Jun 30, 2006

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Working on a big ole' birthday post for AMERICA to be put up this weekend--hopefully tomorrow, Saturday, or tomorrow evening--please stay tuned and get your 230 candles lit in time for Tuesday...and

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Jude 6.30.06 8:34 pm edt

July 1: Here's the link for some asteroid consideratons NASA Launch Safe?...seems thunderstorms may deter and save them. Hope so.


Jun 29, 2006

The Magic of VA Affairs

Do you love how the missing laptop and hard drive--supposedly free of tampering--was magically discovered (and delicious, no doubt) AFTER the dates for the analyst's signed permission slips to take the records home were published?

The blame-the-analyst game was their best idea but was made moot with the happy discovery, and George's hasty request for $millions (which would be pulled away from other needful programs incl food stamps--is Dubya afraid somebody will get a square meal or what?) is rendered shakey at best. Yet vets' security conditions are still murky. Other computer tests pending, of course.

In fact, this is the murkiest bunch of screw-ups I ever DID see. The 'higher ups' at VA should be canned, too, along with the Security fellow who has, I believe, quit with no recourse, his head hung in shame (one would think)...but what has Dubya led us to expect for so-called 'higher-ups' in times of greatest screw-up?

A Medal of Honor with a "superb" attached, as you know! He's done that one to death, along with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people, that George, and he's touched thousands more with loss and grief.

Were these records not outsourced to another country as our SS info and other private stuff has been? (All day and evening May 3, when the 'theft' allegedly took place, Mars was at "12Can": "A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message." Was this a crash or a hack that got magically fixed?

Great Leaking Hypocrisy! It'll be interesting to see in the upcoming months who wants/gets the nom-nods (Rs AND Ds) and who Happens To Be A VET...which begs the question: have a few military records been beefed up or perhaps deleted, fellas...hmm-m-m-m...? If so, the hastily-requested millions were just gravy--but NOT to be served to the hungry poor.


There's Vets With ID Theft Suspected or Call, along with the other chumps who served their country and Now Get This Poor Service in Return: 1.800.fed.info.

ps: maybe the requested millions were for ransom money...stranger things have happened in W's World.

Arresting Grannies + UN Reform

You've heard by now about those pesky peaceniks Grannies For Peace getting arrested in Philadelphia. Looks good for the city and for the Bush administration, doesn't it?
Kinda like keeping a fallen soldier's mother in a ditch while you ignore her from your state-of-the-art limo. This is from their website:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

>United Nations?

Here's Eye on the UN's Purpose Statement:

This site is dedicated to making transparent the UN's record on its fundamental promise--to identify, condemn, and protect against human rights violations. This site will provide an information base for the re-evaluation of priorities and directions for modern-day democratic societies.

Can America have some o'that?

The UN (Oct 24, 1945) sports a natal *Sun Scor/Moon Gem blend:

Greatest Strengths: energy and curiosity; quest for understanding; penetrating insights; ability to translate the heights and depths of human passions into words; glorious sense of the ridiculous (initials JB?)

Greatest Weaknesses: volatility; self-doubt and anxieties; sense of splitness and division; on-again off-again involvements.

Images for Integration: The mystery of life in a strip cartoon...Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov...a virtuoso violinist touches the hearts of her audience...Trivial Pursuits goes macabre.

The Sun natally is at 1Sco07, and where else have we seen that degree? Oh yeah, the Sun in the NWO chart. Perhaps Bolton really is attempting to reform the UN as an instrument for the NWO...or so I've heard and read.

UN's minor progressions for today, with the minor chart representing the mental/causal plane, has a big honkin' word picture of note:

Sun/Pluto = Uranus (the reformer): new perspectives; sudden change; fanatic reforms; sudden adjustment to new circumstances (arrest); rebellion.

Its sec prog'd chart has a good bit of same in it along with calamities and brutality, the sec being the physical plane. John Bolton has been up to his arrogant, brash reformist tricks since arriving, but has met with more resistance than he'd expected. Which is pretty arrogrant and brash when you think about it.

Rockin' in the UK: Read about Bolton's testy question and answer session June 16 when grumpiness ensued as Bolton literally run out of Oxford at BLAH3.COM.

*Sun Sign, Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.


Jun 27, 2006

Cheney and 9/11

Posting links to article of 4.10.06 on Cheney and 9/11 and to Chiron-Uranus Types in Government from December 2005 which concerns bringing "order" out of whatever chaotic muck you make to achieve your ends...collateral damage be da*ned.

Collateral damage--that's us.


And speaking of stars there's been a "novel find" in far northern Brazil where Tropical Stonehenge May Have Been Found. It's an observatory as old as the hills and Brazilian archaeologists will return in August after the rainy season ends to carry out their carbon dating tests and to make further excavations.

Now what has your astrologer been telling you? People were fond of solar and lunar eclipses even then...it's the oldest celestial observatory ever found...and it's from MANY moons ago.

Are Men Ashamed of Viagra, Rush?

Limbaugh is in trouble again over prescription drugs, this time it's mislabeled Viagra.

Searched at the airport as he returned from a vacation in the Dominican Republic, Mr L was discovered to have a mislabeled batch o'Viagra in his luggage. His attorney, Roy Black, says the good stuff was "labeled as being issued to the physician rather than Mr Limbaugh for Privacy Purposes." (My caps.)

First of all...privacy in America? I thought Rush and his idols had dispensed with that. Secondly, I hope Mrs L was already aware of hubby's Viagra tendencies--if not, the cat's out of that bag (the luggage, I mean.) There are some indications of being "enraptured" with someone in his prog'd charts, but I'll not gross you out with details of that! With natal Moon in Pisces, Mr L IS a very private person, addictions included.

Progressing the natal chart to Monday when his detainment occurred--a 2nd degree misdemeanor, if the state attorney's office says it is and which possibly violates his sweetheart deal of April 28--we see a major line-up of planets in 12th house of Self-Undoing (keeping his natal birth location of Cape Girardeau, LA.)

Here's the line-up:

12th cusp = 15Pis01; Mercury 15Pis27; Sun 17:38; NN 19:00; Jupiter 19:41. The sec Moon has recently left Pisces, now at 1Aries53 (therefore has been conjuncted by tr NN); Mars 5Ari29; Venus 14Ari51. The sec ASC 00Tau18: so it was just at 29Aries, with 29 being a crisis degree. 15Pisces is, of course, conjunct Fixed Star, Achernar, also a crisis point with a "risk of rapid endings" flavor.

As with many of his generation, this astrologer included, the prog'd Neptune-Pluto sextile is causing a YOD (Finger of God, some call it, and indicating special tasks, but also crises) formation with any planets progressing through or transiting mid-Pisces.

The Neptune-Pluto combo is all or some of these things: unseen forces; other realms; high sensitivity; an active imagination and fantasy; peculiar states of soul experiences; self-knowledge; the gradual commencement of therapy; the treacherously painless stage of illness; mystics; occultists; occupation with unusual problems; a lack of willpower for the maintenance of one's health; falsehood; fraud; the delusive trick; self-torment; manias; a craving for alcohol or other drugs.

And with his natal Saturn (responsibility; authority; restriction; loss) being recently transited by the South Node, a separative point of release, Mr L has had his legal troubles and has had his radio program restricted market-wise. This week's hoo-ha is happening as tr SN continues its contact with his SEC Saturn 29Pis53--another crisis implication!

Will resolution come as his April 28 Rush Booked Deal Cooked Jupiter has its Return on or about Sept 9?

Well, I looked at the Jupiter Return chart, Sept 9, and found protective Jupiter in a difficult T-square pattern: Mars/Jup = Neptune: unfaithfulness; falsehoods; plans without a chance of realization; failures.

This means that Jupiter is opposite Mars (indulgences; wastefulness) and square Neptune (lack of realism; indulgences, etc...the "castles in the air" aspect) so my guess is that if Rush gets away with his drug-related legal problems this time, it'll take more fancy footwork on Mr Black's part...to the point of falsehoods which will be needed to protect this law-unto-himself perp.

You may want to see May's South Node action noted also.

>And on another note: to my local GA law enforcement officials concerning today's motel explosion and the "missing" motel maintenance guy...was he attempting to make a bomb?

Will you tell us if this turns out to be the case? The easiest answer is often correct, so perhaps the "missing" fellow was in cahoots or was a little old bomb-maker-wannabe himself...just PLEASE don't pull a Richard Jewell on this one, ok?


Just added Propaganda Matrix to the SO'W Links List in case you should prefer your propaganda exposed.

Jun 26, 2006

Clean Money Day! Who Knew?

Tuesday, June 27 is Clean Money Day in honor of the formerly honorable Washington, DC! (A real hoot, I know!) Read about it and much more at TomPaine.com.

And don't forget: Dubya's working So Hard bringing "integrity" back to the White House--Bush-style integrity, that is! Will the next CEO prez be signing a pardon for Dubya? SO'W thinks it'll take more than one pardon to cover for this geezer's crimes.

Rotten eggs to Bush for all his "hard werk" for his globalists masters and buds. Let's catch him as he sneaks out the back door to the waiting limo that Should Be a paddy wagon.

"Left-Wing Elitist Agenda"??!??

That settles it--Capitol Hill is off its rocker. The NYT is under threat of a 'probe' (how politicians DO love the word) for last week's story about Bush's skulking and 'probing' into financial records of whomever he pleases with preferrably no one the wiser, or so he'd supposedly hoped.

Was Judy Miller's farcical WMD pieces-of-crap articles part of the vast Left-Wing Elitist Agenda, too? Or are the current threats and stand-off about Swift showing that there's a fed-up attitude on the part of the Times who was skewered because of Miller's and others' erroneous, Bush War propagandistic cheerleading and misleading?

Is this little (Swift revealed?--oh my!) charade full o'holes big enough for Saddam and a Mars Bar to hide in--so perfect, y'know: Mars, the planet of war and strife, and brought to you by Dubya Bush, the self-professed propaganda catapulter who wakes up every mornin' with war on his mind. Perfect product placement, wasn't it?

So...can an organization such as the NYT find itself with "a conscience" after all, or is this part of another vast stay-in-power-at-all-costs conspiracy developed for the express purpose of forcing a legal ruling in order to hide future fascist programs we have yet to suffer from the Bush Agenda, aka Regime?

Or is this just another clap-your-hands-if-you're-in-the-same-secret-societies-as Dick-Cheney-and-we'll-fool-the-suckers-big-time...you media board members, you.

How can I trust you now? You're a huge part of the reason this flim flam was successfully perpetrated. And most usually? Lying is congenital and not subject to improvement without a Higher Power intervening and changing the heart--so can a news organization have a heart to change?

We'll undoubtedly have to let the Federalist rubber-stamp judges be the arbiters of that...and alot of common good that will do.

Yet I hope I'm so so wrong. Hopefully the NYT will stand for something that turns out to be on OUR side--it would be a pleasant change--and it would do our hearts--and our nation--an uncommon good.


AP article Monday morning Argument Against Report Puzzles NYT Editors has a bit more info in it, but not much. It's all so 'puzzling.'

WASHINGTON DC: Guess you heard that DC is flooding today from heavy rains of Neptune opposite Saturn's authority...closed are the IRS Bldg (is that bad?), the Justice Dept (we've been having a break from Justice for some time now anyway), the National Archives (what records Bush hasn't had trussed up, but they're all reported as being dry and ok--just keep Alberto's mitts off the Constitution and the Bill of Rights), some subway stations, roads, train tracks washed out, and more.

See the photo of the Big Tree fallen across the White House front stoop Storms, Floods, Mudlsides Tie Up D.C. Area so it seems that mudslides may trump the mudslinging for a day or two.

Best Advice: leave the tree barricade across the front door until 2008. He slithered in the back door, he can leave the same way. (Note to Dubya: cheating isn't winning, it's stealing. The end is in the beginning--you began your presidency in mistrust, controversy, and being showered with pelted eggs--how did you think it would end--with 'Freedom Fries' on the side? Those have been discontinued...no longer on the menu.)


Very sorry to hear of soggy bottoms for the denizens and worker bees of the city and I hope y'all dry out very soon.

Yes, I do like to grouse about the way politicians have ruined the place and bought and sold it millions of times, for DC once was my favorite city in which to dwell...fond memories of embassies, and parks, the National Gallery, the Smithsonian, Georgetown, and Rock Creek Park. Actually, my children were born in DC.

And I still miss our lovely apt on Kalorama Road...wonder who lives there now? Guess I'll mosey over to DCBlogs and see how things are going! (Thanks to DCBLogs for putting Stars Over Washington on their "Mellow" List! Mellow?!! Wha-a-a-aa?)


And here's some LIVE MUSIC to check out around DC from The Foreign Press...good name, huh?

Jun 25, 2006

Abramoff Emails Pester White House

How long did they think this could stay hidden? They're so brazen, I don't think they care but E-Mails Reveal Abramoff Requests, Contacts...and there's Laura looking pretty hot in her Holiday outfit kinda like a little ole present under the Holiday Tree.


On another note: America gave the world "All-You-Can-Eat-Buffets"--and yet Americans are starving. Call and alert the White House! Or, assuming you don't like to waste your time, go to End Hunger, and please don't skip their opening presentation.

America has been given so much--it's a sin to let our people go hungry. It's a sin on Capitol Hill as they spend 'our' money while our elderly neighbors and millions of our children go without. The day is coming when they'll have lots of 'splainin' to do--znd to a much Higher Power than their own.

Wonder how those Hill "ethics" seminars are goin'?

Jun 24, 2006

Spurning Iran

Remember back in Spring 2003, when Iran offered "full cooperation" on accepting Israel and on every other issue which the Bush administration supposedly is so concerned about now, but Iran's "wide-ranging peace feeler" was spurned by George and the 1% Gang?

Sounded too good to be true at the time, and as we know, Bush can't negotiate unless he holds and ends up with all the cards...which isn't negotiating, it's dominating and bullying. And bullies are crispy on the outside, marshmallowy on the inside.

Chris Floyd's article about our go-between, the Swiss embassy, and its efforts to get Bush to the table with Iran The Alchemists: Turning Blood into Gold lays it out clearly and succinctly.

In fact, Chris' blog Empire Burlesque is extremely readable for many reasons. Check it out when you can.

George is such a loser...and such a shill for forces he probably thinks he controls.


Jun 22, 2006

The Promis of Swift

Since shortly after the attacks of 9/11, the CIA and the US Treasury Dept have been using broad subpoena power to "choke off funds for the terroists" with a Belgium-based cooperative that handles financial message traffic from 7800 financial institutions in more than 200 countries and its name is "Swift." (Guess that rules out dial-up.)

Sounds more than a little like the Big Brother super-computer that's supposed to be keeping tabs on every man, woman, and child the world over...the set-up for which the Y2K rigamarole was invented to disguise, imho.

Does Swift work with or against Promis? Is there really a super-brain computer in Belgium and does it use the Swift program?

And how's that "choking off" of terroists funds coming along? Is the money diverted when it's 'frozen' or magically deposited wherever the decider decides?

Better questions: Don't Middle Eastern financiers have their own financial networks? Is Swift being used against them...or against someone else? U.S. Gets Access to Worldwide Banking Data but has it done any good?

Has the AP picked this up to distribute it more widely NOW so that we'll be wowed by Bush/HoSec's expertise against "the terroists"?

...or is it just another fox-raiding-henhouse manoeuver from the ultra-greedy crime syndicate that's choking the world's gullet, looting every piggybank, and spying on your Aunt Granny Fanny's calls to her pension fund? (She thinks it still exists, bless her heart.)


Jun 21, 2006

August 22, 2006

Fyi: on March 21, 2006, Noruz, the Iranian New Year 1384, began.

August 22, 2006 = Prophet Mohammad receives his calling Iranian Calendar 2006 ...so will George Bush receive a calling from Tehran on or around August 22?


And SO'W has changed "its" mind--I decided not to post on today's Summer Solstice--there are many good articles about Sun to 00Cancer00 online already. I recommend them all...and do try Barbara Palliser's Silver Wheel Astrology for the scoop!

This week I'm looking at these charts: Tora Bora Caves Nov-Dec, 2001; Iran's natal and progressed charts; transits of Aug 22, 2006 in Tehran; Cheney's "success through the shadow" tendencies; tr NN conjunct Aries Point square Sun 00Can, Thursday, June 22; the Middle East Mandate Chart--where so many troubles began; Bush in Vienna; and more.

Q: Will the US be asked to leave Iraq? Here's a gem from my Mama's Rulebook of Life: Never go where you're not invited, never stay where you're merely tolerated.

Good advice from my Ma...he disregarded the first, let's see if he can manage the second, esp since he aided Iran with his invasion of Iraq--that's the Iran he's so frazzled over and focused on now...confrontation upcoming...my guess is a naval action--perhaps to protect the very important and strategic Strait of Hormuz.

Refer to my post on the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo, if you must, although due to a freakish posting mishap, the text is missing at the moment--will try to re-post it asap, but the chart is here Arab Oil Embargo 10.17.73 ...severe oil and gas shortages may be on the way, m'peops...are you feelin' it?

6.22 Thursday: With tr NN on the verge of reaching 30 Pisces (leaving Aries Point), astrologer Neil Paris has just reminded me with a compliment of my drawing representing its Sabian Symbol, if you'd like to mosey over to Sabian Symbol: "30Pis">Temple of the Great Stone Face at Cosmic Persona Designs. Thanks, Neil!

And check out Neil D. Paris' site New World Astrology ...lots of great astrology happening there!

Jun 20, 2006

NASA Launch Safe?

On July 1, NASA seems intent on a shuttle launch which its 'safety office' says is not a good idea.

Remembering with horror the Columbia disaster of 2003 when Mercury (air travel) was conjunct asteroid Icarus of wax-wing fame--and considering his subsequent crashing to the ground--the planetary placements for July 1, 2006 seem to support a lack of confidence in this rash venture.

From sunrise to 10:13 pm, the Moon will be reflecting two particular asteroids which bode ill for the launch...Siva, the destroyer (16Vir05), and Icarus himself, beginning the day at 22Vir43, and reaching 25Viro6 by 10:13 pm. Through the day, the Moon contacts them both.

Asteroid Atlantis (sense of doom; abuse of power) is opposite Pluto, planet of death, transformation, power, manipulation, and coping ability. Guess their 'plan' to skedaddle to the space station if anything goes wrong (!) comes under Pluto's purview. Just remind me not to hitch a ride on this jalopy.

There are other indications of this launch being a Bad Idea and I can't quite imagine they'll go through with it since the sunrise chart-ruler is the Moon which has no applying aspects at sunrise, but I did want to see where Icarus was flying high on July 1...hope I'm wrong since Someone is insistent that this launch go forth--even though the Asc degree at sunrise for the day is: "A large diamond not completely cut." Well, yeah, if the shuttle is a 'large diamond', it's not ready for launch, I agree. Sounds like 'government makes science ignore science.'

Read about NASA's 'safety office' and their misgivings here--the safety office has never been ignored on a launch decision before...go here NASA Safety Chief Against Launch Decision and you'll see what I mean.

>>TONIGHT on PBS: FRONTLINE'S The Dark Side. It's Dick Cheney revealed...probably much more than you really wish you knew. Don't forget his sec Pluto/Chiron midpoint was AT MC on 9/11/01, NYC. I'm just reminding you...Pluto-Chiron = Plutocracy; oppression; class warfare; racism. And remember where he was and what he was doing.


Congress' New Moon

With its Balsamic phase soon ending, Congress will be entering a new phase of action in August--God help us all.

As you know, the Balsamic phase is the darkened, hidden, endings-and-partings stage in a person's or an entity's life, and the US Congress is certainly an entity. And a New Moon is a new cycle of activity...thus my prayer.

With Saturn recently risen in Leo, sign of leadership, we see some of the loss of congressional leadership in the news--DeLay, Cunningham, etc, with hopefully more bad apples tossed out to the compost heap, if America has any luck left at all. (Just don't ask me who will replace them--I had hopes for Mr Barrow from GA, but he's been voting with the goose-steppers so far.)

Rising is the midpoint of Venus/Neptune: Ven/Nep = Asc: the libertine (tsk tsk): impressionability; lack of good taste.

There's another midpoint formed now with Saturn/Pluto = Venus: estrangement and alienation (how I feel about Capitol Hill); love of seclusion; self-disipline (of a sort--to spend all OUR money.)

Back to Saturn 19Leo31--a fated or karmic degree with the New Moon 19Gem51, and using Rudhyar's Astrological Mandala, New Moon "20Gem": "A modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food, products of various regions"...Keynote: The assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.

This synthesis refers to a preparation for a new level, and the Keynote is ASSIMILATION with a negative potentiality for WASTE.

Sounds like their tendencies toward waste--and feathering their own nests--will be continuing at a New Level. (Oh joy.)

Now this sec New Moon occurs during a Mercury hour and it's an unaspected Mercury (able to act on his own)...AND Mercury is out-of-bounds--quite the maverick, this Mercury (young people who talk a lot--Gemini.)

Using "28Gem": "Through bankruptcy, society gives to an overburdened individual the opportunty to begin again"...Keynote: A release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks. LIBERATION FROM THE PAST...

This Symbol refers to the fact that individual failure cannot be separated from the health of the community and its reference to harsh economic conditions sounds like the result of Congress' profligate spending since Bush took office. Rudhyar continues:

A society which enthrones the principle of ruthless competition must also develop mechanisms to exteriorize the principle of compassion. The concept of atonement is directly related to that of release from unbearable economic pressures in bankruptcy.#

"Compassion", yeah. "Conservative", uh-huh...that crock's long-broken for all but the most gullible among us, bless their hearts.

After what Congress passed with the draconian Bankrupcty Act last year, and considering how they are in process...along with their masters, Bush and Cheney and the 1% Gang...of bankrupting the US treasury, it seems Congress is fulfilling its preferred destiny. The fleecing of America is tailspining faster and faster, and the upcoming New Moon of Congress indicates that their Agenda will proceed, but eventually its magnitude will come out of the shadows.

Yes, a New Moon means a smidge of light is about to break through upon the pigs of Congress who are looting the US piggybank oink oink, little piggies.

There's much more ill news here, but I can't face it, except to note:

With Rx Neptune at the foundation (Ic) of the chart, their instability, loss, and waste will undermine further the very institution of Congress over the next two years as Neptune conjuncts the Ic.


And Now This: from the LA Times by way of HuffPost this is about Bush's folly-headed threat to attack Iran Bush Threatens To Block Venezuela From UN Seat. George is going to hold his breath 'til he gets his way it seems or maybe he'll run away from home...I'll supply the bandana if someone will give him the stick.


Jun 17, 2006

Consumers Fight Back in Scotland

Banks in Scotland are being deluged (Neptune) by thousands of court actions a month in a consumer campaign which is paying off for the little guy for a change as Banks in the dock over 'rip-off' penalty fees but I guess American consumers are too wimpy to make the effort. And maybe US laws are written against us, and we know who we can thank for that.

So here's one of my silly limericks which I've been posting on Gather.com...called,

>>The Cat from the Hill:

There once was a cat from the Hill
a lobbyist paying a shill
with corporate pay
the laws he would sway
perverting the peoples' good will.

jc (c)2006

Gather.com: Be sure to join Colonel Possum and the rest of us on July 4th--he'll be manning the board all day and night to greet vistors to the Old Hippie's Corner. Come sit a spell and celebrate America's 230th birthday on the OHC's front porch.

No muss no fuss, just the Colonel and whatever you bring along! But BEWARE: more "A Cat from__" limericks may appear!


June 19: John Edwards' One America Blog

Jun 14, 2006

Clover Cheney Hedges his Bets

Previously I've been known to mention Dick Cheney's stock market wheeler-dealerism so it was most enlightening just now to read today's article by Dean LeBaron Economic Hypocrisy on Gather.com.

In clover, in the catbird seat, hedging his bets--whatever you want to call it... seems Cheney is profiting from a DECLINE in the US economy.

Well, I knew Someone was. And his finger must've also been in the recent Euronext Pie--pulling out another fat plum.

UPDATE June 15: The NYSE-Euronext deal has hit a road bump...you may want to see Stars Over Washington:Happy B-Day NYSE! Stocks Fall...


Here are two Financial Astrology sites for ya: Crawford Perspectives and David McMinn

You know the crash of 1987 had the same tr NN = Aries Point that we're about to experience June 22...more than that to consider, of course, but AP is always involved a major world event kinda deal.

These sites discuss the Sun-Moon Cycle, weather/natural disasters, why Astrology works on Wall St, etc...concerning US and world finances. Plus Arch Crawford is well-known for being correct--from the crash of 1987 to the buy order for GOLD in April 2001 to the possibility of war or attack in Sep 2001. Check him out!

As old JP Morgan so famously said, "Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do." Yep. And Charles Schwab used it, too.

UPDATE 5:23 pm from NPR: Bill Gates leaving MicroSoft..."this won't be disruptive." Okee Dokee.


Boehner Memo: Peep-Eye!!

Athough the media have reported that John Boehner (R-OH) has instructed his colleagues in the House of Reps to "debate" the Iraq War on Thursday in "hopes to match the serious, dignified tone of deliberation that preceded the Gulf War in 1991", the rock has been lifted from his real marching orders...thanks to ThinkProgress: Boehner Memo which is good reading if you like contrasting what politicians SAY in public vs what they intend to actually DO while on stage at the Capitol Hill Theater, dahling.

The 3 main points, if you're short of time, are:

1. Exploit 9/11: the 2 pp memo mentions 9/11 seven times; that the war should be debated in context of 9/11 is "imperative";
2. Attack Opponents ad hominem: describes opponents of Bush's war policies as "sheepish", "weak", and "prone to waver endlessly";
3. Create a False Choice: the decision is between...supporting Bush's policies or hoping terroist threats will "fade away on their own."

Karl Rove is apparently "back", but this list sounds to me like a combo of Rove tactics mixed with the name-calling modus operandi of new domestic policy adviser, Karl Zinsmeister, who began his tenure this very week.

Karl#2 has called Al Gore a "mad dog" known to "foam at the mouth", and has labeled Kofi Annan, Jacque Chirac, Gerhard Schroeder, and Nelson Mandela (!) as "feckless fools."

I'm wishing these feckless fools who foam at the mouth in the White House and on Capitol Hill would fade away on their own and take their threats with them...

...but I am, of course, one of the "sheepish"...we-the-sheeple of a misled and misdirected America.

Note to self: 2 Karls are 2 2 many.


Jun 13, 2006

Bush's Cameo in Baghdad

Actually the chart for sunrise today, Baghdad, shows Bush's natal Uranus/NN conjunction rising with the sun, and tr Mars/Saturn conjunction--now upon the President's natal ASC, snugged about the tr 3rd cusp of short trips and communications.

After landing at Baghdad Airport "a little after 4 pm, Baghdad Time", Bush enjoyed a 6 min helicopter ride to the green zone. (I keep waiting for someone to capitalize "green zone", yet still I wait in vain.)

The "ruse" of the Camp David meeting coupled with the ploy of getting Maliki and his cabinet to the Green Zone for a satellite tele-conference with Bush has resulted in a newly-optimistic Bush administration. Naturally, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Cheney were in on the Whole Thing. Can't you hear the deliberations which were supposedly in the works for weeks and only waiting for Maliki and The Boys to fill out the cabinet shelf? That's where the "cover-up" of Camp David comes in, they say. Tele-conference will proceed with Bush at Maliki's side.

Seems the trussed-up turkey that is the Iraq cash-cow is ready for final plucking--I mean, the Iraqi government is ready to take the fall (responsibility?) for the looting of their own country.

But Bush has certainly put himself in harm's way with his Cameo in Baghdad, scheduled to last around 5 hours, last I heard. With tr Mercury at 15 Cancer--a murder-suicide degree--traveling today with asteroid Icarus in tow, air catastrophe has been known to occur, 15 Cancer notwithstanding. Reminds me of the recent posting online of Air Force One's security info...bit of a gaff, eh?

If Bush's visit does last about 5 hours, that'd be about 9 pm this evening, Baghdad Time, so the ambitious, controlling Capricorn Moon, which begins Bush's visit at 9Cap 04, will oppose Mercury/Icarus near the end of this time. (He may do well to skedaddle sooner rather than later!)

"10Cap": "An albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor." Descriptive and needing no interpretation! Bush as albatross--I'm feelin' it!

At 9 pm, Moon "18Cap"--the NWO's Uranus/Neptune conjunction degree: "The Union Jack flag flies from a British warship." Oh-h-h SNAP! It's the "smug or strong-armed paternalism" duo...see NWO: Uranus-Neptune conjunction,if you wish.

So Bush had to go a long way and take many risks to get away from his troubles at home--he got the "Rove won't be indicted, Libby sacrificed" news and was "pleased", (and I guess the dismissal of 2 of the 3 charges against Patrick Kennedy for DUI must've been elating for him, too, no doubt. Was it a hostage switch? Nah.)

Perhaps this trip o'bluster will help him at home in the short term, and perhaps it will bolster the not-so-well-treated troops he rashly and callously sent into harm's way. It will surely be noticed by them that George gets to fly away in 5 hours--they, his pawns, do not.

The Image for Sun Gem/Moon Cap blend: A socialite becomes mayor of the town.

Yes, it's glad-hands all around the Green Zone today!

And if the lesson of Icarus is applicable with wax wings melting, George Bush may find himself "on the ground" in more ways than one. Beware the tunnels, George...
the Middle east is laced with them! Arachne, Neptune, and Pluto are a deadly combination for George Bush, and for America.

UPDATE 12:50 pm Bush-Maliki meeting: "I've come to not only look you in the eye. I've also come to tell you that when America gives its word, it keeps its word."

1. Someone tell Bush that America is a "she" although you could argur that Bush has turned her into an "it";
2. He did it! He's gazing into Maliki's eyes!! This pattern has begun to look like some kind of hex Bush places on people--some kind of dark spell a la George the dragon or something.
He added that "the future of the country is in your hands." (I'm still in charge, but you take the fall if this charade doesn't work out.)

And of course, for our consumption, the "America keeps (its) word" riff--when it's convenient to our short term interests, he forgot to add.

Maybe Maliki's greeting left off a little something: "Good to see you"--"wouldn't want to be you"?


Jun 11, 2006

White House and the Full Moon 6.11.06

Full Moon June 11, 2006 2:03 pm edt

Seems the current Grand Trine between Mercury (air travel), Jupiter (the general), and Uranus (technology; upheaval; rebellion) has netted the Bush administration and the Pentagon a rare catch, as they've told us several times over, in the "elimination" of al-Zarqawi.

For today's Full Moon--the culmination phase which was begun at the New Moon of May 27 ("6Gem" = "drilling for oil") you see that Venus 15Tau30 ("15Tau" = the Oxen Point of the 8.11.99 "King of Terror" eclipse), has joined this Water Grand Trine to form what some call a KITE formation.

Jupiter is the tail of this kite, as I've rather artistically marked on the chart (click image to enlarge), and Venus--who can extract revenge as well as Mars can--may have financial motives in mind being placed in luxury-loving Taurus. Venus joining the Grand Trine brings success to the venture...she here is the catalyst for success.

Water Grand Trines are, as I said before, an indication of an exaggerated need for safety and protection, and there's a sense of being disconnected with reality.

But there's also a psychic sensitivity in the private world it describes..an uncanniness. And since Uranus is involved, I suspect there was a short-lived opportunity to track their prey and take him out...and George and the GOP needed the boost.

The plan to promote details of this venture has caused many statements from the administration which sound to me like tactical info you wouldn't want your worst enemy to know, but the American people hadn't been impressed with the President in a long time, so a political decision obviously had to be made.

The personality blend of this Full Moon> Sun Gem/Moon Sag:

Greatest Strengths: mental dexterity; optimism; vivid imagination; insight; flair for communications and enthusing others; intuitive leaps.

Greatest Weaknesses: tendency to talk too much and INDISCREETLY; breezing through life on quick wit rather than using higher mental faculties; impatience; a need to know it all.

IMAGES: The Pied Piper leads his band of merry youths to the amphitheater on the hill for an afternoon of music, philosophical lessons, and baseball...A young man goes abroad to attend university and becomes a foreign correspondent.

This Full Moon chart has South Node (a separation point) rising which may desribe the Gathering at Camp David. The occupants of the White House are scheduled to return Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, last I heard.

Rising also is asteroid, Hopi, keywords: awareness of oppression and prejudice; AMBUSH. ("Ambushed" by the burning Bush--yikes!) The Sabian Symbol for this ASC degree is: "Dawn of a new day, everything changed"...so they hope, but are curiously reticent about saying so. Oh well, having the violence continue is what chickenhawks need--guess the selling off of Iraq's assets isn't done yet, and the military base in the Middle East must proceed. (May 27th's New Moon: "Drilling for oil.")

Mercury 13Can23 in 10th house of Career/Aspirations is conjunct the US natal Sun and thus George Bush's n Sun...communications being the point, I imagine. Mars and Saturn in Leo are conjunct the 11th house of Groups and Associations, and sitting upon the n ASC of Pres Bush, as remarked upon previously.

Mercury to Sun = thinking about ego potentials; new ideas.

So did you hear Gen Casey on Chris Wallace's program this morning? The more they communicate about this "coup" against al-Qaeda, the squirrellier it sounds.

More "details" (Mercury) are just thickening the soup, and 'foot-in-mouth-syndrome won't be doing the WH any good in the long run...

Casey said that when US troops arrived 5 mins after the airstrike, Zarqawi was being taken by stretcher to an ambulance, and that he "died while American soldiers were trying to SAVE HIS LIFE."

Say wha-a-a-a--a-aaa???


Jun 8, 2006

al-Z is history says B

UPDATE Friday June 9: Information Clearing House has several articles on al-Zarqawi, the US-Iraq Invasion, The Plan to sell off all of Iraq's state assets, the Pentagon's wanting to retire their al-Zarqawi PSYOP program, and more here Unreported: The Zarqawi Invitation and here Zarqawi betrayed by Qaeda insider by Kurt Nimmo, Greg Palast, Dexter Filkins, and others.

You won't find this info on CNN, as they say, and there are several articles worth reading, if you haven't.

This seems to be the LEAKIEST story considering that it concerns SECRET US intelligence agencies and methods--why it's almost as if Bush is trying to impress us or something. Hey, George--the "enemy is listening," remember?

Keep your tech secrets under your babushka, Mr NSA. If you're not careful, someone might think you're crowing about catching Strawman Zarqawi--who's just another of your bubbly illusions.

And everyone pretty much knows you're the "real" strawman--a ruse personified, along with your "peace" and "democracy"...naked as the day you were stuffed, if I might mix Oz's Scarecrow with the emperor's lack of clothes.

He does SO love to scare, doesn't he? Why, the crows of war nest in his hair, and he wakes up every day with war on his mind, don't forget.

As Gen Jay Garner (who was fired by Rumsfeld April 21, 2003--just hours after arriving in Iraq--and sent there by Bush...seems he took Bush seriously on "peace" and "democracy" which were meant as slogans only) has so common-sensically observed, "I'm a believer that you don't want to end the day with more enemies than you started with."

From that alone, I can see how he and the neo-con chickenhawks wouldn't get along.

Original post begins here:

As you, lone reader, I awoke early to the announcement that al-Zarqawi had been killed this morning.

Then in the Rose Garden...a virtually gloat-free zone...George Bush emerged--floating on air, I'd imagine--to confirm the news in the robotic voice he uses when trying to promote gravity.

As you know, tr Saturn is now stomping upon Bush's natal Asc which is enough for anyone to need a fortunate break, and tr Mars is in process of joining Saturn there. This picture will perfect soon, but today we can see its effects already:

Mars/Sat = Asc = struggling for every step of advancement; possible health threat.

The pressure is being ratcheted up by contentious Mars, and a streetfightin' man who's desperate needs close watching.

With his natal Mercury near Asc, we also have:

Merc/Asc = tr Saturn = protecting one's position; adopting a strategic reserve in expression (his robotic voice!)

In Iraq at 6:15 am Baghdad time which was given as the appr time of the air strike that "eliminated" bin Laden's rival in Iraq--and I'm convinced bin L must be quite pleased--there's a bit of a pile-up between the airstrike chart and Bush's natal Uranus/NN conjunction--it's rising, in fact. So we have:

Uran/NN = Asc: becoming stimulated through others; sudden new associations;

Ura/Asc = NN: an association dictated by common interests; bringing about sudden changes jointly with others;

NN/Asc = Ura: sudden experiences with one's associates.

Tr Sun/Mars is also rising, asdoes hot air, so we have:

Sun/Mars = Asc: cooperative teamwork; devoting oneself to a definited cause.

US forces, Jordan, Hihbib villagers, al-Z's own network, and others cooperated together to assist al-Z, his possee, and his "spiritual advisor" out of this world.

Just shows what uniting can accomplish when it wants to.

At Mc (Aspirations/WHY) is Sun/Puto = striving for power; consciousness of aims; vocational crisis (yep); physical violence with psychical or emotional consequences; the qualities of leadership (well, he plays one on tv.) And Sun/Pluto relates directly to the Pentagon, of course.

So there's guru Jupiter, still Rx at 10Sco07, at the "Drowning man rescued" degree which can't refer to al-Zarqawi--too late for him. But is it too late for George W Bush? Will this "boost" in the polls come to fruition or peter out all too soon for the GOP? And will the media be the decider?


Still adding to my Favorite Blogs and Directories List Favorite Blogs-Directories List due to recent code mishaps--I haplessly tried a Validator Service which made things Much Worse on all 3 of my blogs.

SO'W's Links List is now MIA...still working on it...why wasn't I warned???

Friday 6.9.06

Jun 7, 2006

Astrology Blogs--and Bernanke

After brimming over with blogging urge earlier today, I finally gave up on Blogger's tech issues...we just couldn't "connect."

But here's a Directory of Astrology Blogs, articles, and such for ya at Astrology Database and I'll return when there's more time for posting on the upcoming Summer Solstice over the White House--and therefore over the nation.

Perhaps there'll be time for some of the info I had for ya earlier on secret renditions and all. Hopefully.

Until then here's a previous post on Bernanke's nom Oct 24, 2005: Bernanke's Day



Jun 6, 2006

Rush on the Radio?

Radio Equalizer has the gist of the report that Armed Forces Radio will possibly be cutting back on Limbaugh's radio braodcast--down to one hour daily in a reduced area so that our troops stationed abroad will be hearing less of Rush, Sean Hannity, and other talk shows, it seems. Less country music--and NPR talk shows cut to three hours a day.

Perhaps the Pentagon, who commissioned the study from Lund Media Research, is hoping to aggravate jihadists more with hip-hop than with country--they'll have to play it LOUD for that to make a diff!

So I shall refer myself to May's South Node Actions Noted and Re-noted concerning tr SN conjuncting Limbaugh's natal Saturn...release from some of his radio duties?, asked this reluctant astrologer. Maybe so...


Jun 5, 2006

Leno says poll #s show

that Bush is less popular than gay marriage. (Ask any American!)

He also says that Congress is debating the banning of gay marriage after being off for a week--what happened, did they catch bin Laden?


Personally, I'm not surprised now about Bush's past lackadaisical flip flopping on catching Osama considering that it was Poppy Bush who sold the software to Saddam Hussein when it was "prudent" due to Hussein's war with Iran.

The rumor is that it was the KGB who sold bin Laden the software--which allows terroists, financiers, spies, arms dealers, politicians, and such--to elude capture, and to hide trillions of funds from the rest of us dupes...for their crime syndicatin' purposes, and for whatever indulgences they favor.

If you'd like to read a little about some of this--that is, if your noggin's been in a bushel basket on Bush's Poppa Protection efforts--then go to Riddle as US Spy Chief Quits from July 2003, to integrate your software with your hard drive on Paul Redmond's mysterious quitage from the Bush administration--and George Bush is the one who brought Redmond out of retirement! Oops! He was finding the poop on Poppy!

And THAT's why the Bush White House is antsy to get their mitts on Jack Anderson's files. And THAT's why Gonzales began classifying papers as soon as the coup was set up in the Oval Office...Protecting Poppy, Reagan, and the gang.

And promis may be why so many security breaches are taking place--or perhaps I should say, now being revealed--credit, VA records, Pentagon, banks, Wall Street, and who knows what other entities are now reaping the un-rewards of a previous
administration's shortsightedness and greed.

Just let's not get started on Waco, the OK City bombing, the WTC bombing #1, Randy Weaver's assassination, Iran-Contra, the October Surprise of 1980, and more screw-ups and murders than a mere blogger can count.

Casolaro tried to tell us--but he was murdered Aug 9-10, 1991. And he is yet to rest in peace with the slimy tentacles spreading by the hour, and the cover-ups multiplying--in fact, even THEY're more popular than George W Bush--and they're being orchestrated by George W Bush.

tags: October Surprise

Congress makes 'stupid mistake' (only one?)

The wrangling over HoSec's pork barrel funds continues with Bloomberg still in a snit over the situation, and Charles Rangel (D-Harlem) making plain statements about some of his Congressional colleagues wanting their share at the trough: "They made a stupid mistake," he says. This implies one mistake, and as we know, there are and have been many.

Still you may want to read about the tussle for the muscle 'cos they all want their fork o'pork and even Elliot Spitzer sent Bush a letter of "complaint" last Friday-- and we all know where George will be filing Spitzer's missive--with Iran's recent Dear George in the dis-missed missives file, but NY Daily News has the message with the guessage, esp if you can read between the lines to the payback for embarrassing HoSec, and goodness knows, HoSec is superbly capable of embarrassing itself without any help at all.

As I implied in my original HoSec post of Nov 2005 Homeland Security Is Hatched the whole shebang is one big boondoggly rabbithole--a drain into which the trillions disappear. They love to forget whose money it actually is, don't they?


The burning bush of Bush: 8 Leo

There is a book, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, by Adriano Carelli, which was found for me by Junebug Books a couple of years back.

It was published by the AFA, and is somewhat unusual. Similar to the Sabian Symbol degrees, it gives most degrees a word picture, although some have only descriptions, and its references to ancient times I find most enlightening. If it has a downside (besides some quaint turns of phrase), it is that the degree structure isn't really there--the meaning of "1 Aries" isn't particularly related to that of "1 Libra", etc.

It reminds me the most of the empirically-obtained degree info in DeVore's Encyclopedia actually.

The info it gives can be especially applicable, and so I give here 3 of Carelli's interpretations for George Bush's natal ASC--"8 Leo"--his nibs himself, and for "9-10 Leo" as they relate to his natal Mercury--and these two degrees will also relate to the natal Mercury of the Republican Party:

"8 Leo": 'The burning bush'...In a highly spiritual horoscope this degree's influence will endow the native with the power of heavenly fire surging forth with ardor unquenchable, unsullied, and all-consuming. Its light will be hidden from the sight of the unworthy and might even stay invisible to most eyes or escape notice altogether. In the bush blazing with unearthly flame, much-too-human beings will fail to see the light of the Absolute and will be alive only to the fact that the thorns in the bush sting anyone attempting to violate its mystery.

...fieriness along with reserve; aims sublime yet secret; a nature flashing with hope; ...constantly on the defensive, as the thorns and the flames in the bush clearly imply.

On the contrary, should the horoscope as a whole point to a lustful nature, the Lion's 8th degree would shift to its opposite polarity and, instead of a divine imprint, give it a luciferic bent. The burning bush will thus change into the lunar devilish image of Cain and the thorns.

Then an unquenchable passion, impure yet devoid of hidden motives and mental reservations, will slowly and steadily eat up the whole being, body and soul. The fire might not die out before before having wasted the mind to its innermost reserves and burnt out the organism to its last shred.

Whether heavenward or earthbound, such a mind will be ruled by instinct rather than reason.

"9 Leo": 'A great show of fireworks. Rockets, bombs, and *tourbillions unfold their dazzling pattern in the sky'...The native's talk will sound like a show of fireworks.
The positive side of this influx is its utter distinction and refinement. The native is keenly aware of his own worth, has self-respect and commands respect from others; has sincerity, grandeur and elegance.

Overdone and disfigured, all these virtues might present themselves in the shape of defects or even of vices. We shall then meet a vain haughtiness, as contemptible as full of contempt, an antisocial and destructive character, apt to burst into fits of rage.

There will be vain self-ostentation, a misplaced fastidiousness, a slash of dazzling extravagance, a splurge of rank pageantry devoid of any inner foundations. In other words, a lot of money will go up in smoke; the permanent will be sacrificed to the transitory, the useful to the pleasant, and substance to appearance.

The virtue of sincerity will disappear and the nastiest surprise might be expected. The native seems, however, to have luck on his side, and he might travel to places very far away.

"10 Leo": 'Death, holding the scythe'...Ananke! In a **previous life the native has taken someone's life in cold blood, but not for selfish purposes. Therefore he is either an instrument of fate, or its victim. Whether good or bad, such a man is destined to destroy, not to create.

In extremely fortunate horoscopes the native is an indomitable being. No one can oppose his cunning and his cool determination. He can bide his time, but will not argue or listen to objections when he has made up his mind to act. Nothing equals his timeliness, nothing can shake his deliberation.

You might ward him off for a while but never finally thwart his plans, as he simply will lie in wait for a better opportunity to strike again, this time more unpredictably and more decidely than before.

If he is good (which is not excluded even side by side with the ruthless will power we credit him with) he will extend his kindness and hospitality even to the undeserving. If he is bad, nothing will limit his capacity for evil; no one will deserve pity in his eyes, no power on earth will be able to ward off his murderous hand.

Well, I feel as if I know the burning Bush better, I just wish he weren't infesting the Oval Office.

He's decidedly NOT the fella who should be tinkering under the hood of the US Constitution either. Let's keep this grease monkey OUT of it, shall we?

*Not sure what 'tourbillions' are or were, but it sounds like the billion$ Bush has sent up in smoke with the rest squirreled away somewhere in his private hidey hole.

UPDATE 11.11.06: is this the Bush family's new secret hidey hole?

They've purchased appr 100,000 acres of land in Northern Paraguay near the new US military installment, the Mariscal Estigarribia Air Base. George and Laura's neighbor will be Sun Myung Moon whose property "sits astride" the largest water aquifer in Latin America, the Guarani Aquifer. Is he making escape plans in case he's brought up on war criminal charges? Will his accusers be part of the escape plans? Do "the elite" protect their own? Do monkeys live in the jungle?

**Where some will see 'previous lives' I see heredity, DNA, and Unconscious behavior.


UPDATE: In my browser it's at the bottom of this page--have added the News Feed from Information Clearing House for "News You Won't Find on CNN"...there are some good articles on their site, too--why hasn't anyone told me about this before? ;O)

Jun 4, 2006

Eight Random Things about Me

The lovely Lynn Hayes over at Astodynamics.com has tagged me to play "Eight Random Things about Me", so here goes, in no special order:

1. In 2002, I relocated my business to a block which is halfway between my old high school and the spot upon which I was born (the hospital was relocated years ago.)

2. I am, and have always been, a native Georgian with Virginian ancestors...no way to change it.

3. Although I dabbled in ghostly pursuits as a teen, I now know that such manifestations are tricks of light and sound and are NOT my Aunt Granny Fanny's shade...she's at her eternal rest. But such wispies will come if you call upon them fervently enough. Don't.

4. I've always considered the stock market to be a particularly nasty, heartless form of gambling.

5. Maturation has brought a switch--my fall allergies to ragweed trouble me more than my spring allergies...who saw That coming?

6. Sometimes I order coffee at my local Jittery Joe's...plain coffee, no lattes need apply, hold the whipped cream, ice is for...well, it's NOT for coffee.

7. My taste for films gets more'n'more persnickedy as bad reviews go by...I may rent appr 8 or 9 movies a year nowadays...and have been known to discontinue tv viewing for months at a time.

8. Confession: I sometimes tape programs on NPR: New Dimensions, Fresh Air, TTBOOK, MarketPlace, LOE, and others have been my victims--not to snag'n'keep, it's just that I'm usually busy blogging, studying charts, drawing, or writing personal About Me lists so that I have to listen later when I can pay more attention!

Well, there ya go, boys, and thanks, Lynn for the exercise! Now I'll tag-you're-it to:

LibraMoon at Emerging Visions


Donny at Junebug Books since you're both very good writers!


HINDSIGHT 20/20 UPDATE: Replace #s 5 & 7 from the above Random Things with the astrology-related:

5. A few minutes before I was born, personal name asteroid, Cowell, arose; then I managed to take my first look around; then asteroid, Judith arose. Works for me.


7. When the Beatles played Atlanta in the mid-60's, my friend & I were front & center, & had made a pact to keep totally quiet during the concert No Matter What.

On the last song, sung by Paul, the family next to us (we were seated on the aisle) left, & the ushers sitting in front & behind us also left, so that we were in an island of empty seats. Thinking fast (it sometimes happens), I quickly dipped my head right, then left, & being the sweetie he was, Paul answered in kind, while never, of course, missing a note or a beat.

Guess he would naturally notice the two people in that huge stadium who were trying to actually hear them play.

But I couldn't tell my friend until after the concert & she (jealously) didn't believe me...never did--angry that she didn't think to do it, I assume.

Astrologically? Uranus & Pluto were in process of conjuncting that year--upon my natal Ascendant! Rather descriptive, I think.

How Swiss are you?

As I perused The Scotsman a while ago I saw a Google ad, "How Swiss Are You?

Trace your Swiss family roots, find people and Swiss events in the US"!!!

With the Swiss franc now removed from the gold standard, why do they want to know?

Have more Geneva Conventions been misplaced by the White House? Is someone planning a picnic for Jung Institute alumni? What exactly is a "Swiss event" and why would anyone attend? Who's asking and who's telling? Besides, are the Swiss frank?

So if YOU're the one they're looking for, have at it...Swiss Roots and let me know if the ants that showed up were Swiss or American. And bring your own yogurt..and your passport, I'm guessin'.


Jun 1, 2006

Solstice: Jupiter and the southerly Full Moon

SO'W will be looking at the Summer Solstice chart soon with a squinty eye on America and DC, but for now The Scotsman has some interesting info on the planetary upcomings for Solstice 2006.

>R U a Nuclear weapons hate-a? Visit PloughShares.org if U R. Astoundingly, the Bush administration is NOT cooperating with the mysterious A Q Khan investigation...feeling safer yet? How 'bout now?