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Jul 25, 2009

David Icke video on the Illuminati, Babylon, US, and more

You may wish to watch David Icke's discussion on the Illuminati, the Vatican, America's founding fathers, bloodlines from Babylon into Europe, Africa, America, the Masonic layout of Washington DC, the all-seeing eye and the eternal flame of Horus's symbolisms and other symbolisms, Iraq = Babylon, the NWO, mind control, Mormons, satanism, Jacques Demolay, Albert Pike, sacrificial rites, the Scottish Rite - Knights Templar, other 'knightly' organizations, and more.

Even The Rolling Stones show up. Remember their 'Bridges to Babylon' album? Well then, "Please allow me to introduce myself..."

Mr. Icke is well-known for his research into secret societies, the power elite, and such, so check out his presentation, if you haven't already. His work is, we may say, an eye-opener for the sheep who still sleep, so pass the info on!

Now I don't know much about these 'occult'/hidden subjects myself, but one thing I do know from Scriptural Prophecy: the mighty Babylon is fallen. And in the Final tally, the wh*re will never rise again.