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Jan 24, 2021

Guest Post: The Uranus Return of the Republican Party

January 24, 2021: Today Stars Over Washington is happy to share with readers a Guest Post authored by astrologer Zeebling Monroe concerning certain challenging April 2021 planetary transits to the party's 1854 planets including its radical Uranus in Taurus, the US horoscope, the planets of the now-departed yet active Trump, Don Jr, and those of a few other Republican politicians on the national stage.

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The Republican Party Uranus Return

by Zeebling Monroe

I wanted to peek into where the capital riot of January 6th and Biden’s inauguration left the Trump clique and Republican devoted so I looked at the Republican party chart (1854), Trump's, and his most devoted Republican party acolytes to discover what most of us already know - the Republican party is in for the crisis of its life.

It's All About April

With Trump still being the Sun to which Republican players rotate, his transits at a time of crisis in the party are worth noting. For much of the madness of 2020, Pluto was conjunct the Republican party Jupiter, now as it starts to move on, it hits Trump's desperate to be loved Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer which moved into opposition only a couple days after inauguration. Although I genuinely think Pluto will have him feeling quite unloved, Pluto in Capricorn opposite his Venus-Saturn conjunction sounds very much like a fear of being investigated for financial fraud or could it be the many many sexual assault allegations finally catching up with him now that he no longer has the presidential shield of protection?

Either way betrayal looms big in 2021 for Trump as the deceptive planet of fake news, conspiracies, and spin, Neptune begins squaring Trump's Sun (and Moon) from his 7th house, becoming exact in April 2021. It's hard to imagine the way out fantasy world that Trump might create with Neptune square his Sun and Moon. Could we be anymore beyond post truth? Neptune squaring from his 7th house of relationships and open enemies does sound like betrayal, especially as April appears to be crunch time for Republican and Trumpian loyalties.

April is also when Uranus square Saturn opposes Trump's Pluto in the 12th house. Trump's Pluto might be a bigger player than we may first suspect. Astrologer Liz Greene sights Trump’s unaspected Pluto in the 12th as the planet that connects his dark destructive unconscious forces with that of the collective, so when Trump's 12th house Pluto is aspected, it will have a ripple effect through the masses of Trumpian devotees.

For the Republican party April is the beginning of their Uranus Return and to add to the Republican party's woes, Neptune will be squaring the Republican party Sagittarius Moon. With the Moon representing the party's supporters (the people) and their simultaneous Uranus Return Saturn square, the party could be freaking out about alienating their base as they split between disciples and the no longer Trump crew.

The last Uranus Return for the Republican party was in 1937. When I researched the events of that time there were many strange similarities. Although it was the Great Depression the Republican party was staunchly opposed to the aid packages of Roosevelt's and particularly the New Deal. In 1937 the Republican party formed a new ultra-right-wing faction called "the old right" devoted entirely to their opposition of the New Deal. Although no stretch of the imagination is needed to see the Republicans behaving exactly the same way with Covid and economic relief, the big Uranian, and indeed Saturnian, difference this time around is the cult of Trump.

With the Republican party’s Uranus Return there is of course also the Saturn square from Aquarius (USA 10th house), suggesting authority, legitimacy, and, no doubt, legality playing into this Uranian battle. Not surprisingly it seems all of Trump's most devoted have planets in the early Taurus, Scorpio, Leo axis (Mark Meadows, Matt Gaetz, Lindsey Graham, the list goes on). Neptune’s square to Trump's Sun and Moon at this time suggests some close allies might indeed switch teams but some loyalists it appears will fight against the odds and indeed reality to defend their master. Senator Ted Cruz who absolutely hated Trump back in 2016 only to become one of his most devoted disciples is getting ready for the fight of his life as revolutionary Uranus moves into opposition with his dirty fighting Mars in Scorpio. Indeed with Saturn square Uranus opposed to Ted Cruz’s Mars in Scorpio in April one can only expect him to go into a full Mars in Scorpio style fight-to-the-death drama, I mean Ted’s dug himself in pretty deep and like Giuliani it's hard to believe there’s any coming back from their level of red-scare paranoid and delusional world view.

None the less, with Uranus on board I guess unexpected alliances could be considered. Of course with Rudy Giuliani like Cruz, it's all about the Mars. When Giuliani delivered his infamous "trial by combat" pre-insurrection speech, Jupiter was exactly opposite his self-obsessed Leo Mars-Pluto conjunction. By April, Uranus square Saturn opposite. The ultra ambitious Donald Jr, also a Mars in Leo "me me" soldier, will have Uranus exactly square Saturn opposing his Leo Mars in April too, suggesting that this Uranian battle isn't contained to the Republican party.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is already being hit hard by the Uranus-Saturn-Jupiter combo will have his Venus-Mercury at the centre of this April astro showdown but unlike most of his party or the Trump family his planets are in Aquarius and will therefore be conjunct by Saturn as opposed to most of the rest of the party’s Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio planets. Could Moscow Mitch actually be the Saturnian voice of reason in a party being torn apart by the very conspiracy theories, bullying, and out right lies he helped promote? Difficult to imagine but possible.

Although this April Uranus-Saturn showdown clearly reflects a break down in the Republican party which will be going on for some time, the fact that so many of this clique are being hit at the same time would suggest a concrete event as opposed to the continual crumbling of the party, especially since the Trump clique seem so particularly "Marsy."

The USA Chart

Come April, Jupiter will be conjunct the USA’s Aquarius Moon (last time 2009) and transit Neptune finally begins the USA’s Neptune opposition. Previous Neptune Returns and oppositions tend to be quite patriotic affairs and for the USA it is a cultural reassessment of the American dream. Clearly the ideological divide this time around has created some very very different American dreams vying for collective dominance and clearly this is a challenging opposition not a return.

In April Uranus squares the USA nodal axis with Saturn sitting on the Aquarian South Node. With the South Node in the USA 2nd house and the fact that so much of this chaos is coming from monetary Taurus, economic factors could be in play (note New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones all have planets in this Uranian Taurus path). While in office, Trump's pushing the Federal Reserve to keep the market CEO’s happy while the masses starve won't continue and maybe a powerful event, as is often the case, could scare the markets into a freak out? Even though the USA’s 2nd house Pluto Return will not be exact until 2022, it's worth noting that Pluto climbs to only one degree away by April. Also worth noting but somewhat scary is the USA’s Mars Return in April. Although a USA Mars Return by itself is not so important, this time transit Neptune will be exactly square and it's arriving at a time of increased Mars energy in politics. And as the aspect suggests, Trump's Sun is on the USA Mars. Also troubling is that Mars-Neptune aspects have a reputation for violence (including presidential assassination attempts). We as astrologers already know the inauguration chart suggests conflict or violence and I fear Neptune square the USA Mars could also signify ideological violence.

The astrology for 2021, but especially April, shows that the Trumpian influence remains dangerous. The false assertion that the election was stolen will define a faction of the Republican party and possibly become the Republican party's future stance depending on which faction wins. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail but the combination of the Republican party, Trump, and Uranus should have us all concerned.

Thank You, Zeebling! Jude

Above image: an 1800s depiction of the US Capitol Building

Jan 22, 2021

2021: A New President, Healing, and A Game of Cricket

Biden Administration to Navigate Two Upcoming Cosmic Blinks

by Jude Cowell

Until the manifestation of the June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse @19Gem47 (or about two weeks prior), the world along with the Biden administration remains under the difficult influences of the 4 South Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020, a date significant to US Politics due to the Electoral College Vote for Joe Biden. This occurrence in late 2020 of a 4 South eclipse (23Sag08) also serves as the 'Prenatal' Solar Eclipse of the entire 4-year term of President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris so it's 'strong feelings' and emotional volatility all the way.

As with every new president, much is being written and suggested about Biden's 'first 100 days' and what the Biden administration intends to accomplish by then. Let's see: from Inauguration Day 2021, 11 days in January plus 28 days in February plus 31 days in March = 70 days plus the 30 days of April which by my count takes us to May 1, 2021, aka, Beltane in paganism and more recently, as International Workers' Day. Anciently celebrated as the beginning of the Spring season, flowers decorated May Poles in a variety of cultures and dancing ensued as fertility peeked shyly from underneath its chaste petticoats.

Here's one of my botanical drawings as a small celebration: Tulipa Maytime:

And in case you missed it, on Joe Biden's first full day in office, Thom Hartmann's commentary concerned The Rule of Three that all writers use, in a segment called, Biden Needs To Take These Steps To Heal America. And of course, you know that astrologers are very familiar with such a Carter-esque rule! Even planetary retrograde cycles (Direct-Rx-Direct) suggest it via the stages of Denial-Acceptance-Solution.

Wild Cards and Cosmc Blink Eclipses: Revelations and Changes of Direction

Now a prominent feature which pops out at me concerning the May 26, 2021 Lunar Eclipse given the current political climate in the US is asteroid Nemesis, the archetype of 'divine retribution' conjunct the May 26, 2021 Lunar Eclipse degree of 5Sag35. Round up the degree to "6 Sagittarius" and we have ourselves "A Game of Cricket." "SPORTSMANSHIP; positive expression: exceptional competency in crisis; negative expression: false pretense to personal excellence" (Jones). Perhaps like me, you prefer the degree's positive expression for a majority of Americans are bone-weary from the last four years of false pretenses, "alternative facts," "fake news," and outright lies.

As for the start of a new season, nowadays we look to the annual Aries Ingress (Sun to 00Aries00:00) as the cosmic signal that the Spring Season has begun in our hemisphere so the Spring Equinox 2021 Horoscope is highly significant and may be used as a yearly chart until Spring Equinox 2022. Curiously if not unfortunately, the same political theme afflicting the Biden administration thanks to Republican opponents and others who undermine the Biden agenda is shown in the Equinox chart: look for Nemesis conjunct the Midheaven Point ('MC') with potentials of the May 26th Lunar Eclipse's "Game of Cricket" nearby.

Well, at least it isn't golf. Or is it?

Jan 20, 2021

January 20, 2021: Biden Oath of Office with New Moon at Midheaven

January 20, 2021: Since I'm trying to take in all the ceremony and celebration of today's Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, Jr, not many notes today but the following is a bi-wheel of the January 13, 2021 New Moon @23Cap13 (center) and the time (1:48--1:49 pm) that the Presidential Oath of Office was taken on the West side of the US Capitol Building, so recently breached and overrun by the 'Trump Mob'.

As the 'Syzygy Moon' of Inauguration 2021 (last lunation prior), the January 13th New Moon is significant and predictive, and turns up (as the Cosmos would have it!) conjunct The Goal Point of the Biden Oath-Swearing Horoscope (outer) - along with powerful, transformative, regenerative Pluto. (See center of the bi-wheel for Sun-Moon = Pluto.)

As you see, lower left, the rounded-up degree of Mercury in Aquarius, planet of oaths, vows, oration, ballots, voters, and such, has an interesting Sabian Symbol - "19AQ": "A Forest Fire Quenched."

In both cases, Venus is chart-ruler (Libra rising and Taurus rising) and makes only one applying aspect in the New Moon chart, a trine to Uranus which suggests the longed-for potential that 'justice and equality can flourish' (1A00). Right away President Biden signed Executive Orders meant to improve our situation and I'm sure we'll hear more them about later on.

Yet in today's horoscope, chart-ruler Venus is unaspected which to me suggests the isolated conditions associated with the US presidency and perhaps our discarded-for-the-last-four-years tradition created most strongly by President Truman's insistence that "the buck stops here," a shout-out to presidential responsibility and accountability which a majority of Americans - and probaby the rest of the globe - pray has returned to Washington DC.

Jan 18, 2021

VP Harris' Oath of Office: A Celestial Choir Singing!

January 18, 2021: In answer to calls for a view of the Horoscope of the January 20, 2021 swearing-in of Kamala Harris as Vice President of the United States set for 11:30 am est, here's the chart with lots of details squished upon it. You'll note that VP Harris has a Lunar Return (@28Ari39 opposite her natal Sun) that very morning at 9:10:36 am est.

DC Horoscope: VP Oath of Office January 20, 2021 11:30 am est with 3Tau25 rising and chart-ruler Venus (@15Cap05 conjunct charismatic Vega) in 9th house making no applying aspects; the rising Moon @29Aries = "A Celestial Choir Singing"!

The Fire-Air combo of Sun AQ-Moon Aries: Self + Society. This blend is shared natally with Anton Chekov who informed us that, "Man has been endowed with reason, with the power to create, so that he can add to what he's been given."


Jan 16, 2021

Uranus-Pluto Uprising and the Trump Mob Attack

Power Grab, Social Change, and Violent Upheaval: Uranus-Pluto

by Jude Cowell

January 16, 2021: When I began pointing out in 2020 that the transiting Uranus-Pluto midpoint in mid-Pisces was opposing and triggering the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Pluto in mid-Virgo (once in 1965, twice in 1966) from across the victim-savior axis, little could I know that the planetary pair's violent, subversive energies would express physically against the US Congress on January 6, 2021 by what I call the Trump Mob (aka, the MAGA Mob). Civil Rights and other social causes of the mid-1960s bubbled up again, had never gone away nor been properly dealt with, and we were seeing in 2020 such historical 'rhyming' via Black Lives Matter protests and other social demonstrations, plus, the violence, upheaval, and denials of guilt that came with them.

As you know, the transformative pair of Uranus-Pluto is a marker for revolution and for 'collapse of the old order, construction of the new' (Ebertin). Adding to societal difficulties is the current Saturn-Uranus square with its resistance to law and order and challenges to authority vibes. Stubborn blockages will continue through the year between karmic Saturn's status quo qualities vs the futurism and progressiveness of techie Uranus, a pair that also contains 'old order vs new order' implications - all set upon the background of the recent Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius with its 'new order' timing.

So below is a bi-wheel of the first of three Uranus-Pluto Conjunctions (17Vir09: October 9, 1965 4:11 pm edt Washington DC; ASC 18AQ53) in center and around the outside, a Horoscope of the Trump Mob Attack of January 6, 2021 (set for 1:00 pm est since that's when the congressional session met to certify the Electoral votes for Joe Biden; the assault soon began).

Now annoyingly, my nose today is too sniffy with allergies to add a bunch of notes and fusses with these charts so perhaps you'll do that for yourself, dear reader. Yet I must note that the 1965 Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal Point, will soon receive a Lunar Eclipse @5Sag25 on May 26, 2021 so perhaps in May, June, or later in the year a few inconvenient secrets concerning Uranus-Pluto activities and conditions (ex: more names of backers or enablers involved on January 6th?) will be revealed by the light of the Full Moon!

So tell me: what else do you see?

Jan 15, 2021

How Nixon's Southern Strategy Lead us Straight to Donald Trump - Thom Hartmann


Astrology Weighs In: Aggravating the Original Wound

by Jude Cowell

Tiresomely, the GOP and its wealthy enablers continue to use the fatal flaw (wound) of racism against the American people as a wedge issue to divide, conquer, and sway sentiments and votes in the direction of Republicans, so it may be interesting to have a look at the Solar Eclipse which heralded Nixon's Southern Strategy of August 5, 1968. The eclipse fell into the 6 North Saros Series and manifested on March 28, 1968 @8Aries19.

Listed below the horoscope image are the 6N eclipse themes that were operative at the time, plus, we know that when a solar eclipse occurs in Mars-ruled Aries we can expect a militant flavoring to events along with a competitive spirit that boldly confronts circumstances through leadership that sees problems as challenges; for karmic progress to result, negative Arian traits of belligerance, arrogance, and foolhardiness must be avoided - but as we know, it wasn't and has not been through the years. And since 1968, the Southern Strategy has made the use of huge amounts of propaganda and deceit possible and effective along with the GOP's regular employment of Goebbels' technique of The Big Lie. Because for Republicans, it's success at any cost and might makes right! Or as Trump has asserted, either you're a k*ller or you're not.

So below for your consideration is the Solar Eclipse Horoscope of Nixon's Southern Strategy of March 28, 1968 @8Ari19 in the 6 North Saros Series; you'll notice multiple chart factors but here I'm emphasizing a significant midpoint picture - powerful Saturn-Pluto which conjuncts Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal Point, which brings to mind the January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 (conjunct Trump's natal Vertex of fated encounters); you'll also note that corporate Cupido (The Syndicate; The Family) conjuncts MC opposite doom-dealer Atlantis at IC, the Basis of the Matter; a few of 22-year-old Trump's natal placements are penned on--his natal trio of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter rises (SN conjunct his Jupiter!), and eclipse Jupiter Rx @26Leo42 conjuncts and expands his natal Mars rising with royal Regulus:

6 North Themes: 'relationships to father figures, authority figures, or, the need to take control and responsibility; time to accept commitments that occur due to another person's illness or unreliability' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad).

Since 1968, eclipses in the 6 North family have occurred on April 9, 1986 @19Aries (Reagan), April 19, 2004 @30Aries (Bush-Cheney), and - just so ya know - a 6N eclipse repeats on April 30, 2022 @10Taurus.

Jan 14, 2021

January 2021: Neptunian Influences peak then wane

Year 2021: Subversive Elements in Society Spotlighted via Neptune in Pisces

by Jude Cowell

January 14, 2021: With difficult days of potential violence and turmoil continuing in the US (as if justified by the Inauguration of President Joe Biden on January 20th) some readers may be interested in viewing a horoscope of the moment that certain subversive energies peak with transit Neptune square the Nodal Axis. For the purposes of this post, I'll refer to the Nodal Axis as 'NN' but I'm thinking 'Nodal Axis' which currently is under the rays of the Gemini-Sagittarian polarity with its Mercury-Jupiter influences. The Mercury-Jupiter pairing relates to sound common sense but negatively to failures through dishonesty, fraud, and negligence (Ebertin).

Implications and potentials of the subversive Neptune-NN pairing include: 'anti-social behavior/elements; lack of community spirit; strange conduct in communal life; unreliability; exploitation; deceit; cheating' (Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences #ad). Obviously surreptious Neptune's mass propaganda is involved with the Nodal Axis denoting public contacts. Plus, 'breakdowns in relationships' can also occur under such deceptive influences (Tyl) usually due to falsehoods and/or misunderstandings.

Now here is the Neptune-NN duo in Politics and Business as detailed by Michael Munkasey (my italics):

"Thesis: A leadership unwilling or unable to consider the demands of its people; ideals or national glamor as an excuse for neglecting the growth and progress demands of the population or important groups.

Antithesis: Spies or terrorists which enter for villainous purposes; drug policies which avoid important concerns; an ill-adapted and inadequate hospital or medical care system; scandals caused by foreign concerns." (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets #ad).

Please note that transit Pluto in Capricorn's destructuring of societal systems, Ebertin's description of the placement as 'the dictator', and the planet's famous tendency toward hidden manipulation, surveillance, and death, plus, the current involvement in the US government of Neptune-Pluto's criminal underworld/syndicate activities are factors beyond the scope of this particular post but have been discussed in previous posts - type a word or phrase into the sidebar Search field and you'll see!

Once the square's energies peak, its frustrating, nihilistic influences will begin to gradually wane in society (Neptune of the masses and mass media!) - but perhaps only to a dull roar since its vibrations imprint upon the Biden administration. So here is a link to the DC Horoscope set for January 26, 2021 9:11 am est Washington DC, the moment the Neptune-NN square perfects (19Pis06 and rising SQ 19Gem06 conjunct IC) and, for those who use Neptune as a ruler or co-ruler of Pisces, Mercury-Neptune vibes are also involved and resonate with Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square of deceit, fraud, and malicious schemes.

The chart is uploaded to JCAstro because Blogger isn't allowing its upload here!

In addition, yesterday the First Lunation of 2021 @23Cap13 occurred and is significant as the Syzygy Moon of Inauguration 2021 and due to its energies imprinting upon year 2021 and the Biden administration. Notable is that the pragmatic Sun Cap-Moon Cap blend of Saturnian energies can ably face reality, something the US is in serious need of after 4 years of an arch prevaricator.

(Above image of planet Neptune; NASA)

Jan 10, 2021

DC Horoscope: Biden-Harris Confirmed by Congress

January 10, 2021: It's taken a few days to publish here the DC Horoscope of the Biden-Harris Confirmation for office as declared by VP Pence. Some news sources give 3:32 am ET January 7, 2021 as the moment the 270-vote threshold was reached thanks to the state of Vermont.

Below is a Horoscope set for 3:41 am ET January 7, 2021 Capitol Building, Washington DC as the time VP Pence read and certified the votes and declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President of the USA. Today my blogging time is brief so please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes. For as you see, a dynamic T-Square is in effect including testy Mars and radical Uranus opposing a critical-degreed Moon (29Lib52; anger and aggression). A few potentials of the T-Square are listed, on the chart along with the three applying aspects, lower left, (how things will proceed) of chart-ruler Mars. As you know, #3 culminates on Inauguration Day 2021 with the explosive Mars-Uranus Conjunction @6Tau44.

And as always your on-topic comments and observations are invited, all Shares are much appreciated!

Jan 8, 2021

DC Horoscope: The Burning of Washington DC 1814

January 8, 2021: Is History Doing Its Rhyming Thing Again?

After the storming of the US Capitol Building and Congress on January 6, 2021, it seems that some historical elements are repeating. This time the attack was instigated by the man currently in the role of POTUS and his MAGA shock troops carried out his plan, as Trump supporters participated and 'simply walked right in' to the Capitol Building, some looting offices and getting their proudly seditious mugs on video. At least one Confederate flag was recorded being proudly carried into the building while some officers of the Capitol Police force acted complicitly. Perhaps others cooperated as well.

Now as you know, the US Capitol Building has been assaulted and damaged before when British troops Burned Washington DC in 1814 during the War of 1812 in retaliation for similar American actions in Canada. Besides the Capitol Building, the to-burn list of Major General Robert Ross and his arsonists included the White House (then the 'Presidential Mansion'), the Navy Yard where warships were under construction, plus, other government and military buildings. The British had defeated our American soldiers at the Battle of Bladensburg earlier that day (at Bladensburg, MD 8.6 miles northeast of DC) and felt assured of continued success especially after their resounding defeat of Napoleon that year. For a variety of reasons, the City was ill-prepared for the breach as British troops 'simply marched right in' and burned our nation's capital. However, the damage to the City was repaired, the burning's existential effects didn't last, the US government continued meeting (in the spared Patent Building), and a Peace Treaty between America and Britain was declared four months later on December 18, 1814.

So for a Theme through History how about: Britain's "economic royalists" send troops in 1814 to attack Washington DC including the US Capitol Building, monarchist Trump and his "economic royalists" donors and corporatists attack America in 2021, and in between: the 1933 Fascist Plot Against America instigated by wealthy corporatists of the J.P. Morgan kind, the "economic royalists" of their day, and intended to destroy the New Deal programs and Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a compaign that continues to this day.

For more details here's a four-minute video on The Burning of Washington DC 1814. And for the astro-curious, below is the August 24, 1814 Horoscope of the Burning of Washington DC set for 6:00 pm LMT. You'll note Aquarius rising, plus, 12th house chart-ruler Saturn Rx @25Cap06 in the degree area of the Zodiac where so many cosmic activities (including transit Pluto in governmental Capricorn) have been playing out during the term of Herr Trump and where US Inauguration Midheaven clocks in at noon (est) on January 20, 2021, the day when the explosive, hot-headed Mars-Uranus Conjunction perfects (3:38 pm est @6Tau44) and Trump's "proud boys" and other violent militia groups and individuals have threatened to return to DC. My darkest suspicion is that arson may again be a factor and I pray that the Inaugural ceremony for Joe Biden, and the rest of the City, are adequately protected and defended - this time around: