the ladies and/or with finances) and inconvenient secrets turn up as Summer 2019 proceeds. Yet it's doubtful that anyone needs Astrology to inform them of such goings-on in the mobster-style life of Donald Trump.

Now as expected, last evening Trump Sr regaled the audience with several golden oldies such as grousing against his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton and the 2020 Democratic field of candidates, all of whom want to "splinter us into factions and tribes." Tribes! Pot calls kettle on that one and on other insults and brags which you may wish to read about in the Politico article, linked above. A fave of mine has to be when he added a gem of a whopper: "If I deleted one email, like a love note to Melania, it's the electric chair for Trump." So much hokum packed into one goofy claim, and certainly one of his intended distractions! First, he's said to never use email, plus, he surely must be joking about sending Melania a love note! And the "electric chair"? He said it, not I! And of course, the 'royal Trump' does not escape our fatigued attention.

Well obviously, hypocrisy and grand fantasies made their usual cameo appearances in Orlando as they do whenever Trump opens his mouth, wearing his nationalism and tribalism on his sleeve as his natal Mercury-Neptune square of 'loose lips' tells tall tales and misperceives situations. So not much of his rhetoric was fresh last evening but unveiled was Trump's new-ish campaign slogan for 2020: "Keep America Great" which suggests that our nation has been improved under his tutelage, no matter how many brown children must be caged in order to 'make it happen'. On that score alone, I strongly dissent.

Another interesting natal planet of Big T on full display at 8:00 pm in Orlando was his Neptune Rx at Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal/Aspiration Point of any horoscope. Also at MC were three midpoints thus creating a few pictures we may wish to consider to see if they apply to our topic:

Mercury-Jupiter, Mars-Jupiter, and North-Node/ASC conjunct MC and Trump's natal Neptune combined their energies which suggests potentials for: favorable arrangements, zeal, a person fond of talking (guess who?!), bamboozling or misleading people, falsehood, unfaithfulness, plans without a chance of realization, failures, a powerful imagination (his nibs), successful deception, trusting in good fortune, an expression of communal sense (he fibbed), and/or a tendency to 'lose the solid ground underfoot' while speaking (Ebertin). He often does this although my ears couldn't make it to the end of his pontificating to find out. So when he loses the thread he simply continues talking in goofy fashion for after all, he loves the sound of his own voice, as you've noticed. No telling what he'll say off-script!

Now in closing, there's much more to the charts yet I'll only mention two more items--that the lovely, successful, ego-expanding Sun-Jupiter midpoint conjoined US natal Neptune (22Vir25; penned on the chart, lower right) last evening which denotes the crook and/or feebleness, according to Ebertin. Add to that the fact that Trump's natal Sun-Moon midpoint @22Vir03 also conjoins US natal Neptune constantly so we find ourselves with easy upsets, illusions, deceptions, and mistakes. To this I'll add, sad disappointment and loss.

And that's about all I wish to type about 73-year-old Donald Trump today so if you've managed to read this far, I do salute you, dear reader!

Leave your on-topic comments with this post if you wish, and please Share if you care! jc

Jun 18, 2019

Oil Crises, Tankers, and the YODs of 1973 and 2019

With the world oil supply under threat of disruption by a ginned up case for war against Iran thanks to the renegade Trump gang, I took a look back at an excerpt from a previous post (linked below) concerning the Arab Oil Embargo of October 17, 1973 which includes the founding data for OPEC; note the organization's stated goal:

"OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) September 14, 1960 9:00 +0:00 Baghdad, Iraq; OPEC's stated goal: to regulate the supply of the world's oil. Formed via conference which began at 11:00 am, a speech was delivered, and a resolution signed; hour approximate. Source: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, chart #422."

For your consideration, here is an informative report on current events Trump Pushing War with Iran? from The Young Turks:

Now the Washington DC Horoscope of the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 is remarkable not the least because of its interlaced YODs of crises, turning points, and karmic opportunities. And as you know, both Neptune and Pluto are associated with oil and other such resources while on a different level, watery Neptune represents oceans and seas. Astrological Pluto may operate as an assassin, a hidden actor or cause, or a saboteur, and together, Neptune-Pluto as a pair relates to organized crime syndicates, subterfuge, mysticism (and the supernatural).

June 2019

So if we compare the planets of the 1973 Oil Embargo with current planets and events (as 'guided' by Trump, Pompeo, and probably by war hawk Bolton--plus, pal Putin, or even Britain--is this oily scheme why his nibs visited the Queen recently?) we may wish to consider one of the 1973 chart's YOD patterns in particular--the YOD with the Neptune-Pluto sextile at its base. For in the 1973 chart, this oily YOD points toward warrior-activist Mars Rx @4Tau09 (in 7th house at sunrise edt, Washington DC) with the trio's midpoint picture potentials consisting of: succumbing to external powers, being used as a tool for other people's interests, lack of energy (Ebertin); added compulsion to to use violence to achieve aims (Munkasey); rejection of actions due to misunderstandings (Tyl). To that last I would add: because very few people believe Washington's lies-into-war anymore.

Now the 2019 potentials have been activated by transit Uranus in early Taurus for the quirky disruptive planet of chaos has come along to 'replace' Mars in the above equation so we have such possibilities as: unusual means to escape from or change reality (Uranus is fantasist Trump's guiding planet because it is oriental in his natal chart), impersonal attitudes about any destructive or antisocial activities (Munkasey); making waves to get to shore, possibly aberrant behavior, disruption to gain recognition (of the need for war with Iran?), courage (or fools rush in!?), and/or adventurous ego thrust (as always with Big T's huge ego); flair for the unusual, adventurous, mystical, supernatural, and/or peculiar discoveries (Ebertin).

But perhaps a more basic planetary echo and cosmic time link from the oil crisis of 1973 has to be that 2019 Uranus the rebel conjoins 1973 Mars, a planetary tango which suggests explosive possibilities (as already seen via the two Japanese oil tankers) and the dangerous conditions the world now faces on behalf of someone - most likely a group of weapon-forging Vulcan-esque someones - who intend to benefit from the waging of war and strife and who are aided and abetted by religious fanatics who arrogantly assume that they know what's best for the entire planet.

(Above midpoint potentials are paraphrases of The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin; Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey; Solar Arcs, Tyl.)

Jun 16, 2019

Chaos in Hong Kong as Pluto conjoins China's Jupiter

A two-minute Bloomberg video Why Did Hong Kong Erupt in Chaos? explains the massive peaceful protests in the streets of Hong Kong concerning a new law allowing extradition to Mainland China and the people of Hong Kong are not amused.

Astrologically, the eruption of the masses (crowds made larger by Jupiter's involvement) relates to the fact that the January 12, 2020 Conjunction of heavyweight planets Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 will perfect upon China's Jupiter (@22Cap21 on September 21, 1949 2nd house, and 22Cap35 on October 1, 1949 in 12th house--both Communist charts found in Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes charts 60 and 61). Both karmic planets of control are now well within orb of China's Jupiter in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business.

However, more to the point of the current chaos and protests in Hong Kong, today transit Pluto @22Cap32 conjoins China's Jupiter 1949 denoting a period when greater power and influence are sought in the realms of economic expansion and politics, yet exaggerating their importance tends to backfire. Reformist activities (ex: new laws) demand total honesty, and intolerance and fanaticism are distinct possibilities during this karmic time. And transit Saturn to China's Jupiter indicates a time of give-back and/or when a slower return for efforts may be expected. Obviously, Saturnian restrictions may affect Jupiterian freedoms.

Finally, let's add potentials of the midpoint picture formed by Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter: 'trouble with authority; adoption of the austere; staying out of trouble; trying to save what's left' (Solar Arcs, Noel Tyl); and, 'social fanaticism' (The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin).

Naturally as a common-gooder, I send my best hopes for favorable outcomes to and for the good people of Hong Kong. May all stay safe.

Horoscopes: Saturn-Pluto Conjunctions 1982 and 2020 (charts set for Washington DC).

Jun 14, 2019

G20 Osaka Summit June 28-29, 2019: Wild Cards!

Of Cosmic Blinks, Wild Cards, and Secret Plans Uncovered

by Jude Cowell

Although two 'wild card'/'cosmic blink' eclipses will soon manifest--one Solar, then a Lunar, both in July--someone has scheduled a G20 Summit within the timeframe of their influential vibrations. Known for revealing secrets and other hidden things, eclipses tend to stir up events in that Uranian way with sudden disruption and interruption while inconveniently exposing scandals and other tidbits best kept hidden. Revealing or not, complete changes of direction may result and we might even say that via eclipses, God blinks at mankind's antics--or, with a cosmic gotcha!, does He sometimes wink?

The 2019 G20 Osaka Summit is scheduled for June 28 and 29, 2019 in Osaka, Japan to be chaired by PM Shinzo Abe. One must assume that Donald Trump will blow in to the proceedings like a hot breeze with his usual chaos-creating demeanor and without participating as any previous US president would do.

The founding of Japan dates back to February 11, 660 BC and there are at least three modern horoscopes for the country. One chart you may wish to view is set for May 3, 1947 Tokyo when their post-war constitution went into effect (The Book of World Horoscopes, Campion, chart #172; ASC 18Leo57, MC 12Tau37 conjunct Sun 11Tau50, Moon 17Lib09 conjunct Trump's natal stationary Jupiter 17:27).

Now as you know, Trump is a brazen boundary-breaker, a condition well-described by his stationing Jupiter which turned Direct @17Lib27:07 a mere 3 hours 11 minutes after his birth (June 14, 1946 10:54 am Queens, NY). Plus, his natal Jupiter is also prominent because it conjoins two asteroids: Astraea (an archetype of justice!!) and Osiris. And as you know, fairness is a major concern of expansive Jupiter when in Libra, sign of Partnerships, and Trump's transactional nature stems in part from this placement with the natal sign of Jupiter revealing how one relates to other people--in his case, it's Aries-Libra's Me vs You axis.

As for the G20 Osaka Summit 2019, the background cosmic atmosphere can be described in part by the event's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') in the 2 South Saros Series which perfected on January 5, 2019 (est) @15Cap25 with a theme of 'joining unusual groups and gaining a great deal'. Yes, the G20 is a group yet considering this event when 'world leaders' get together for secret conferences to discuss the rest of us, my suspicion is that the summit may fall more under the auspices of the upcoming 3 North Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019 @10Can37 for June 28 and 29 are certainly within the two-week range of influence prior to the perfection of the 3N eclipse. And its themes definitely relate directly to America for its degree falls between our national Jupiter (5Can56) and Sun (13:19) with business-oriented, Moon-ruled Cancer a sign of tribalism, protectionism, security needs, patriotism, and the Homeland. Plus, it may very well be that masses of refugees seeking homes are on the 2019 G20 agenda. Unhelpfully, transit Jupiter (the financier and the politician) remains retrograde until August 11, 2019 in its own sign of Sagittarius, sign of the foreigner and the immigrant.

That difficult events have occurred in the past under 3 North eclipse vibes cannot be denied but hopefully our world will not veer too far astray (or toward a deceptively 'trumped up' war with Iran) under 3 North themes as 'world leaders' (aka, figureheads) meet in Osaka, Japan, knock heads together, arrogantly plan our futures, discuss financial arrangements, and drink toasts to what they consider their 'success'...during the last week of June 2019.

Now here's a May 2019 post which also concerns the G20 Osaka Summit 2019.

Above drawing: 'Phases of the Moon' by Jude Cowell

Jun 13, 2019

Saturn-Pluto and our Social Safety Net Chickens

Year 2020: Karmic Pile-Ups and the Social Order

Listening to C-SPAN Radio this morning my ears perked up when the discussion turned to Social Security issues and mention was made of the social safety net program's crisis of 1982 and into the 1980s. Googling a bit I soon located an archived New York Times op-ed from May 20, 1982 concerning the "recurrent crisis" of funding the program, Social Security in 1982, 1984, and 2020 stating in 1982 that, "The more worrisome crisis is still decades away"..."By about 2020, {} there may be trouble."

Now politicians, economists, and others have been aware of such funding issues all along and "there may be trouble" time is upon us, folks, Baby Boom Bubble and all. And while I don't like typing it, the timing points toward the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto: on November 8, 1982 @27Libra36 and the upcoming conjunction on January 12, 2020 @22Capricorn46 (both charts linked in the next paragraph). Of course, Venus-ruled Libra is an Air sign of thoughts and ideas, while Saturn-ruled Capricorn is a practical Earth sign through which ideas become reality.

Now, as January 2020 approaches, the most popular content here on Stars Over Washington of late is my recent post displaying both DC Horoscopes of the 1982 and 2020 conjunctions of these heavyweight planets: restrictive Saturn, one of the two societal planets along with expansive Jupiter, and transformative planet Pluto, the usual suspect manipulating powerfully from behind the curtain and a favorite planet of exploiting plutocrats the world over. In fact, America's Predatory Capitalism is one of the basic cash cows funding Plutocracy along with outright theft and criminality.

As for Saturn-Pluto, together their energies in the political sphere support such potentials as 'upsets in existing checks and balances', 'turmoil in any rigid or older structure', 'lengthy consideration of methods of removal or destruction', 'hoarding resources for potential future disasters', 'keeping affairs private or not open to scrutiny' (Trump's tryin'!), and/or 'secret preparations for future restrictions' preparations which I suspect are ongoing. (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey.)

Additional Note: the Saturn-Pluto cycle is approximately 33-38 years in length and prior to 1982, these particular karmic planets conjoined on August 11, 1947 @13Leo07. And by 'karmic' I mean the natural law of reaping what was sown, not that my granny thought she was Marie Antoinette!

Thus it appears that the troubling chickens that squawk within America's Social Security program are on the verge of coming home to roost just as expected for decades (for politicians chickened out on implementing fixes that would have eased the funding situation while purloining its trust fund monies) and the harsh conditions and constrictive energies of the Saturn-Pluto duo are regretfully implicated as cosmic descriptor and timing agent of our Social Security program's karmic troubles that lurk within.

And so it seems necessary to close this dreary post (sorry, dear reader!) the same way my favorite journalist, muckraker, and "all-around swell fellow" Brad Friedman ends each one of his podcasts...Good Luck, World.

Related Posts include: Saturn-Pluto, Economic Recessions, and Eclipses, and beginning in April 2020, plutocrats and the Federal Reserve System will enjoy three Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions in the 22--25 degree range of governmental Capricorn. And of course, 2020 ends with a Great Conjunction of social order planets Jupiter and Saturn @00AQ29 at Winter Solstice 2020--and conjunct US Inaugural Sun (POTUS). Significant to the presidency and to Inauguration 2021? You betcha.

Above fowl: public domain image of a Chicken Silhouette.

Jun 12, 2019

Will Democracy Survive Billionaires? clip - Thom Hartmann

June 12, 2019: Commentary by the well-informed broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann:

Horoscope: US Congress March 4, 1789 first session

Current US Capitol Building Washington DC; public domain photo

June 12, 2019: The first session of the US Congress was held at Federal Hall in New York City on March 4, 1789; the first session ended September 29, 1789.

2nd session: January 4, 1790 --August 12, 1790 (Federal Hall, NYC); 3rd session: December 6, 1790--March 3, 1791 (Congress Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). Legislation and other events that were addressed may be tracked through this time period (March 4, 1789--March 3, 1791) by the movements of the planets over New York and Philadelphia if one wishes and has the time and interest.

Assuming the gentlemen of 1789 would have begun their work around 9:00 or 9:30 am LMT, a horoscope may be set for March 4, 1789 NYC which reveals information in 2019 for comparing transits of our current day calculated--now that the US Congress is stirred to reassert its constitutionally mandated powers and duties in necessary response to Trump era challenges which are considerable, undermining, and anti-constitutional. As you know, our traditional 'three branches of government' were founded with co-equal powers and intended to act as guard dog over the other two branches yet Congress is now under threat by an Executive branch attempting a monarchical, autocratic take-over of government--implemented by an administration many would call illegitimate.

Below is the US Congress First Session Horoscope March 4, 1789 9:00 am LMT NYC--set for 9:00 am because this timing echoes the ASC/DESC and MC-IC positions in our January 20th Inauguration charts and places US natal Pluto conjunct MC, The Goal Point. Added underneath are comments concerning today's transits to the 1789 chart, plus, prominent transits in force on Inauguration Day 2017 12:00 pm est for they continue to affect the current administration and thus impact the lives of We The People:

Naturally, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron were unknown in 1789 but in 2019 they are not. Please enlarge the image to read basic chart information messily penned on.

Prominent Synastry potentials of June 12, 2019 Transits vs 1789 US Congress: Mercury trine Saturn--keen insights, realism, new ideas and plans, learning new skills. Mercury sesqui-square Mars--agitation, pressure to solve problems, working under stress, hostility, criticism, sarcasm. Saturn opposes Jupiter--frustration, delay, people and events block progress, hard work to remove or circumvent obstacles such as rules, regulations, policies, and laws. Pluto sextile Mercury--psychological issues, persuasion, propaganda, exposure (revelations especially via eclipses), discussion of deep, serious topics, powerful rhetoric, talking about changes and/or sexuality (women's rights and concerns). Pluto square Neptune--psychological issues that need professional attention, social upheaval, corrupt political institutions, feeling vulnerable, obsessions, compulsions, hallucinations, a need for spiritual regeneration.

Trump Inauguration 2017 vs March 4, 1789: Jupiter conjunct Neptune--pretence, illusion, fanaticism, flights of fancy and fantasy, loss of touch with reality, scandal, bankruptcy, propaganda, delusions, disappointments, paranoia, unrealistic expectations, speculation, over-promising, fraud, and risky schemes. Sun (POTUS) opposes Uranus--unexpected challenges, unusual events, normality disrupted, obstinacy worsens problems, a need to break out of old patterns, 'digging in the heels' (by a bone-spurred heel?). Neptune square Moon--blurred messages, confusion, an uncertain future, over-informed and/or misinformed, deception (including self-deception), fantasies, feeling lost, minds and feelings are flooded (floods), disturbed sleep (insomnia), weird dreams. Saturn square Mercury--narrow-minded thinking, exclusion, overly exacting judgments, plans delayed or hindered. Uranus square Jupiter--needing to break free of restriction (ex: ignoring laws and subpoenas), rebellion, sights set unrealistically high, recklessness, impatience, lacks of restraint and of wisdom.

So here we have a founding chart for the US Congress with a few notes on today's transits and those of the Trump administration in effect for the (assumed) 4 years of his tenure as he challenges the power of the US Congress and obstructs the ability of Congress members to fulfill their Oaths to the US Constitution and thereby to perform their duties on behalf of the America people.

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